Professional A-GPS Tracking Device

IT-06 Bluetooth 4.0 Self-portrait Anti-losttheft Device for IOS Devices IT-07 Bluetooth Self-portrait Anti-losttheft Device for IOS Ultra Slim

Supports location based GPS (A-GPS)
It is especially suitable in case of GPS device can not capture the satellite, so calls automatically over for location based GPS tracking. Useful if the GPS device is in tunnels or underground.

Real time tracking
It is easy to track GPS device directly from your smartphone or PC/Mac. The system supports updating the GPS device every 5 seconds with an accuracy of 5 meters.

Log history
The device has built-in log, which you can use to track 1 year back.

Monitoring and communication
You can call the GPS unit up and hear directly what is going on in the vicinity of the device. This option is particularly good if you within the 5 meter have a little difficulty finding the GPS device.

Power save function
GPS Tracking device has a built-in intelligent battery save module. Module puts GPS device into standby if not there have been touch/vibration in more 3 seconds. On the way, GPS unit power saves when the car/truck stops. As soon as the car/cargo car drive or teeth engine enabled device automation.

Google map on smartphone
You can at any time check the GPS device’s location directly from your smartphone via Google Maps.

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Practical Household Cleaning Products

Magenta Plastic Household Scrub Brush with Non-Slip Raised Contoured Handle Utility Non-Greasy Pink Dish Cloth with Ultra-Thin Fiber Elastic Fleece

Here you will find everything that can be useful to have at hand, when to be done head cleaning. On this page you will find products such as diet, dustpans, bully, window scraper and much more. The products are from Leifheit, GF. Funder, House Doctor and many more. For what is household, you can see digopaul definition.

On this page you will find a great variety of dust brooms, washing cost and brooms. The wide selection makes it easy to find exactly the diet that’s right for you and the cleaning. In addition, you will also find the kosteskafts heads, so you can replace them when they penetrate. The great variety of dust cost makes it possible for you to get cleaned all the places where it is usually difficult to achieve.

On this page you will find plenty of practical small cleaning things like blind brushes, radiator brushes, window dries, belt racks and much more. Here you will find a large selection and always at the best prices. With us, we have a good service team that is always ready to help you with any questions you may have.

Style Tips for Cardigans

Sleeveless and refined: cardigans are fashionable overcoat, which can be combined versatile. With our styling tips you can quickly find the perfect model.


What season do cardigans fit for ?

Depending on the material from which they are made, to cardigans are throughout the year as a fashionable companion. For thin, fine cotton or wide-meshed knitted they are airy Overcoat for summer days. For thick, coarse-mesh wool keep you cozy and warm on cold winter evenings. Perfect fit cardigans but in the transition period, when a long-sleeved jacket is too warm, the back but already has an extra layer would be material.

Style Tips for Cardigans


How to combine cardigans?

Cardigans can be both sporty and elegant combination. For a stylish appearance you can put them for example over a white blouse or dress. In return, models are made of fine, noble materials. Sits vest figure-fitted, the blouse should be close fitting, so they do not hyping ugly. Far West tolerate the other hand, even with generous tops. Therefore we choose the best one tight trousers or a pencil skirt. In casual style cardigans to be perfect for t-shirts, combine long sleeves and jeans.

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Tape LED Strip Lights

8mm Wide 2.5m Long LED Strip 60 Beads per Meter 12W12V Tape Light LED Tape Light 5M Strip Light DC12V 60pcs LED 3528 Beads per Mete

The tape LED described on is remarkably flexible, allowing a variety of its development so that it can be for example used for rounded or angular edges. LED strips are made of silicone, plastic, very resistant to heat and water. Thanks also to withstand heavy loads, it is resistant to tearing and can be easily and quickly fix. The appropriate degree of protection is preparing a tape for use on the outside. For example, the tape LED with 33 IP (IP stands for “Ingress Protection” or “protection against penetration”) is protected against foreign bodies larger than 2.5 mm and splashing rain or to 60 °.


Flexible decorative elements: LED strip

There are infinitely many types of application tapes LED: whether as lighting as a decoration of the garden or the highlight from the back of the TV screen. You can also do, for example, indirect lighting. Special lighting effects make the tape LED changing color, and some can even be comfortably controlled with the remote control. It is also possible to set different colors of light, so you can use them to create varied lighting. LED tapes also have variable length, so the implementation of their totally individual perceptions. Especially in commercial premises-for example for advertising at exhibitions-allow for great freedom to shape space. However, unlike plug-in systems tape LED strip can only shorten. That is to say: the tape LED does not can be divided into, and then reconnect. The advantage of LED strips is their compact design, which-in combination with a small heat generation – allow the lighting of the smallest space.

Harmonious Night Lights

A beautiful night light complements any bedroom. That night lamp should match the style of bedroom facilities, understands the same thing by now. However, by selecting the lamp at night you should also think about what you expect from it. If night light is distracting, cozy light during the sensitive hours or belong to people reading before bedtime, for which the day without several pages is not complete? In the latter case, it is necessary to type lamps friendly to the reader. And night light must still be able to, and on the website you will find certainly matching model.

Automatic Light Control Sensor Light Man Shape 3-pin Plug Auto Sensing

Night lights function

Before you make a lamp, which often referred to as a night table lamp, it should be clear for what purpose you need this night light. If you want it to be just the light of interest to at night to find their way to the bathroom and back to the bed, or whether you want the evening before bedtime also read a few pages from the book? For this purpose you need night lights for more power, which will be directly illuminate the book. If the night lamp is only to be used to create a cozy atmosphere, which only prepares the body for sleep, it is certainly reasonable to choose the night lamps with a lower power, which harmoniously adapt to equipment and mood.

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Household Cleaning Tools and Their Uses

9L Folding Water Bucket with Non-Absorbent Fabric Welded Watertight Construction BEILAMEI Air Freshener for CarHome with Carbon Adsorption Jasmine Scent Gel

Here you will find a huge selection of all the household chores when they call. On this page you will find things like brooms, dustpans, dusters, drying racks, floor mops, ironing boards and much more. The products on this page are in brands like Leifheit, GF. Funder, Schou, House Doctor and many more.

On this page you will find everything conceivable when the house needs to be cleaned, you’ll find brooms and dustpans from Leifheit and lots of different dust broom and MOP, so you can easily find the model that works best in your home. To your clothes, you will find Leifheits huge selection of drying racks – both indoor and outdoor models. This makes it possible for you to find the drying rack to suit you, whether you live in an apartment, townhouse or single-family house.

In addition, we also have a huge selection of ironing boards, as well as cover. On this page you will find a great variety of old school garbage cans from House Doctor in a nice meta-look. In addition, we have lots of fun and chic doormats from what’s up and Bo Bendixen. All door mats are with fun prints and rich colors. House Doctor has lots of delicious products to the House, and their stunning series with coat racks to the Hall is no exception. Knagerne can be obtained individually and as coat racks with multiple hooks. Here you will find not only a huge selection, but also the cheapest prices and wildest deals. Behind us we have a great service team that is always ready to help you.

Removable Blackboard Wall Sticker

Chalkboard Themed Wall Decal Removable Design PVC Material Wall DecorWeek Arrangement Blackboard Wall Sticker Wall Decal Wall Tattoo PVC

Boards have become very popular to have hanging in the home, because they can be used to quickly and easily provide messages to all the residents. It may be small messages as if you are taken somewhere or do lists, where all residents can write different things to be remembered in the household. It may also be meal planning or weekly schedules, so you are constantly at the forefront of what is happening in the household.

Among our many different boards you will find for example a to do blackboard where you can easily and quickly write different things on that you just need to remember or want to remember each other. The board can of course also be used as a checklist or as a tablet of writing where you are taken to.

Do you want a large panel, we have this large blackboard. This wall sticker is a clean table with no text at all, so you can easily and seamlessly make it as you like. Is there some weeks where a meal plan is important, you can type it in, the weekly plan more current erase out and writes the weekly plan up, and so on. All in all a super versatile tablet that you absolutely can decorate with chalk and you can choose from four sizes, so you get the size that best fits your home.

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Buying Trendy Men’s Vests from Germany

A vest can be the perfect companion at a gala dinner as well as a cozy autumn walk and it’s just the right version. Sets a fashion highlight and convinces by its diversity, because a vest is there for almost any occasion. Learn everything on this page so you can find the right vest for yourself:


What types of men’s vests are there? How are they combined?

What materials are vests produced? How are they maintained?

With a trendy vest you can be eye-catching

Conclusion: the right vest for any occasion


Slim Fit Blazer for Men Single Breasted Closure False Two-piece Design


What types of men’s vests are there? How are they combined?

West are coats and jackets in terms of versatility in nothing. Because, just like in the garments with long sleeves, there is a huge range of models, materials and designs at men’s vests.

Suit vest: this vest is ideal if a jacket is too warm or even slightly serious effect a business outfit. The suit vest makes an elegant outfit, which look at the office as well as at a dinner party can allow a simple shirt. Of course the suit vest can be combined also classic as a three-piece with a suit. The three-piece replaced the tuxedo and is the ideal outfit for particularly festive occasions such as wedding or opera.
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Functional & Comfortable Snowboard Pants

Lifestyle Snowpants in the Alps

There are some good reasons why you rarely see on the mountain snowboarders in their everyday jeans. Too cold? An argument! But there are many other reasons that speak for purchasing a snowboard pant. You should first make clear what really your requirements are on the mountain. Then you pick your new pants after the water column, breathability and other important features. Blue Tomato has of course for every taste pair of snow pants in range!


When it comes to the design of Snow Pants, the brands like Burton or Volcom can be increasingly inspired by the current street style. The classic zip closure with snaps on the collar has established itself in certain models. Combined with the ability to customize the width, you get the flexibility that you expect on your snowboard. Just the fit and the material are important criteria: For long Splitboard tours you will probably want to wear no baggy pants. During the Spring session in the park you can be hardly use an ultra warm Gore-Tex pants also.

Functional & Comfortable Snowboard Pants


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How to Buy Ski & Snowboard Gloves

Gloves for Ladies

Ski and snowboard gloves – cold fingers are water under the bridge!

Hardly an accessory is as important as the gloves while skiing and snowboarding. Cold fingers are on the mountain an absolute no-go and spoil the most beautiful day in the snow. They have to be functional and also look good. Whether lined and waterproof Gloves in the dead of winter, or thin and breathable Pipe Gloves when shredding in spring – Blue Tomato has a lot of models in the range, which convince with outstanding technologies in every situation!

How to Buy Ski & Snowboard Gloves

The first decision you make for yourself is have: Gloves or mittens – like normal gloves with fingers or mittens stalwarts. Both versions are available for men and women and all weather conditions, which is why it is mostly about personal taste. The weaknesses of a model are also the strengths of the other. Mittens have a higher insulating performance and fewer seams, which may be susceptible to moisture penetration. The obvious disadvantage is the limitation of flexibility when it comes to open a zipper or to adjust the goggle. Gloves contrast trumps with great freedom of movement and a secure grip.


Remedy creates the so-called hybrid, so the mixture of Gloves and Mittens. Here the thumb and forefinger are stitched separately, the remaining three fingers share a chamber. So the advantages of both variants are combined.



Mittens of Celtek for women

A modern and high-quality ski and snowboard glove is nowadays not only of a material. The models differ mainly in its outer material. Much of the gloves is made of synthetic, so it is free of animal substances. Often is the innermost layer of the Gloves of nylon, which is the best choice for the comfort of the glove. This is followed by a membrane which consists for example of Teflon or polyurethane. Your fingers stay warm and dry, while the sweat is transported to the surface. In perfection dominated this match the familiar GORE-TEX®, which comes in many glove models for use and promises high breathability and high water density.

How to Buy Ski & Snowboard Gloves

Although many manufacturers rely on synthetic materials, still swear many skiers and snowboarders on the classic leather. Inherently water resistant and extremely durable, so you can count in the snow on your leather gloves, even after years. In combination with a special treatment on the outside or an internal membrane, breathability and water density can be increased to a maximum.

Fashionable Sleeveless Shirts for Men

This site offers sleeveless shirts in numerous cuts and stylish colors. The shirts from leading brand manufacturers are the perfect complement to casual shorts and comfortable sandals. The current models of Trigema, OBOY, Bruno Banani are perfectly suited for leisure, strolling around the city and beach.

Men's U-neck Tank Top Horizontal Stripes Pullover Closure Cotton Blend Fabric

Sleeveless shirts from YP directory are the ideal combination partners to cool jeans or casual cargo pants. Super combed, skin-friendly cotton tank tops by OBOY or John Devin impressively comfortable materials such as 100%. Wifebeater quality trendy retro style makes the shirts to stylish base parts of the current fashion. Masculine muscle shirts by S.Oliver or Bruno Banani with decorative prints emphasize well-defined muscles. Sporty carrier shirts by Trigema are sturdy and easy to clean through high-quality single Jersey. Form-fitting athletic shirts from OBOY guarantee best comfort thanks to the elastic microfiber in network structure. Now, in addition to the offers for sleeveless shirts discover also fashionable sunglasses!

Lovely Lip Gloss

Shiny Smooth Moisturizing Lip Gloss Refining Fine Wrinkle Multi Colors Lip Satin
The high-quality lip gloss from the  online dictionary provide a fresh lips look instantly. Lip gloss is a make-up all-rounder for the entire day. You can wear it purely or refine your lipstick with a lip gloss. The  online shop offers you a selection of high-quality lip gloss: the lip brilliance conjures up long-stick and brilliantly shines on your lips. For full kissable lips, they conjure up a gleaming touch of color on the lips with the Hydra lip booster. And the shimmering glamour gloss or the glam stars lip gloss with fine glitter particles gives you a glamorous, spectacular finish. The gloss left a comfortable fit and maintain at the same time. Small lip wrinkles are compensated. The lips are beautifully smooth and neat. For the perfect lip shape you drag with the lip contour before the invisible lip contour after and then apply the lip gloss evenly. The lip gloss from the  shop conjures up shines and cares on your lips.
Smooth Moisturizing Lip Gloss Refining Fine Wrinkle Multi MattePearly Color

Stretch Cargo Pants Plus Size

Cargo pants were originally addressed to the parachute troops. This is primarily due to their large pockets on the side of the pants, which made it possible that you could have more equipment on it, which is very convenient. The characteristics of a pair of cargo pants, is that they are made of a very strong quality and they have, the characteristic pockets on the side. Cargo pants often are used for outdoor, such as hiking and hunting, here you can get models with zipper below the knee, so that they can be made into shorts. During the 90s they did their hallway in the fashion world and has been popular ever since. Cargo pants are modern streetwear and fits perfectly with a pair of sneakers from DC shoes and a great hoodie. They can also be used if you are going to be more stylish. Here you can take a t-shirt, combine it with a blazer and a pair of timberland boots. So wherever you need a few practical pants for the next hike, or you are looking for a casual look, so you don’t come around cargo pants.

Stretch Cargo Pants Plus Size

Stretch Cargo Pants Plus Size

Classic Cotton Jackets for Men

Classic cotton jacket is largely unchanged over the last 30 years. The model from this website is especially used for cross-country skiing, but is in reality also very useful when you have to go out and experience autumn shake on the beach or in the woods, possibly with a thick sweater or fleece underneath, and so has been a strong comeback at Anorak Street the last few years, with its authentic retro style.


In the large chest pocket, there is plenty of room for cards, ski wax or a packet of biscuits.

Men's Vintage Jacket Gradient Color Button Front Dual Chest Pockets Cotton Blend

As an accessory to the jacket available a fur trim, which effectively keeps snow away from the face, and therefore may be recommended if a must to be used for cross country skiing or just outdoor in winter season.



  • Articulated elbow parties
  • Fixed adjustable hood
  • Velcro for mounting of fur trim at hood
  • Velcro on pit zips
  • Elastic snorstramning in lower edge.
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • More: refer to

Plus Size Men's Bomber Jacket Vintage Floral Pattern Faux Leather Accent

Cleaning and maintenance:

Jacket can be washed in normal machine at 40 degrees. If you must set off on the trip, we recommend that you give a good game of waterproofing anorak with Nikwax cotton proof that is washed into the fabric and makes anorak even more water resistant and windproof.

UMA Maternity Top with Kimono Sleeve

UMA top: A style from Mamaka with big beautiful kimono sleeves, who now have an extra color on the sleeves. It is just as delicious as the rest of the clothes from Mamaka and equally very plain clothes as nursing and maternity clothes.

Mamaka can just something that a great many fall for. And regardless of whether or not they are pregnant, nursing or not. Mamaka can design simple carelessness and yet classical elegance and in materials that are wonderful to wear.

Here is the model Uma, who is super nice with its large, open kimono-sleeves, classic boat neck and a length, you can vary, but which always sits for, because there is elastic at sides on the bottom piece of the top. It provides nice Wrinkly and gets the blouse to fall. Set the map or drag it all the way to the tunic/mini-a miniskirt dress and dare you to possibly just having leggings under as on photos and possibly some cool boots instead of shoes. It can of course also be used with pants. Black with sleeve edge in stone accented.

NB: the sleeves are pretty big and you can easily use the Uma (blouse) just with bra or Camisole underneath. But you will have the perfect set, especially if you are breastfeeding, all-day-tank-top in black (also from Mamaka) ideal to be under. It is in the same material and have a nursing function, so you can easily use the Uma as nursing. Is also available with long sleeves, see below.

Maternity Clothes & Nursing:

UMA ( is perfect for you, waiting for you, and the fabric is super stretchy, soft and pleasant with space. UMA is equally perfect for breastfeeding, since you just pull into the oversized kimono-sleeves and open up for whatever you have. Easy , elegant and discreet.

And so we must of course say that it is a top that just as Mamaka’s other designs also are suitable for general use and also designed for that purpose, so that it can last for many, many years, the quality is top notch!

UMA Maternity Top with Kimono Sleeve UMA Maternity Top with Kimono Sleeve

Popular Bathrobes for Men

The most comfortable and easiest way to start your day is to take a delicious robe in the closet. Today beginning should not be without importance, so therefore you must be delicious clothed without spending more time on it than necessary. Many men are fond of their robes, as it does not it solves the above challenge at best show. High quality models in this category can be in silk, bamboo or cotton.


Popular names for bathrobes for men

Many have the popular bathrobe hanging in the cottage or in the bath house, so you can quickly get warm after a dip. It is especially necessary for those who are enjoying the summer season with a brisk swim. Often a heavy cotton terry cloth or cotton velour meets this purpose.

Solid Color Bath Towel Ultra-soft Quick Dry Absorbent Microfiber Material

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Best Foundation Makeup for Oily Skin

Long Lasting Stick Powder Blush Double-ended Design Blush Brush Highlighting
Give your complexion with the foundation make-ups of the shop immaculate freshness! Beautiful skin starts with a moisturizing makeup primer. The perfect makeup bases from the  shop are perfect for the complexion and cares of pore-refining skin. Now, the skin is optimally prepared on the makeup and you can apply the foundation. The optimal condition for a perfect make-up result is the selection of the appropriate foundation. Here, not only the correct shade plays a role and this should be not darker than the own skin tone, but also skin type and desired opacity of the make-up. Tip: oily skin can leave darker are the Foundation. Vote the color of Foundation on your skin tone exactly. The nourishing BB creams from the online shop are opaque and gentle to the skin. There are liquid foundations, carrying the finger tips, a makeup brush or sponge. For the nose area use only a little foundation so that no makeup set traces the nose wings. To avoid a mask effect you blur the Foundation neck and ears gently in the direction. Mineral makeup, mineral powder, high definition foundation to skin perfecting BB creams with anti-aging effect, this online shop offers a wide selection of high quality foundation make-ups, which are suitable for all skin types.
Aloe Concentrate Moisturizing BB Cream Beauty Balm Blemish Balm Sunscreen

Striped Short Sleeve Blouse for Pregnancy

Fine stripes in lip Diocesan-red on a wonderful short sleeve blouse from Pomkins basic series Milkizzy. This means that you can use the blouse both as wait blouse and nursing blouse!

For the most part there will be colorful, print or, as here, when the vehicle is by Pomkin stripes. The two female designers is to party and colors even if it ‘ just ‘ is on an everyday blouse like this. A nice soft one can be wear at which you both can be pregnant and breastfeed discreetly in and use much longer, for who can see that the blouse has these additional features?

As you can see, the blouse has short sleeves and so is the design with a double layer of chest that makes it possible to breastfeed. It is soft and cute and cuddly and can easily be put together with jeans, shorts and skirt. So you need to pull the lipstick forward or lubricating the nails and take a blouse on that match, then this might matter?

Maternity Clothes & Nursing:

As mentioned above, you can use the blouse to both. It is soft and stretchable and when you need to breastfeed, you just pull down in the extreme carving and up in the layer before under.

All tops and blouses in Milkizzy-series are designed in Paris and produced in Portugal. They are also all Oeko-tex certified and comes in a small box.

Striped Short Sleeve Blouse for Pregnancy

Business Wallets for Men

The men’s business wallets show just as chic as professional. With business wallets elegant men in the business are also fashionable at the front. The customers can opt for a small, sleek wallet with space for cash and the most important cards or a real space saver. Men’s business wallets offer sufficient subjects for large collections of maps, documents and photos. In the online shop, there are the matching men’s business wallets for each space.


Fine leather in many colors


The thoughtful storage and storage possibilities of the men’s business wallets convince immediately. Just as the business wallets with carefully selected materials and a top processing points. Soft leather of veal, buffalo or beef makes the men’s business wallets are refined business accessories. Thanks to high-quality processing, the  wallets accompany reliably and for many years at every step. As for designs, we offer a range of classic elegance to the sporty-rugged look and also with the colors a rich selection is waiting. From the timeless black to upbeat red we have everything to offer. Now come to the online shop and find the perfect wallet!

Men's Long Wallet Bi-fold Design Zippered Compartment Snap Button Closure

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