11 Best ROMs for Android

Android is a free operating system, what you want to say that its source code is available for anyone with sufficient knowledge can download it, tangle at will and even improve it by creating different forks or ROMS, alternative versions that others can download and install on their own devices.

Although sometimes we sin to speak only of the most popular on the Android scene we can find an enormous amount of ROMs, each one with its own unique characteristics. Here we show a list that, in our humble opinion, are the Eleven best which you can download and install on your phone.


CyanogenMod is undoubtedly the most popular ROM of Android ecosystem, with a huge community behind them thanks to which has positioned itself as one of the alternatives more stable and powerful to Google’s Android, as also it is one of the few that has had support from some manufacturers to equip it in their devices by default.

In fact, the real objective of Cyanogen, according to its own leaders, is none other than the get release from the hands of Google Android, so not shake them the hand when it comes to be associated even with the own Microsoft in search of an alternate ecosystem of applications. Will they get it? Only time will tell what

Paranoid Android

But although Cyanogen is without a doubt the most popular ROM, are many who they say that the most complete is Paranoid Android, that even taking less-year career has managed to gain a foothold thanks to his decision to focus on providing small details in its design which we cannot find in any of the other alternatives.

Colors changing depending on applications, three different user interfaces, and an immersive mode for make better use of the space offered by the screen hiding system bars are just some of the powerful aesthetic weapons that are delighting an increasing number of users.


Born at the end of the 2013 of the community of the own CyanogenMod developers, OmniROM is a simple alternative that is not looking for frills, but offer users an experience as close as possible to Android Stock, but with some other simple but effective little extra functionality.

Among these features we have the ability to launch applications from the date and time of the notification bar buttons, add a counter notification on the toolbar State and an OmniSwitch with which you can create a quick menu for launching applications that will be displayed from any of the desktops.


SlimROM, which literally means thin ROM, is just what it seems, a version of Android Stock reduced to a minimum so that it occupies the minimum space possible. Even allows us to Choose the quantity of elements of Google Play Services I want to be install on our device.

This ability to use the free Google operating system occupy the minimum space possible is which has managed that this family of ROMs is quite popular, counting with support for up to 50 devices, Although very few of them are renowned or last generation.


Created by a group of modders with high technical expertise, AOKP or Android Open Kang Project is one of the most interesting and promising list of ROMs. Launched for the first time in September of 2013, it is compatible with several dozens of devices, and includes a huge amount of extra features and customization.

In AOKP you can customize the quick settings menu launchers, modify the colors and flashing of the LED notifications or use its ring of navigation, which acts as an intuitive launcher for up to five applications. With it will also be capable of Edit permissions of installed applications and the performance of the processor.


And why they have to conform in choosing between different ROMs, each one with its unique features, when? You can have them all in a single? That is the philosophy of PAC-man, although it is not yet too popular alternative or supports too many devices, already earned the nickname deserved of all-in-one.

In short, we could say that this ROM includes and merges each of the best features of Paranoid Android, CyanogenMod, AOKP, What should add some optimizations to perform better when running games, and an interface that keeps updating every so often to receive even more improvements.

ROM coal

Quick, simple and smooth, These are the three pillars fundamental on which is erected ROM coal, which is perhaps a less relevant ROM from the list, but it still can be interesting do not want those who are maree them with features and watermarks, and settle for a version of Android that what little they do do well.

Vanilla Rootbox

Although not as complete as the Pac-man that we talked about a few lines above, Vanilla Rootbox also tries to put a dent in our list of assimilate and mix some of the best features presented by the developers of other ROMs.

Vanilla implements some of the unique and outstanding functions of CyanogenMod and AOKP, but what really stands out this ROM is for his decision to make a nod to lovers of stability and save complications including a system for receive updates via OTA as the same Android.


Beautiful, powerful and with support for a large number of devices. And if it is developed by a company of the size of Xiaomi, which guarantees that the ROM will be not abandoned in the short term and that it will continue to evolve year after year.

It is true that MIUI had a story full of controversies because of its similarity to iOS or rape until recently of the Linux kernel GPL licenses, but that has not prevented that today it continues to be one of the alternatives to be considered by its stability and good finishes, although perhaps not so for those who want to make sure that your ROM is free and open.


Although initially based AOKP, hence the mention of unicorns, Dirty Unicorns has been transformed in a ROM based on OmniROM and is presented as a meeting point for all those wanting the job well done and a stable system but at the same time have a good design.

Totally free and with less than a year old, this ROM already provides its users the possibility to enjoy Android Lollipop in their devices, and taking into account his philosophy would not be surprising that in a short time can become a reference, Although for the moment they will have to settle for being a little known alternative.

Resurrection Remix

And just our list with Resurrection Remix, which adds to the list of alternatives designed to join on a single ROM all upgrades developed by the teams of the caliber of CyanogenMod, AOKP, SlimROMs and the original Remix ROM builds.

Resurrection Remix presents itself as one of the best ROMs to have all the options of customization that we can imagine from the first time that we began, and we guarantee that will continue to improve it-based followed, including the new innovations that go with those on which it is based.

And that’s all. But our list does not end here, since although these have been chosen by a server ROMs, I am sure that many of you can provide others that are up to than those mentioned or that are even better in some aspects. If that is the case be sure to share them with us in the comments.