100 Years of Women’s Swimwear

The evolution of swimwear in the last 100 years has been marked by very important milestones that have seen the models change in very interesting ways.The early costumes completely opaque to micro bikini so much in vogue in recent years a lot of water has passed under the bridge, we revisit together all stages the highlights of the history of the two-piece swimsuits and up to the present day.

Women's Swimwear

Know How to choose the bathing suit based on the shape of your body is essential for a truly passionate about fashion, not always our silhouette allows us to be in step with the diktat of the season, but it’s also true that what is so trendy in recent years would have been considered vulgar and utterly out of fashion until 50 years ago.

The oldest evidence that cover the wholesale bikinis come even from the Wholesaleably: the Roman villa del Casale di Enna conserves frescoes representing maidens with two-piece costumes, just the form a band that’s so fashionable over the past two years, dating back to the third century AD.

Quite different is the situation of swimsuits at the beginning of ‘ 900. If in 1824 Maria Carolina of Berry, wife of Charles Ferdinand of Bourbon, gave scandal by wearing a wool hat on the beach full matched, a century this was the most chosen by women on holiday: in the early 20th century bathing suits were made mostly in wool and were worn with stockings and even gloves in some cases.Recall that tanned skin was mostly associated to servitude, why women were still wearing clothes covering the ankle and umbrellas for not get too much sun.Forms a tunic with matching trousers took the place of the costumes in wool to the 10 years of the ‘ 900, while slowly began to uncover even arms and calves.

Shorts and broader necklines on his back marked 20 years, some models marketed by designers like Coco Chanel.

Only after the second world war, the costumes became more daring, two-piece models spread quickly and became increasingly attractive in the way that emphasized and accentuated shapes. In 1946 Louis Réard introduced the first models showing the navel, and there a few years actresses such as Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot showed fiercely into Beach gloved in models of costumes with high-waisted shorts or briefs lower that made headlines.

The 50 ‘s saw the spread of pin up style costumes, a great passion for women, especially in the form of midkini with high waist shorts like those launched by Marilyn, as the years ‘ 60 and ’70 were marked by a general triumph of multicoloured and printed patterns. Slip from high along the sides were the most successful trend in the years ’80 and’ 90, while in more recent times to dominate the scene of beachwear are the bandeau bikini, micro bikini and the intriguing trikini conquer more and more fashion victims.

In short, a gradual decrease of opaque fabric marks the history of swimwear. You which epoch in the evolution of fashion favourite beachwear to date?