12 Week Ultrasound: the First Big Screening

What is in the 12th week of pregnancy? An ultrasound! The embryo is now about five centimeters long. You can learn which further examinations are, and what you see else in ultrasound.

Dear expectant moms, arrived now at the end of the third month of pregnancy. Sure would like to know what your baby looks like now and what all it can, or? Then it is good, that first big screening is available between the ninth and the twelfth week of pregnancy. And what does the Ultrasound in the 12th week of pregnancy? Here, the most important studies and data are summarized.

How Does the Ultrasound in the 12th Week of Pregnancy?

12 Week Ultrasound the First Big Screening

If the ultrasound is for you in the 12th week of pregnancy , then offers you the following: missing your baby by the Crown in the course of ultrasound until Po and fits that, where appropriate, your gynaecologist Week of pregnancy with the dates of birth on. He observed and recorded location, movements and heart activity of your baby and verifies that maybe even twins are on the way. In addition, he investigated the development of brain, organs, arms and legs of your baby.

You Can See That in the 12th Week of Pregnancy in the Ultrasound

In the 12th week of pregnancy, you can already clearly see the individual limbs of your baby ultrasound. Even the toes and fingers can be recognized. There are now all extremities of the babies to see. If you are lucky and your little is in the right position, you can guess possibly the penis in a male child, also the sexual organ of the girl is already installed in the Interior. The sex but is not sure yet. Maybe see happen, how your baby moves, because it is already very active. Also his head is in the 12th week of pregnancy in ultrasound and shaped face with eyes and ears that constantly evolve.

12 Week of Pregnancy Ultrasound: What Tests Still Pending?

According to oxfordastronomy, but not only for your baby ultrasound is in the 12th week of pregnancy, but also offers some important checkups. Here, the woman doctor measures your weight and blood pressure. He examined the urine protein, sugar and pathogens and determined the hemoglobin content, which indirectly gives you information about the iron content. In addition, it notes the position of the uterus by measuring the distance from the top of the uterus to the belly button.

In a high-risk pregnancy or on the advice of the doctor a so called chorionic villus sampling can now be done. With their help, you can demonstrate genetic characteristics such as trisomies and certain metabolic diseases. The result is inconclusive, an amniocentesis may be made in addition.

Also a neck fold measurement can be carried out when the baby now. Thus, it is possible, certain genetic disorders such as Down’s syndrome , for example, and certain to rule out heart and skeletal defects or detect.

Neck fold measurement, chorionic villus sampling and amniocentesis are no cash benefits. The cost of these studies must be worn himself.