18 Songs for Wedding

Once all have resorted to the search engines and typed that “songs for a wedding” and all its derivatives: songs for the toast, for the video of the wedding, prom…


The majority of couples have their song but it is true that when it comes to soundtrack 24 hours full of moments to remember the task of finding the right songs is complicated, especially if you want to escape the wedding songs, leaving in all the listings and that sound at all weddings because it touches.

Once all have lists of possible songs and many of them have finished forgotten and lost in a drawer or in a folder within another folder which in turn is in a different folder on your computer. Today I found one of those folders, one of those list, one of those selections of songs from no wedding surprise to the DJ and everything you teach her that, but add more personality to your big day and I thought “why not share it?” “why not listen?”.

And here I am, humming the first list as I write this that I’ve titled

Here are 18 songs for wedding.

Pablo Moro People happy is one of those songs that when the eavesdropping is gets you inside.It’s sad, like most of the good songs but it is bestial.

That ‘s yellow lizard is that song which my husband and I We shout a Duet in the car when it sounds on the CD. So it is, in short, the definition of team and is that it says “when two rivers join together the current becomes stronger”. That’s a statement in every rule of corny phrases and made.

Dreaming of you of Zenet heard first time watching a video of a for-wedding urban. Music and images fit perfectly. So perfect was the union that all who saw that video we wanted to be actors. Months later it was a soundtrack for a perfume ad but that not remove you charm.

Marry You was fashionable in 2012. He filled the flashmobs, wedding videos and sounded on the radio all the time. The world fell yielded to that simple but catchy song and I was not going to be less.

Luis Ramiro nonsense rang at my wedding. It was the last song of the dance, it was that song that most of the guests did not know and that my now husband and I sing us watching us face to face. Nonsense is much more than a song, it is a manifesto. Nonsense is our manifesto of perfect marriage because we, who do not want to pass the time that passes, is finished in the film dead Sunday.

The idiots rockandroll Joaquin Sabina is one of those songs that does not pass the time, perhaps because we are all idiots (sometimes more and sometimes) and we all want to live life with a rock and roll. Or maybe not. Who knows. And Yes, he also sneaked into my wedding, it was the co-star of our first dance.

That know revolver is one of the major Declaration of love.People get married for life and know that every wrinkle my skin is your thing is all a whacked in the long run.

At the edge of the chimney is the best love song that has never been written. And there is no more to add.

Salitre, Quique Gonzalez is that song for this cane touch without losing bonitismo at any time.

Never Gonna Be Alone Nicckelback is another of the songs sounded in 2012 until everyone learned it from memory. Impossible not to succumb to it, impossible not smile to hear even if it was in the musical thread work.

With a song in the teeth of bellow is great. GREAT caps. We must give us with a song in the teeth many times throughout our lives, but especially in our wedding, give us with a song in the teeth by happiness, by our own happiness in capital letters. Because sometimes we forget and then we give the play and Tontsu he reminds us.

I love you likesays Andrew Calamaro and there is no possible argument. I love you just because this is how it must be love.

To see you smile, of the leak says it all in its title. Anything goes, everything is worthwhile, all offsets… Anything to see you smile. To see us smile.

I can’t live without you The Ronaldos is much more than a song rang in an advertisement, although many people knew her as a result of it. I can not live without you is this song that sounds in my mind a cut of cake appears. Why? I don’t know, but it happens.

Something with you by Calamaro is one of my weaknesses, great. One of those songs that take me a huge smile and the soundtrack of my wedding preparations. A poem, a bag full of truths… Something with you is much more than a song.

It I fell in love of Georgina is simple ear, one of those silly songs that hum a Sunday afternoon with a shake of vanilla in the hand but then return it to listen without chords above it and you realize that your also you fell in love with a guy with flaws that is perfect.

Even if you do not know it. What can you add to this song? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. You can only listen and let yourself go.