Lingerie Collection for Valentine Free People

Ready to Valentine? Do not forget to prepare your lingerie for Valentine ‘s Day and surprise your partner in bed. And there ‘snothing more fun than watching the reaction of your partner to see you in lingerie new. If you are thinking of renovating lencero closet, you’re in luck: the signing Free People just presented his collection of lingerie and underwear for 14 February.

This collection of signature boho style clothing presents a variety of sexy garments for moments in bed. One of the star items of this special collection of Valentine is the body , especially in lace. The flesh tones and pink replace the classic red to provide a sensual and romantic look pure.

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Mr Wonderful Collection of Lingerie and Oysho for Valentine 2016

Mr Wonderful again collaborate with Oysho in an ideal Valentine collection. No matter if you celebrate it or not, whether you are single or with a partner: this collection encourages us to enjoy and spread the love in the bedroom.

The new collection, now on sale in shops Oysho, remains faithful to the style of positive and funny illustrations of Mr Wonderful. It is not the first time Oysho collaborates with this famous brand of positive and funny messages. Already it did a few months ago with a bestseller. And nothing like going to bet on this artwork for Valentine. With these clothes and accessories for the bedroom you will radiate good cheer and love.  We find shirts with many messages as well as accessories and shoes around the house type and vanity cases.

In addition to messages that refer to coffee and breakfast also we find reasons planetary pajamas style like this so much fun. Designs are available in short sleeves, suspenders and long to suit the tastes of each sleeve. Prices are accessible to all and clothing do not exceed 23 €. An ideal opportunity to renew our wardrobe stylish pajamas occasion.

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Lingerie for Brides

When they finally you have chosen the wedding dress you think the theme clothing finished until they tell you to turn to the test with shoes and lingerie that you will carry the day B, but how do you choose this lingerie to match the dress and that is suitable for the wedding night? If you’re in that situation or you are looking for lingerie for your wedding, read on to see types and advice on what more favor you .

Let ‘s face it, in our daily lives we often choose bad our underwear, never were right with the right size or the cup and light and corsets have no idea. And if we already seems difficult to choose lingerie for everyday life find the right for your perfect dress and the wedding night is a dilemma. Because today many people downplays wedding night but another part of the wedding , more than another seal your love.

First of all say that the most important thing is to go for comfort. For this important day not want to be worried about if the fastener is in place, because it will be a long day and that will go with a dress that have never before been saved in tests.

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Lingerie Collection Spring Summer 2016 Intimissimi

Whenever lack least for the spring, and the firm Intimissimi wants ahead of his arrival with his new collection of lingerie. The Italian lingerie brand has just introduced its new spring summer collection 2016, where colors like white and blue are clear protagonists. Keep up reading to find out!

Israeli model Shlomit Malka stars in the new campaign Intimissimi, this time opts for a collection with nude and simple touches but without sacrificing femininity of the female body. The bodies are an undergarment that triumph next season, and only must see the presence they have in the new campaign signature. Although the designs are simpler and radiate comfort, fit is still present in bras, panties and other lenceras garments.

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Victoria’s Secret and its Collection of Lingerie for Valentine 2016

Victoria’s Secret is one of the signatures of lingerie that, like other brands, wanted to launch a collection with designs ideal for Valentine ‘s Day. And the Valentine ‘s Day is the perfect occasion to brand new set lingerie and surprise our man in bed.


By now sure many of you already have your designed lingerie and ready for the big night, but it never hurts to discover the collection that Victoria’s Secret has launched for Valentine ‘s Day. Some of the angels of the firm are responsible for pose with designs lingerie for this date as indicated and sensual. and it is clear that the fit is still king of the sexy underwear. Be in black and flesh tones or with purple accents, lace never happen fashion.


In addition to classic underwire bras and push up effect also we find other fasteners in this collection. Bras without ring and triangle – shaped imposed as one of the designs of the 2016, as well as forming a kind of lingerie top. Endless options to feel comfortable with our bodies and surprise your partner at times more intimate.  as her panties, we found higher slip and type designs and other higher and cover more area.


But the black and pink tones are not the only star of the collection. We also find lingerie sets with romantic prints – like moles – for more naif women.



Huawei Ascend G6 and Ascend P7 Presented Mini

The Chinese Smartphone manufacturer Huawei has presented two new smartphones at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona: the Ascend G6 and the Ascend P7 mini. Both Smartphones have a 4.5 inch screen and run with the Android version 4.3.

The Ascend G6 looks pretty spiffy, is excellently processed and weighs only 115 grams. It has a 4.5-inch display with 960 x 540 pixels. Faster quad-core processor provides decent performance at the Ascend G6 a 1.2 GHz. The 4 GB internal memory of Ascend G6 can via MicroSD card up be expanded to 32 GB. The main camera of the Ascend G6 take photos with 8-megapixel photos, the front camera is 5 mega pixels.

The Ascend P7 mini has a similar facilities such as the Ascend G6. Both the display size and resolution than even the processor and the camera are mini at the Ascend P7 identical as in the Ascend G6. One of the few differences of the Ascend P7 mini: the internal memory of the Ascend P7 mini 8 GB is great and the Ascend P7 mini with LTE and NFC is also equipped. Both smartphones will come in April when us in Germany already in the trade. The Ascend G6 will be in black and white. Cost is about 249 euros. The Ascend P7 is available from April also mini in white and black. Numbers is one for the Ascend P7 mini around the $299.

Of course, there will be also to the two new Chinese cell phone suppliers from Huawei to buy in our online shop, as soon as they come out. We inform you here on the blog as soon as they are!

You want to stop waiting on the Ascend G6 and the Ascend P7 mini, you want a new, fancy cell phone from Huawei now? Like! With us, you’ll get the Huawei Ascend Mate with a mobile financing, in which you can choose the amount of the monthly rate even you!

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is Here!

Samsung has presented the new Galaxy S5 at the Mobile World Congress – so have the rumors around the Samsung flagship Galaxy S5 finally end. Are you interested in the new Galaxy S5? Here in the blog you can learn more about the new Galaxy S5!

The new Galaxy S5 has following features: it has a sensor that measures the heart rate when you place your finger, then he appears on the new fitness Tracker S health 3.0. Also the Galaxy S5 has integrated a fingerprint sensor in the home button the one simply can unlock it. About him, you can protect sensitive data in new private mode. Also a kids fashion, about the setting, what the children so all may use if they get the Galaxy S5 in the finger when the Galaxy S is new. The AMOLED full HD display of the Galaxy S5 has grown compared to its predecessor only around 0.1 inch at 5.1 inches. The resolution is 1080 x 1920 pixels. The camera take photos in 4:3-format with 12 megapixels and in wide mode with 16 megapixels and puts the HDR images and videos in real time – you can see that already before the picture on the display what the photo will look like. The Galaxy S5 in ultra HD with 3840 x 2160 pixel films videos.

The Galaxy S5 is certified at the factory according to IP67 – that is, the Galaxy S5 is protected against dust and nothing makes him a short water bath. A Catcher in the Galaxy S5 is the attractive rear plastic with its many small depressions in the golf ball pattern. You feels soft and leaves the Galaxy S5 when operating comfortably in the hand.

With 2800 mAh replaceable battery of the Galaxy S5 is only slightly more powerful. A so-called ultra power saving mode brings a longer battery life. A 2.5 GHz quad core CPU makes for a decent performance, it has 2 GB of memory. The internal memory is 16 GB, 32 GB variant of the Galaxy S5 one should give it also – thanks to MicroSD slot, the space is expandable.

The Galaxy S5 is expected to be available in April in the colors white, black, blue and bronze. As soon as you can pre-order the Galaxy S5 with us in the shop, we inform you of course here!

Currently, you get yet the award-winning Galaxy S4 with a mobile finance with us. The great thing: Our mobile financing you can choose the amount of the monthly rate even you!

BAFTA Awards: iPhone 5s Shoots Photos from the Red Carpet

Shortly before the Oscars, the British Academy of film and Television Arts (BAFTA) gives their film awards in London. Your photographer on the red carpet, Jonathan Birch, was this year with only one iPhone 5 s and delivered successful photos without great paparazzi equipment.

Include Leonardo DiCaprio, Uma Thurman, and the Director Steve McQueen, who received the award for best film for “12 years a slave” 2014 strolled the red carpet said.

Shoot Beautiful Photos and Quickly Share

The photographer Jonathan Birch praises that “discreet” iPhone 5s with which he “could capture more intimate moments and immediately share another side of the BAFTA Awards”. The 8 mega pixel camera of smartphones customize themselves quickly the environment his opinion, which was a huge help especially on the red carpet, where the environmental conditions change rapidly. The most exciting feature of the iPhone 5s tone Flash is for lawfaqs: “I wish my camera had this.”

The BAFTA chose the iPhone 5 s but not only because of his photography equipment. “During the night of the awards ceremony, we wanted to shoot great photos for our social networks, and to do this it was necessary to be able to share these pictures quickly and to maintain our standards of image quality at the same time,” reported Janette Dalley, Director of photography at BAFTA Dalley takes big words for Apple’s Smartphone best-selling book: “The iPhone 5 s allows to take our pictures, which for the first time will enter future archives of BAFTA, and in the living history of photography in that.”

Onedrive: Microsoft Uses Dropbox as An Example

The cloud service by Microsoft, which may mean no more SkyDrive litigation should now go under the name OneDrive at the start. As communicated by the technology portal the verge, SkyDrive users have to worry about any changes.

The upgrade from SkyDrive on OneDrive should take place automatically – existing applications would continue to work under the new label according to Microsoft. The relevant applications under Windows 8, Windows Vista, Xbox and Mac will run from today under the new name Microsoft OneDrive.

More Storage Space and Android App

The innovations under the name OneDrive relate primarily to the space and users of the Android operating system: for this, an update is provided, which can automatically upload images from the Smartphone camera in cloud storage. The new Android app is now in the play store Google ready for download.

The space should leave be extended to up to 5 GB, if users can invite friends to OneDrive. Up to ten friends can be invited, for which there are 500 MB additional disk space. With this bonus model Microsoft follows the competitors of dropbox, which rewarded the canvassing in a similar manner. Total OneDrive users can extend its 7 GB when logging in to 15 GB storage space – there are in addition free 3 GB if the camera upload feature is activated.

How to Measure Your Bra Size Correctly

Perhaps is one of the biggest mysteries since most of the women takes, at this moment, the wrong bra size. Some one or two smaller sizes, other one or two sizes larger. In any case, it is an error.

Bra or bra is one of the key pieces in the wardrobe of a woman since it provides not only the necessary support for the breasts and back, but it also helps the dressing room feels a lot better.

Then, what is the way to choose the correct size? The answer is simple: ladies, have to be measured. The sizes of fasteners are composed of numbers and letters that correspond to the band and cups. The band is Ribbon surrounding the rib cage and cups are covering the breast and they are the main components in the waist just support. To correctly measure your size you must put you front a mirror armed with a tape measure and a little patience.

Trust me, you will appreciate that wholesale suppliers have made the entire process .

To measure your band size

To measure your band size you must wear a bra without padding or, at best of the cases, not to use any. If a friend can help you better, slide the tape measure underneath your breastsaround your body. To measure correctly, the tape should be tight and your arms should be low. The measure should be in inches it is to this extent that the sizes of fasteners are divided. If the resulting number is not an integer, round it to the nearest whole number. If the resulting number is a non, down to the immediate lower torque number. The band should be fair but comfortable around your body since it will be the mainstay of the structure.

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Lulu Frost and Vintage Jewellery

Vibrant and eclectic, as its name implies, the creations of Lulu Frost do not follow any rule and go we are grateful for that!

The founder and creative head of the company, Lisa Selzer, inherited from your family love and passion for vintage jewellery.

It is an eternal collector and tireless imperishable treasure seeker, who gives new and renovated charm, amalgamating parts of different eras and impregnating them with a sophisticated and contemporary air.

The brand owes its name to the nickname of its creator and the maiden name of his grandmother, Elizabeth Rock Frost, whom Lisa learned the first tools to work successfully in this unique and competitive business.

Selzer took his first steps while studying art history at the prestigious University of Darthmouth. During those years, up-and-coming Lisa noted that their free time was divided between the pursuit of brooches, necklaces, bracelets and earrings collection and the process of division and fusion of the elements composing them to give rise to new Accessories.

These creations made furor among his peers. At the end of their passage by the University, it was very clear to Lisa that her career would revolve around these creative impulses.

Your designs are passports to an exclusive site, without space or time-definite. A place where different is beautiful, where the lines, colors and shapes converge and form a new aesthetic, unknown but familiar landscape.

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Support Belts for Pregnancy

The months go by and on the date in which you’ll finally see the face of your beloved baby. The expectation grows without pause as well as your belly, what can bring about discomfort and pain in the waist, pelvis and back.

Maternity support systems are designed to provide the necessary support to the belly and relieve the weight of the waist, back and up to the bladder pressure. This results in a greater ease of movement and a little less stress. Today they are a basic in the lingerie for pregnant women.

Types of maternity shapewear

Touring the lingerie and maternity stores you will see that there are basically three types of maternal sashes. The model you choose will depend on what you’re looking for (support for exercise, back and waist pain relief, etc.) and how you feel each model.

Maternity belt . It’s a piece that gives an average support level. Of course it is elastic and is placed around the lower back and below the stomach.

It adjusted by velcro snaps, which makes it easier for you to find the most comfortable point of support. This also allows you go setting it as your belly grows.

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Birkenstock Summer Shoes

Previously frowned upon, today an integral part of the fashion industry: the Birkenstock shoes! Also in 2015″Made in Germany” label shoe conquered the fashion world again. Made of natural cork Birkenstock convince people with their high quality. The natural step track of a foot is the shape of the foot bed which it feels as if you were walking barefoot. Modern models in bright colors, metallic looks, or rather subtly in warm earth tones?

Below a various selection of Birkenstock models are showed that perfectly complement your outfits this summer.

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DECT Cordless Phone for Home

As of today, February 10, 2016, is the new DECT phone FRITZ! FON C5 AVM in commercially available in website. This sets the manufacturer on design, HD telephony for optimal voice quality and integrated smart home functions, as well as a media player. In addition, motion and brightness sensors to provide for longer battery life.

AVM has extended its product range of DECT phones with the FRITZ! FON C5. The new black design phone has a full interior. It offers all for FRITZ! FON of typical highlights such as HD telephony as well as comfort functions such as Internet radio, E-Mail reception, baby monitor, or wake-up call. In addition, also speed dialing, call forwarding and three-way conference are included. Users can FRITZ! FON assign different ringtones and music tracks in the Media Player use as ringtone. In combination with a FRITZ! Box the DECT phone offers up to five digital answering machine, a clear call list, as well as multiple phone books, including online contacts with up to 300 entries. Received calls, messages on the voice mail, E-mail, software updates etc are indicated on the display and using the message key (MWI) and are available at your fingertips. Individually adjustable favorites allow users quick access to frequently used menus and content. A total of five home screens for different events stand to the selection. The volume can be conveniently using the controls on the

Regulate side of the device.

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