13th Week of Pregnancy

Now starts the pregnancy in the 4th month of pregnancy! With the 13 week also start second trimester in which the expectant mother the first kicks of their child will feel and the pregnancy belly grows slowly.

Many pregnant women can now breathe again: rapidly decreases the risk that it will be a miscarriage , from the 13th week of pregnancy. The baby hears now already quite well: you can play now music him, by a set of headphones on the belly. Many children love early quiet classical music.

Slowly, in the 2nd trimester, pregnancy will be visible for all. The abdomen will bulge out more and more and the pregnant woman is now the first kilos. It takes to average 12 kilograms in pregnancy – is more or less but not worrisome. Uncertainties should be clarified but with dem Frauenarzt or the midwife.

Now is the best time to go on holiday: the first pregnancy problems subside now and still the baby bump is not so big that the pregnant women this would be restricted. On long trips should carry expectant mothers but better compression stockings and stretch the legs more often: pregnant women tend to broom operates and varicose veins.

Investigations in the 13 week

Between the 11th and 14th week is the right time for a neck fold measurement. Thus, it is possible, certain genetic disorders (E.g. down’s syndrome) and certain to rule out heart and skeletal defects or detect.

The neck fold measurement is no achievement of statutory health insurance funds. Who want to carry out this study, must carry the costs itself, as long as the woman doctor sees no increased demand (such as part of a high-risk pregnancy).

There is a difference between pregnancy and age of the baby: altogether a pregnancy is 40 weeks or 10 months. Here, the calculation starts about two weeks before the fertilization – with the first day of the last menstrual period. The Bill has proven, because not every woman the date of ovulation retroactively clearly determine. In the 13th week, the baby is therefore about eleven weeks old.

The baby in the 13 week

In the 13th week of pregnancy, the baby weighs about 18 grams. It is now about six centimeters long and the head grows now slower than in the past. As a result the proportions of head and body adapt slowly.

To make enough room to grow the brain, the cranial bones are still not connected. The joints, the so called fontanelles, close until the second birthday of the child completely. To the 13th SSW ossify the ossicles: the baby can hear sounds and noises and reacts when you play music to him.

Also, the small person may vary already bright light from darkness, even if the eyelids are closed until the 26th week of pregnancy. You can experiment with a small flashlight and look whether the child reacts to the light spot. Don’t worry, you can not hide: the light will be attenuated through the belly and appears as a warm shade of red for the baby.

The body of the baby is still so soft that he acts almost like a jelly. The bones, which consist only of cartilage, ossify only gradually. The conversion of the cartilage to bone begins in the middle of the long bones. Their tails are only be ossified completely in the late teenage years. If cartilage has developed to bone, the bone and so the body can no longer grow. In the ultrasound, one can now clearly see the bones of the arms and legs, spine, ribs and skull bones.

Also the vocal chords are formed to the 13th week. The institutions trained in the 1st trimester continue to evolve and grow, until they are fully functional.

In the course of the pregnancy, the size and weight of the baby will evolve always individual. The following values can be only average values. Parents should therefore not worry, if the values obtained from the obstetricians and Gynecologists differ from the ones mentioned here.

The mother in the 13 week

For most women, the best time of pregnancy comes with the 13th week and thus with the 2nd trimester. The first complaints now usually subside and finally shows the pregnancy, if the belly curves slowly. Nevertheless, they are now barely fit enough to do much.

Skirts and pants slowly begin to pinch. Now it’s time for a shopping spree to get the first round of maternity wear. Also the breasts grow often during this time and may already begin to produce the first milk, which can emerge as a yellowish liquid. Pregnant women can obtain already a nursing bra with pads. But don’t worry, if in this direction, still nothing doing: For breastfeeding later, it does not matter whether the first milk shows early or late in pregnancy.

As the baby now rapidly increases in size and weight, increases daily calorie need for the expectant mother. Pregnant women should take more now about 250 kilocalories (kcal) to – day requirement is now about 2,200 kcal. In the second half of pregnancy it rises further to 2,500 kcal. So are created enough reserves for the birth and the following lactation.

The maternal weight rises now, when the pregnant women balanced feeds, monthly around 1 1/2 kg. Total pregnant women between 10 and 15 kg increase. Since the increase is very individual and also depends on whether the woman before pregnancy was rather thin or strong, deviations are not necessarily disturbing. Uncertainties should be discussed with obstetricians and Gynecologists or midwife.