IRobot Braava 320

With IRobot Braava 320 you no longer need to worry about whether your floors are clean and neat. The robot sweeps for your floors for you. It is designed to quickly and efficiently clean the whole floor systematically.

IRobot Braava 320 is very user friendly. You just start cleaning cloth, places it on the floor and press the start button. Then goes the robot started to sweep the floor. It detects itself, where it has been, and where it is missing to make clean. After finishing cleaning the returns to the starting position and switches off automatically. See for online website reviews.

The robot is doing all the hard surfaces such as tiles, vinyl, laminate and hardwood floors. And it comes easy to under furniture and other hard-to-reach spots, thanks to its compact size.

Upgrade to floor scrubber
IRobot Braava 320 have besides sweep program also a washing program. Would you use this feature requires the acquisition of Pro-Clean Reservoir pillow. Reservoir pad make sure to add water to Microfiber while cleaning, so your floors will be shiny clean.

IRobot Braava 320


-Sweeps up to 75 m²
-Sweeps up to 3 hours on a fully charged battery
-Charging 10-12 hours
-Using specially designed fiber cloths or disposable cloths such as Swiffer


-NorthStar navigation device and C-cell batteries
-NiMH battery, 1500 mAh
-Power supply
-Cleaning pad
-Microfiber cloth for sweeping

Hats and Caps for Men

Iconic hats and caps are here which allow you to chase your fashionista-hearts, when men wear their hats in fashion. The hat is a timeless accessories and necessity in a modern man’s lifestyle and is associated to men’s wardrobe. Icon bonnets express each a variety of styles and poses, which fit different men. If you are considering investing in a classical piece of hat, so we have definitely one that’s right for you. Get a fantastic, urban summery look with the classic flat cap of soft fabric which can be folded and stored in a coat pocket to suit all of the city’s street urchins. This summer’s favorite is the wonderful fedora that adds a style and a confident expression to any outfit. A panama hat, which is typically made of straw, is a fearlessly twist to the beach or summer barbecues, and of course we will not get around the legendary cap, which has been extensively used by everywhere from baseball players to skaters-with the upside it will be anything of summer.

Men's Baseball Caps

Hats, hats & caps are a big trend in today’s fashion world. It is no longer something to use exclusively for practical reasons either to protect from the sun in summer, or keep your head warm in the winter. Today, beanies, hats caps can be used all year round as a cool accessory to your personal style. Hats used any day of the year for sports such as skiing and football, daily life and celebration, and they are available in several colors, styles and sizes. At, you can get both thick and thin in knit caps or other substance and there is everything from cool beanies to fancy oversize hats for men. Hats over the last year have become a true fashion craze anywhere, and the straw hats have become very popular. Hats provide an addressed and elegant look, which is superb for both a nice blazer and a casual t-shirt.

In you can also get cool hats for men. They provide a street and sporty look and a great accessory to a smart hooded sweatshirt. The smart caps are available in all colors and shapes. So hop on “fashion train” and give your wardrobe new and exciting life with the fat hats, hats & caps.

Falcone Storm Umbrella

Falcone Storm Umbrella
Falcone storm umbrella is an extra strong and sturdy umbrella with double fibreglass ribs and frame. It has a specially designed ventilation screen which allows the wind to pass without it raining in, this means that the umbrella comes by with the wind without the light up shan. The can with the ventilation screen and strong construction, withstand greater wind gust than ordinary umbrellas and can advantageously be used for golf, boating, hiking and more. As well as other outdoor activity where there is a need for an extra sturdy and durable umbrella.

Robust construction in fiberglass.
Ergonomic rubber handle with soft grip.
Ventilation sheeting.
Material 100% polyester pongee.
130 cm diameter.
Length: 96 cm pooled

Black Pagoda
Beautiful classic black pagoda umbrella.
With its beautifully crafted details is this umbrella is perfect for weddings and festive occasions.
Paraplyens pagoda shape consists of 16 segments and ribs which is made in fiberglass.

Fiberglass ribs
Screen: 100% polyester
Length: 87 cm pooled
Diameter: 90 cm

Ilse Jacobsen Wind Blue
Stylish and trendy umbrella from Ilse Jacobsen with Ilse Jacobsen logo and automatic opening.
A quality umbrella with fiberglass shaft and ribs that make the umbrella more flexible than alm wind umbrellas.
To you who just have to have a clean classic for your wardrobe.

Auto opening.
Glass fiber
Diameter: 110 cm.
Length: 95 cm
Canopy of 100% polyester pongee.
EVA grip.

Longback Storm to Blow rain
Longback storm umbrella is a super smart and handy leisure umbrella. Rear design protects against blows rain and the rugged fiberglass construction can withstand hard gusts. It can be used for golf, boating, hiking and other outdoor activity where there is a need for an extra sturdy and durable umbrella.

Robust construction in fiberglass.
Ergonomic rubber handle with soft grip.
Material 100% polyester pongee.
Diameter of left-to-right 117 cm.
132 cm front to back.
Length: 92 cm pooled.

High Heel Boots for Big Feet

In the chilly winter season, it is time to find the warm footwear. Although the temperature drops, your footwear can’t be boring to look at. In this wonderful collection you can choose from several beautiful boots designed with long shafts and high heels. The long shafts put extra focus on your legs, and make them to appear longer and slender. With a pair of high heels, your back will be automatically straighter, which makes you confident. The boots can be made with several different kinds of vamps ranging from beautiful highly polished leather boots to rustic suede boots. The boot with heels is also available in classic stilettos or funnel-shaped heels. Some boots are designed in black or brownish shades, which make them easy to put together with the rest of your wardrobe. They can be decorated with discrete structural prints or buckles.

Create a refined style for the winter season with a pair of plus size boots

We are completely wild with boots and this is why we have assembled a wide selection. In our online shop, you have ample opportunity to shape your own personal style. For a stylish everyday look you can have the boots on with a pair of jeans and a knit pullover. If you’d like to have a romantic look for a night out with a date, you can choose to combine them with a skirt, a blouse and a pair of pantyhose. If you want to make the style rough and sensual, you can combine a pair of leather boots with a long evening dress with slit at the bottom. In addition, you may want to complete your feminine style with a matching handbag, or some jewelry. Explore the hot selection of boots and see how you can create a fashion style.

Women's Leather Ankle Boots Pointed Toe Lace-up Closure Chunky Heel

Bridal Shoes: The Right Shoes for the Big Day

The big day is coming but you have not yet found the perfect bridal shoes. Don’t worry, internetage website has a large collection on bridal shoes, so you can choose your desirable even shoes from a huge range. Some bridals want to wear high shoes on their wedding day, while others want a pair of shoes in the best fit without high heels. Fortunately, you can find both types here, and they are available in several different shades, such as a fashion white, cream and of bright white. White bridal shoes are a safe choice for a traditional wedding, but shoes with color are certainly modern. Whether you’re getting married in the church or town hall, you can find the fitted one here to suit diazepam you.

Shoes are considered as a complement to your dress, but if the dress is short enough, people will see your shoes. So you’d better choose the bridal shoes with fine details, such as flowers and lace. If you prefer the classic style you can also find classic, simple and stylish shoes without a lot of details. At we have put together a sumptuous selection of bridal shoes, where you can find decorated shoes as well as classic ones. They prepare everything for all brides who want a pair of stunning bridal shoes for the big day. Congratulate on your upcoming wedding and wish you best of luck on the hunt for the perfect shoes for your wedding.


Vintage Bridal Shoes

Cutlery for 4 People from Bridgat

Cutlery with 16 parts in series Twist. This series was launched by Revisit Studio in 1988 and are today regarded as one of the most trendy cutlery series.

The cutlery is made of 18/0 stainless steel of highest quality. In addition, the cutlery 100% nickel-free.

The Nice twist on aluminum being manufactured, hence the name, gives the cutlery a simple and stylish appearance.


  1. 4 knives-22 cm
  2. 4 forks-19.5 cm
  3. 4 spoons-19 cm
  4. 4 spoons-13.5 cm

Cutlery 2

Cutlery for 4 people from Jamie Oliver

Quality cutlery in stainless steel that can be used for everyday and special occasions. The set is designed with a modern finish, excellent balance and clean lines.



  1. 4 knives
  2. 4 forks
  3. 4 eating spoons
  4. 4 teaspoons

Cutlery 1

Cutlery for 4 people Bridgat

Fuga cutlery with glossy finish from Revisit is suitable for both everyday and more festive table settings. The set is characterized by soft rounded lines and it rests comfortably in your hand.

Fugue is a classic design of Tias Eckhoff from the year 1962. See company history.


  1. 4 knives-21.3 cm
  2. 4 forks-19 cm
  3. 4 eating spoons-17 cm
  4. 4 coffee spoons-12.2 cm

Cutlery 3

Vileda Window Washer Electric Windomatic

Get beautiful, clean Windows without streaks with a electric window washer. Vileda Windomatic is a battery-operated window washer from wholesaleably, who quickly and simply cleaner foam and dirty water up and leaves the surface dry and shiny clean.

  • Flexible neck makes it easy to get into the corners and edges
  • Suction power is evenly distributed over the entire mouthpiece
  • Operating time: approx. 20 min at full battery

It is designed so that you can get clean Windows without big physical effort. Suction power is evenly distributed all over the mouth piece and with the unique flexible necks, is it easy to get to anywhere, even in the corners. Windomatic leaves the surface is completely dry.

Wash the surface as you wont, with a window cloth and use Windomatic to suck it dirty water away. It works somewhat similarly to a hand vacuum cleaner. You can use Windomatic on all smooth surfaces such as Windows, mirrors, glass tables or kitchen tables.

Vileda Window Washer Electric Windomatic

It can be used both vertically and horizontally without it losing its suction power. Dismount the water tank after use single and cleaned in the dishwasher or under running water.


  1. Low weight: 635 g
  2. Width: 26.8 cm
  3. Running time: ca. 20 min at full battery
  4. Charging time: 6 hours
  5. Sound level: 69 dbA
  6. Size: 100 ml containers are Water.
  7. 3.6 V battery type: Li-ion

Steam Cleaner, MOP And Round Brush Sets From Karcher

Now you can make a clean in your home-without the use of chemistry. This small, compact SC 1 Floor steam cleaner and steam MOP is ideal for thorough cleaning at home-without the use of detergents.

  • Kills 99.99% of household bacteria
  • The steam comes into all crevices and corners
  • Brush sets to cleaning the joints and fixtures

Steam Cleaner, MOP And Round Brush Sets From Karcher

Clean home-without chemistry
The supplied steam MOP set (Massive Ordnance Penetrator ) converts the handheld steam cleaner for a steam MOP.

Thanks to the compact design of the steam cleaner is easy to fit and thus becomes readily available to the spontaneous cleaning of e.g. stove or kitchen floor.

How does the steam?
The versatile accessories and the powerful steam removes dirt, lime and grease and leaves fixtures, tile, grout, cookers, hoods and floors spotlessly clean.

Brush sets from Karcher
That included a set with 4 round color coded brushes for Karcher steam cleaner. The kit is suitable for cleaning the fittings and joints in the kitchen and bath with difficult dirt as lime, grease and SOAP residue.

  • -Vapour pressure 3 bar
  • -Heating time 3 min
  • -Weight 1.5 kg without accessories


  • -Parental controls and safety valve
  • -Point nozzle and power nozzle
  • -Hand nozzle and floor nozzle
  • -Extension tube, 2 x 0.5 m
  • -Round brush
  • -Terry cloth coverings to hand nozzle
  • -Terry floor cloth

Vintage Lace Up Pumps

Pumps are classic and now you can acquire yourself a pair of 1970s pumps with drawstring. In our collection, you can both find models with a casual and sporty style, as well as feminine and stylish styles. Pumps are known as classics since they can be worn at work and at leisure. With the proper pumps in our selection, you can achieve a business look, a feminine look and a casual look. If you want to go after the business look, you can style your pumps in lace up designs, and pair with a skirt, a shirt and a blazer. For a more casual look, you can wear your pumps with a pair of slim fit jeans and a T-shirt. The possibilities are endless, and the collection is so large that there is ample opportunity to find the model you like best.

1970s Heel

Lace your pumps with style

If you are crazy about pumps and would like to see a little better on foot, you may want to choose a pair of pumps with drawstring. At work, you can wear the pump to replace stilettos for better comfort if you have to go a lot. If you want a casual style, try the pumps in boyfriend style, which is in a classic lace-up style with a heel. Here at we have collected all the wonderful selection, where you can find pumps with lace details, sporty pumps, lace up pumps with platform and much more. Take a look at and let you inspire something new with footwear.

Women's Vintage Pumps

Stunning Twin Umbrella

Now it is again time for outdoor activities. The stunning twin umbrella is an umbrella that you won’t find anywhere else. Twin umbrella is a really nice quality umbrella where both rod and ribs are made of fiberglass. Twin umbrella is available on in the colors green, navy, blue, white, black and red.
Sky Umbrella

Sky umbrella is a lovely large classic umbrella.
The external canopy has a beautiful raindrop design. The umbrella has also a fine swung wooden handle with matching handles.
A really beautiful and useful umbrella with automatic opening, which can be used for any occasion.

Wooden handle.
Automatic opening.
Length pooled: 90 cm
Diameter: 102 cm

Great Classic Umbrella

Raindrop Umbrella
Raindrop umbrella is a lovely large classic umbrella.
The external canopy has a beautiful raindrop design. The umbrella has also a fine swung wooden handle with matching handles.
A really beautiful and useful umbrella with automatic opening, which can be used for any occasion.

Wooden handle.
Automatic opening.
Length pooled: 90 cm
Diameter: 102 cm

Sky Umbrella

Great Classic Umbrella
Great classic navy golf umbrella.
A really beautiful quality umbrella with manual opening and sturdy construction, can be used for any occasion.
The umbrella has a good size without being too heavy.

Fiberglass shaft and ribs.
Pleasant soft plastic handle.
Length: 98 cm pooled
Diameter: 120 cm
100% polyester pongee.

Raindrop Umbrella

Flip Flops Sandals for Men

In the hot summer time, you should expose the feet for extra venting, so they do not become sour and sweaty. A pair of flip-flops for men is great to wear on a day when you walk down the sidewalk with a finished ice cream melting in your hand or enjoying the light breezing by the beach. If you are going to take a dip in the swimming pool, it is nice to have a pair of flip-flops standing at the pool’s edge, so you don’t risk slipping on the smooth tile edges. There are many situations where it can be handy to have a pair of flip flops at hand, not only because they are very airy, but also because they are quick to slip into when you are going anywhere. You can use them during the summer at home in Denmark, or for a sunny holiday abroad.

Fashionable and summery flip-flops for men

You can get flip-flops for men in many different designs on wholesaleably, so you can get a nice fashionable style for the summer period. The common feature of several models is that they are designed with straps, which makes it easier to keep cut flaps in place. Several of the models can be made with either flat or braided straps. The straps can be plain or created with colorful prints. There may even be the opportunity to find more variations adorned with beautiful gems. You can get shoes in a wide range of color variations ranging from wild colors to classic shades. Have a look at the delicious selection of flip-flops for men, and see how you can create a smart style for summer.












Helmets and Protective Equipment Reviews

If you love speed and challenges in your sports activities, you are almost in danger. The trip with ramp, slope, or whatever you might find on also means a risk of crashes and accidents. But a true sports enthusiast will not turn out of this. It’s all about the equipment. With helmets, bandages, tooth protectors and other protective gear, you can enjoy your sport and running in a good pace, knowing that you have taken reasonable precautions. Helmets, protective gear and various bandages and protective parts for joints are necessities for many sports. Whether you are skateboarding, cycling or something else, you’d better to have a helmet and other protective gear in order. In this way you can more confidently when you play sports!

Protective Equipment

Helmets and protective gear for the serious speed enthusiast

The right equipment is crucial for the men who love speed and adventure. Be sure to have helmets, bandages and other specific protective equipment for different sports. Regardless of your personal and sporting preferences, you can find protective gear in a variety of colors and models. Search on our online shop, and find out what we can offer fir your sport!

Bicycle Helmet with Visor

Bathroom Faucet and Shower

Udebruser Milano 20 liters

After a session in the pool, in the garden, summer house or on the beach, it’s nice to get washed the body during a garden shower or rather a sun shower. And it no longer needs to be a cold experience. For this garden shower from Swim & Fun gives both cold and hot water. On a hot summer day can the water be 35-40 gr.

The water is heated in the tube that is located inside the garden shower, and regulation between cold and hot water is via a built-in mixer. The shower can be set up on any flat surface and is connected only to a garden hose. This two-part model in stainless material is very easy to handle – and also store, outside the season.

Garden shower hexagon with integrated solvarmer.

Damixa Space Faucet with swivel spout

Including mixer.

Damixa Space Faucet with swivel spout

SPACE faucet series have a compact simple design, high quality and durability. SPACE-fixture series is available both for your kitchen and bathroom. Find more faucets.

Udebruser Milano 20 liters

5 year warranty against dripping
Chrome VA approved
Ceramic cartridge worth mentioning
120 º turn restriction
Water consumption 0-17 l/min
Eco-Save restrooms *

* Water quantity can be set individually on request.

Plus Size High Sneakers for Ladies

If you would like to have a cool street embossed style you should consider going with high sneakers for ladies. Their laid-back and urban radiance makes the shoes an ideal choice for you, who like to hang out with friends down in the skater park or chill to some cool rap from a ghetto blaster. The flat soles and the soft padding on the inside make them incredibly comfortable to wear. The casual design combined with the high shaft exudes coolness and hip-hop attitude. As hoticle suggests, you can use this kind of shoes with great advantages for both everyday and leisure life. For example, set your footwear with a pair of loose fitting jeans and a t-shirt. If you want to make the style more feminine, you can choose to combine your high sneakers with a breezy skirt in denim, a top and a sweat jacket in addition.

Practical shoes that can be used year round

A few high sneakers for plus size ladies give extra comfort at the ankles because of their elongated shafts. The practical lacing design allows you to tighten the shoes to suit your needs. If you would like to make your style very relaxed, you can leave your drawstring lessened. You can bring your sneakers more exciting flavors. Some can be created in a very simple design, while others may be decorated with cool prints to make a confused expression. The solid rubber soles make them incredibly durable. The very versatile design ensures that they can easily be used for spring, summer, autumn, and even winter season if the weather is relatively mild. Dive into the plus size high sneakers for ladies, where you can find lots of new inspiration for your street style. You can find the footwear online at hoticle.

Plus Size Shoes


Clear Umbrella Made in Fiberglass

This beautiful glass clear dome is a good quality umbrella that is designed to cover more of the body than ordinary-shaped umbrellas.
It is convenient that you can see out without lifting his eyes and get rain in your face, in addition, it has a light and elegant broadcast, which undoubtedly suit every wardrobe.
It can be used for wedding, confirmation, friend umbrella, hostess gift, etc.

Clear Umbrella

Some umbrellas can be dust by talcum powder as it is received, this is to protect during transport, can easily be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Fiberglass ribs
8 panels.
Metal shaft
White handle
Length: 83 cm.
Diameter: 80 cm.


Twin Umbrella Black
Twin quality umbrella with ample space for two.
The umbrella is a strong and robust quality umbrella with fiberglass ribs and shaft.

Umbrella covers the entire 148 cm in width and 99 cm in depth.
Robust construction in fiberglass.
Extremely comfortable handle made of rubber.
Material 100% polyester pongee.
Pooled length is 85 cm only.

Twin Umbrella Black

Minimax Navy – 29cm
Minimax is quality compact umbrella with automatic opening and fibreglass ribs, which makes it more flexible than other wind umbrellas.
A super handy compact umbrella which is elegant and handy.

Automatic opening.
Glass fiber ribs.
Comfortable rubber handles in matching color.
Comes with Holster in matching color.
Material 100% polyester.
Length along beaten: 29 cm
Diameter: 97 cm.

Minimax Navy – 29cm

WMF Miami Cutlery – 24 Parts

Cutlery set from the WMF contains 24 parts: 6 knives, 6 dining forks, 6 spoons and 6 tea spoons to eat.

WMF Miami series is both functional and aesthetically nice. It has won several design awards and can be supplemented with other series. It is both enjoyable to use and nice to look at.


Manufactured in Cromargan ® 18/10 stainless steel
Winner of numerous international design awards
Sharp knives made from special steel blade
Perfectly balanced so it is good in the hands
Superb edge – and surface finish
Hand polished and quality control verification
Multiple series can be supplemented in parts
Can be supplemented in more than 150 countries

There is life-lasting rust warranty (subject to flight rust).

According to a recent report, WMF was founded in 1853 and has headquarters in the southern German town of Geislingen. WMF is one of Europe’s largest and leading manufacturers in the field of cutlery, cooking utensils, wine accessories, and design products. The WMF products are characterized by excellence and performance.

WMF Miami Cutlery

All cutlery are manufactured by the WMF Cromargan ® 18/10 stainless steel-a registered trademark of WMF since 1927. All cutlery are manufactured with a perfect processing and in collaboration with internationally renowned designers.

Junior Super Lux Drying Rack

Junior Super Lux Drying Rack

Robust and practical bar-drying rack, with 33 m dry space in 1 drying. Dry the tripod is 100% stainless in anodised aluminum and resin-coated wiping rods. The 6 dry-wings can be customized as needed, which makes drying rack is very flexible.

Dry the tripod is supplied with 2 drip trays, so water flows on floors and carpets can be avoided.

Junior Super Lux drying rack can be used indoors as well as outdoors, and is fitted with wheels that makes it easy to move.

In full capacity with 33 m into dry space, filling dry tripod only H 139 x w 72.5 x D 83.5 cm = 0, 6kv. meters.
In folded position filling dry stand only 14 cm in width and 137 cm high.

Check out other selection of drying racks on bridgat.


Model: Junior Super Lux
Type: Drying Rack
Dry room in meters: 33
Suspenders: No
For outdoor use: Yes
Goal in cm, folded (HxBxL): 137 x 14 x 0
Goal in cm, striking (HxBxL): 139 x 72 x 83

2 Most Popular Tablecloths

Nervous Velvet tablecloth

To cover the many envelopes, is a dew of nervously velour the obvious choice. The cloth give a colorful and festive look, and can get any table, to see the beautiful and well-laid out.

Velvet can easily be washed after use and do not need ironing after washing.

Velour tablecloths are available in several color variations from

Width: 150 cm
Length: 500 cm

Material: 100% Polyester

Nervous Velvet tablecloth


Jacquard Tablecloth

Luxury table cloth 140 x 320 cm. Non-iron. With anti stain coating which is resistant to most stains such as coffee, tea, wine, oil, dressing and butter.

Anti stain treatment ensures that it does not stick in the tablecloth. The treatment also helps to maintain a textile dugs characteristic beautiful expression and surface.

The cloth is made of 51% cotton and 49% polyester and washable at 40 degrees.

Jacquard Tablecloth

Internetage Tablecloth in Vintage Style

Vinyl placemat

Nice placemat in vinyl. The placemat is available in several colors and decorate Nice on brodet.

Placemat in felt-Oval

Beautiful oval placemats in felt. Makes any table to a party very sight.

Measures 30 x 45 cm and is available in several different beautiful colors.

We would like to point out that cover the napkins only sold in packs of 4 PCs.

Vinyl placemat


Velvet tablecloth with stars

Nervous velour cloth in black with bright stars, can be used to cover many envelopes for new year’s Eve or other festive occasions.

Velvet can easily be washed after use and do not need ironing after washing. Velour tablecloths are available in several flavors on their official website.

The cloth is 100% polyester and measures 150 x 300 cm.

Christmas delight Jacquard tablecloth

Christmas delight velvet tablecloth with gnomes

Nervous velvet tablecloth with gnomes to cover many envelopes for Christmas Eve.

Velvet can easily be washed after use and do not need ironing after washing.

Width: 150 cm
Length: 300 cm

Material: 100% Polyester

Velvet tablecloth with stars

Christmas delight Jacquard tablecloth

This Jacquard tablecloth has a textile dugs characteristic, beautiful expression and surface, but with its anti stain coating, is the far most resistant to stains, such as coffee, wine, oil, dressing, butter, etc.

Measuring 140 x 220 cm.

Christmas joy kitchen series

Christmas joy kitchen series
Get the right Christmas atmosphere in the kitchen during the Christmas many chefs and kitchen series from the Christmas delight, containing both aprons, dishtowels, potholders, bread basket, and much more.

Vinyl placemat

Rib placemat

Placemat in 100% cotton and are washable at 30 degrees. Available in several beautiful colors.

Dimensions: 32 x 45 cm

Rib placemat

Kitchen Faucets from Geyser

Dynamic geyser basin mixer

Geyser Twin kitchen faucet

Geyser Twin 2-handle kitchen faucet with U-swivel spout.

With ceramic spindles, 35 cm copper tubes and elegant design
5 year warranty against dripping

Geyser Dynamic kitchen faucet

Geyser Verde kitchen faucet

Geyser Verde kitchen faucet in a simple and elegant design.

Water saving in the grip-eco clik
There can be mounted 75 mm socket (supplied)
With 35 cm copper tubes
5 year warranty against dripping

Geyser Twin kitchen faucet

Geyser Dynamic kitchen faucet

Geyser Dynamic 2 single lever kitchen faucet in a simple and elegant design.

U-swivel spout
3/4 “ceramic efforts and 35 cm copper tubes
5 year warranty against dripping

Geyser Verde kitchen faucet

Dynamic geyser basin mixer

Dynamic 2 single lever basin mixer geyser in a simple and elegant design.

3/4 “ceramic efforts and 35 cm copper tubes
With push up bottom valve
5 year warranty against dripping

Find more kitchen faucets on

Window Dryer from Leifheit

This window dry cleaner water away from the window, leaving a perfect result every time. It does not drip or leave streaks.

Window dryer can be used for Windows and mirrors, but is also very suitable for e.g. walls in the bathroom and shower stall.

Window Dryer from Leifheit

Window dryer has a lithium battery, which has a useful life of 30 minutes. It is possible to replace the battery. The standby sensor saves battery power, because the first go at full strength by contact with the window.

Can be used with the dryer Leifheit window Click system, so you can put a telescope rod on dryer-perfect for high Windows, roof Windows, Conservatory, etc.

It is possible to separate window, so you can clean the dryer ad idea, where the SOAP water sucked in.

  • 28 cm suction surface
  • 3-year warranty

Always Perfect, Crystal Clear Windows With Kobold

Plus X Award winner 2014 for the “Best Product of the Year”

With the specially designed micro-fibre cloth you can clean your Windows of any dirt and at the same time sparing the glass surface. VG100 uses only a minimum of water and Bridgat GC100 universal glass decanting ensures always perfect, crystal clear Windows.

  • Intelligent cleaning system
  • High quality and unique design
  • Functional control system

VG100 sucks even the used fluid up during use. At the same time dries VG100 the cleaned surface and the spent water is stored in a water tank, which is separated from the container that contains the pure water.

Best Product of the Year
VG100 won in may 2014 the Plus X Award for Best Product of the Year Award. It made the pga. its high quality, its unique design and functional operating system.

The dream of clean windows
Kobold VG100 is an innovative and exciting window cleaner, which makes your Windows, other glass surfaces and tiles, crystal clear and clean. Vorwerks completed window cleaner saves you a great amount of time, since it is the only window cleaner in the world perform 3 functions in a workflow.

3 essential functions
The 3 features are: window marring with minimal water usage. Intelligent water suction system for used fluid. Dry function-without streaks.


  1. CG100 universal glass decanting
  2. Specially designed Microfiber cloth
  3. Operating time of up to 30 minutes
  4. Lithium-ion battery-6 hour charging time (completely drained battery)
  5. Charger type KSAS7R51080050HE
  6. Recyclable thermoformed plastics
  7. Maintenance-free DC motor with approximately 18000 RPM
  8. 100-240 volt AC voltage 50/60 Hz. 10, 8V-12V DC
  9. Rated engine power output approx. 30 watts
  10. Noise level 74 dbA (measured in open area)

Please note
Shaft with extension functions not included.

Hoover Jive Window Cleaner

Makes cleaning easier with this window washer that does not give stripes on Windows and does not leave water on the windowsill-a quick and easy solution that you can use for all smooth surfaces, e.g. Windows, tiles and mirrors.

JWC 60 B6 comes with both 280 mm and 170 mm window scraper as well as spray bottle with Microfiber cloth mounted on.

Vileda Window Washer Electric Windomatic

Battery operating time: 25 min.
Cord length: 1 m
Voltage (volts): 220-240
Power (Watt): 15
Dimensions: 17 H x B x D 37 cm 10.5

Vintage Fleece Pullovers Sweaters in 1970s Style

If you are an active woman who enjoys walking or running outdoors, it may be worth taking a look at the delicious fleece pullovers in vintage style. A fleece sweater is an ideal choice for the transition period from autumn to winter, due to its insulating and breathable material. The fleece is close to the body and holds back small pockets of air. So you can keep warm and at the same time keep the moisture away. It is a fast drying material that keeps you fit temperedly when you exercise. The artificial micro fibers also repel dirt and grime, so you don’t have to think about a lot of hand washing. Use a fleece sweater for a cool evening on the terrace or a jogging in the autumn. You can use a fleece shirt as the protective middle layer underneath a winter coat.

Women’s Vintage Knit Sweater

Women's Vintage Knit Sweater


Get warm and fashionable clothing for outdoor activities

Although fleece sweater is a practical piece of clothing for outdoor use, it should not be boring to look at. With internetages, you can find a wide range of sweaters in various colors, ranging from classical, subdued shades to fresh summery tones. Several of the jerseys have a convenient zipper, which are equipped with a couple of side pockets and a high collar, as protection for the neck. For running, you can choose to have a fleece shirt in addition with a t-shirt and a pair of sneakers and take some training pants on. In late summer, it might be nice to wear a fleece sweater over the summer dress, in order to avoid feeling cold. Dive into the wide range of fleece pullovers sweaters online, where you can get lots of new inspirations for your attire.


Jumper Sweater for Women Vintage

Jumper Sweater for Women Vintage