10 Things That Leave a Happy Mother

Motherhood is something very special, the truth is that the life of the woman and the couple changes completely. Discover the things that make a mother happy.

10 Things That Leave a Happy Mother

Not everything is made of happy moments, there are complicated times, especially when babies get sick and we are unable to cure them.

But mother’s life is full of good and delicious moments, every smile, smile, smell and laughter are the perfect remedy to cure all the ills of the world.

A mother always eats in the last place, she contends to eat the fruit touched, she exchanges soap operas for cartoons, she leaves aside the long, relaxed baths, all in exchange for little things that fill her heart with love.

Things that leave a happy mother


Receive sweet kisses that heal our hurts, as well as the healing power of our kisses when they get hurt.


Receive tight embraces with arms that do not yet surround but reinforced with sounds that mimic all the strength they carry.

# 3

Eat and drink the sweetest delicacies, prepared and served with all the love in the world. Everything does not pretend that it does not fill the belly, but the heart.

# 4

Receive sweet words like “I like you very much” spontaneously and naturally.

# 5

Every achievement, seeing the child learn new things and grow makes any mother happy. Who did not weep for joy with the first steps, with the first words.

# 6

May the child sleep a full night, I loved it when it happened the first time.

# 7

Let the children behave well with other people, who say “thank you” and “please”. At home they can be real pestinhas, but we love when they behave well in the house of other people, in the school, in the festivals ….

# 8

That they miss us and after a while we are hugged to show that they have missed us.

# 9

If they make drawings and works for us, even if it is a giant sheet with only a trace, a hand holds.

# 10

But what makes a mother truly happy is that her child is happy.