Anti-Stress Jeans

Do you know the jeans with anti-stress properties thanks to aromatherapy? The novelty is all Italian and comes from a fashion company of Abruzzo that has developed a special washing technique that makes these jeans able to fight stress and giving energy and vitality to whoever wears it. Curious to find out what it is?

The frontiers of jeans are increasingly large and seem to end up so after effect used jeans and rumpled, with bits of cloth and lace, studs, with low crotch and high-waisted, among the models of jeans for the summer 2015 appear anti-stress jeans. Continue reading →

How to Wear Fishnet Hose

Fishnet stockings are one of the pieces in the women’s closet. They are constantly connected with fantasy or sensual visual, but that is not always their main use. The carnival is quite common to use the piece around in costumes like pirate and Colombina, but you can have but one in the closet and use day to day without any problem. Just know, like everything in fashion, how to combine. Just make a good use of it.

Any body type can use? Yes! It is not a half stuck, just, and even gives more than the others, so the basic look is much easier to assemble. There are several colors of this article, the most common is black. But nothing prevents you from getting different colors to diversify the look as red, white or blue and red, are also easy to find. The best time to buy would be close to carnival and Halloween, when the play becomes a sales fever. But throughout the year you buy in cities smoothly, even in Lojas Americanas and supermarket retailers with diverficiação items.

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Roberto Cavalli Men’s Shoes

The collection menswear fall/winter 2011-2012 by Roberto Cavalli has paraded during the prestigious event dedicated to men’s fashion, Milano Moda Uomo. Refined and elegant garments on the catwalk inspired classic revisited with detail and nuance. Our site attended the splendid show and then, besides showing you some outfits from the collection signed Roberto Cavalli, we would like to inform you our impressions and some photos we took during the big event.

We at Stylosophy were there, watching from near the splendid shoes proposals of Roberto Cavalli. It was an event truly beautiful, great excitement, great expectation for leaders dedicated to next winter. Continue reading →

Maternity Clothes for Third Trimester

Once you have reached the third trimester of pregnancy, the demand for clothing has only one purpose – to feel comfortable in them, but not bad still present some style. Here are some tips for clothes suitable for third trimester that will help you finish your pregnancy in style.

Remove dresses! They are comfortable, pleasant to wear and save you nerves when combining pants and top. Watch the material is cotton or soft zharseta and cutting starts under the bust, so feel free to dress. A good example is maternity flutter-sleeve jersey dress, which costs about $ 29.50. But, can pregnant ladies wear jeans?

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French Swimwear Brand 2016

French brand offers a variety of elegant models swimwear for the new season. The collection includes bathing purposes and different types of swimwear in two parts.

  1. Elegant swimwear

The new swimsuits Etam feature clean cuts and simple designs. Dominated by sophisticated models classic swimsuit and so modern retro swimsuit with deep bottoms to the waist, which hit in beach fashion 2013

2. Retro swimwear

You will not find highly cut swimsuit ,  sexy bikini or ultra- modern topless nor cords, beads and shiny dzhidzhavki as it does in other collections. (Pictures in the links). For this you will find so beautiful swimwear in two parts that radiate class and style.

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Right Clothes for Yoga

Although it is spring already known to many, the Russian manufacturer of the brand savasana take care of our users, and has prepared for you excellent new collection of sportswear. After all, update your wardrobe, including sports, spring will be interesting for both men and women.

The new collection is presented sportswear for fitness and yoga exercises, which will feel not only comfortable, but it would be particularly sporty. Lady Line has been designed to correct any particular form because of changes in geometric proportions of the clothes. Even while working every woman strives to remain attractive. Men in such clothes will get maximum comfort.

The main credo of the collection – comfort, practicality, comfort and style.

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How to Choose the Right Leggings

If you really Leggings stylewant, you should consider a few things. By combining unfavorable legs too short and the body proportions may otherwise affect inharmonious.

In principle leggings like tights without feet and no real pants. Accordingly, you should not they also like to combine pants, but rather style as tights. What you should note, can be found here.

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Women’s Summer Floral Dresses

Among the fashion trends of spring summer 2016 does not go unnoticed this floral mood that soon will delight your wardrobe. Between long gowns to flowers, ideal for special occasions, and minidress by day there is an embarrassment of choice. We discover together the most interesting of the season!

The spring called “flowers”, but this year the floral prints, the most fresh and colorful, ended up among the must-haves of the season: I mean, no fashion addicted may help but most fragrant buds of spring summer 2016. There are so many fashion houses who have banked on what for many designers is a winning combination: long dress and floral textures and although the long dress will be what goes for more, we are certain that even the total look, with their lively colors as white summer dress for beach wedding, will win you over: from stretches of daisies at Oriental prints there is an embarrassment of choice! Continue reading →

Smartwatch Samsung Gear S vs Gear 2

Samsung officially unveiled Gear the S. The temporary monopoly in sales of smart watches presented a new model smart watch that offers a curved screen (large 2-inch rectangular AMOLED), an autonomous mobile (2G and 3G connectivity), Wi-Fi is and Bluetooth capabilities. The operating system Tizen.

Management is granted to own OS Tizen OS, which is logical because the fashion Android Wear does not yet support SIM cards (USIM module, 2G / 3G). Few proposals on the market offer independence of connected devices, but this is one of the possible ways of developing wearable electronics. The rich portfolio of smart watches to Samsung allows users to try out this approach. Gear S offers receiving and making phone calls, and application performance with or without synchronization of connected devices.

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Retro Swimwear: Vintage Style Is Back In

The new vintage swimwear summer 2016 carries the sun in her Monokinis, tankinis and dashing accessories in bright colors make the visit to the beach is a real highlight. If you do not want to be “out” this summer, then you should consider a few tips when choosing your swimwear.

Vintage fashion for a great bathing experience

The main feature of the vintage swimwear 2012 is that the one-piece swimsuit can also be worn by women of the younger generation now without being ridiculed in any way for it. For the vintage beach fashion this summer returns to its roots in the 50s and 60s. With the classic one-piece swimsuits you can hide your small and slightly larger flab very well and make additionally an extremely trendy figure. Tip: bikinis with attached skirt can help you to conceal hips and thighs. So Both old young women benefit from the retro swimwear. Designer Karl Lagerfeld has this vintage style incidentally also picked up and presents its one-piece “Tuxedo Suit” – swimwear on the catwalks of the metropolis.

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Recommendations to Bring Pearl Necklaces in Casual Look

The pearl necklace is one of the most classic and popular jewelry jewellery. The cultured wire continues to be a gift of some importance for future brides or for girls who reach important milestones, such as 18 years, graduation or the birth of their first child.

The briolette is one of the most precious of jewelry. This does not mean, however, that the rocks are not suitable to accompany briolette casual look.

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Designer Couture Wedding Dresses

The Couture bride we reserve exclusive and refined dresses perfect for the most demanding and chic brides who want the very best for the day of their wedding. For this reason the most various proposed by different brands of fashion wedding from alongside unique proposals that bear the name of the most important brands and which are characterized by truly exclusive lines that amaze the originality of lines or precious materials used in their construction. We discover together the most beautiful wedding dresses for 2011 collection.

Giorgio Armani Bride
Refined elegance of the creations signed Giorgio Armani is also reflected in the bridal fashion with unique creations that are born from the fusion of contemporary with the understanding of a tradition of great style to offer discerning brides creations. Continue reading →

Wall Clock with Photo Frame

Want to create a romantic living area, you’ll never lose sight of the time passing but who can hold on to the most important moments? Thanks to the wall clocks with photo memories and this will always be on the same level and in the same place. Be inspired by the site with PVC Material Wall Clock!

Wall clocks with photos, past, present

It is unclear when the man has begun for the first time to measure the flow of the seasons and the passage of days, but what is certain is that time is a concept that has always fascinated mankind. Time goes forever, never stops, goes on despite everything. It carries away stories and precious moments, memories that we would not let escape. And what’s better than a photograph to freeze a picture and make a lasting impression?

There is an incurable romanticism, in short, in approaching the clocks and photographs, on the one hand the time that passes and the other captured and crystallized a moment in time. The clocks with photos are this: an eternal and tender contrast between an unforgettable moment stolen and the hands that snap rhythmically, to depart from them always more.

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What is the Best Pillow for Newborn

Many parents ask questions – when to buy bags for their children, can we purchase them after the birth of children and others. The answer is “Yes”, we can use pillows for our newborns. The important thing here is to approach seriously to this topic. All pillows for kids should be low and even almost flat. If you decide to purchase these items from the nursery, it is important to approach detailed and serious about this issue.

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HTC and JBL Earphones with USB Port

Despite the front speaker of the new HTC 10 does not incorporate the more the system Boom Sound that has characterized the previous flagship models, the sound quality remains one of the aspects on which the taiwanese company has invested to equip the latest addition of superior performance to the competition.

The new proprietary HTC Personal Audio Profile is able to dynamically adjust the frequencies for each ear, and the ear pieces present in the sales package may not offer the utmost quality guaranteed by the new audio Department. for this reason HTC launched – in collaboration with JBL –Reflect Aware C, earphones with an advanced noise cancellation and adaptive control able to guarantee high level performance. Continue reading →

How to Choose Men’s Wedding Shoes


We must know that the men in a ceremony, play a fundamental role and for this reason, you should spend some time to choose the ones that suit our and, especially, completely functional for the occasion. Very important right away, is to try to focus on those shoes by DIY (see how on that match more closely to the clothes we’re wearing, to make our clothing is perfectly in harmony in the different parts that compose it.

Let’s start by saying that man cannot disregard for its ceremonial shoes, black, which as we all know, is notoriously symbol of extreme elegance and refinement. Once we have chosen the color, we can then move on to the lacing. With regard to this area, we must know that according to certain protocols of elegance, the choice should fall on a shoe that is concise, but you can also use a shoe with the buckles, as long as it is simple and no flashy logos. Another good alternative to these proposals so far, is the moccasin, no strings, is a less formal and which retains a touch of elegance and style, now we are going to live.

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LED Flashlights in the Test

We compare Mag-Lite with two no-name LED Flashlight: Saving energy ultimately depends on these devices along with the convenience.

Flashlights are very gladly offered by PiercingFlashlights – nothing eats even the most expensive batteries as soon as empty as a flashlight bulb.

If possible, cheap, bad switch constructions assist, the most popular are any dubious rotary or slide switch, the “natural” by itself turn on, at least a little, and so completely unnoticed empty suck the battery.

This then leads to the flashlight during a power failure, when you need them, prompt no more juice has – and with any luck the deeply discharged battery has leaked and has even dirty the inside of the flashlight. The good news (for the battery manufacturer):

If you are not very thorough dressing, the caustic residues will lead to leakage and drain the new batteries also.

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Wall Clocks for Kitchen Suggestions

The watch is an indispensable complement to the kitchen. Useful not only to keep an eye on the cooking time and preparation of the various dishes, but also to define when it’s time to leave this room.

The kitchen is a great sharing the room, where we spend much of our family day, to dedicate ourselves to other rooms or other commitments outside the home.

The kitchen absorbs very long time. For breakfast, lunch and dinner, everyone gathers around the table; to prepare and enjoy a good coffee, we resort to the hearth; to chat with friends and family, you are where people meet in the kitchen.

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Sony Smartwatch 3 Google Play

During the summer months, Sony claimed that there are no plans to use Android Wear in electronics for wear, but in September surprise the audience, presenting the new smart watch SmartWatch 3 according to EHOTELAT: driven exactly by “wearables” operating system by Google. The announcement occurs at a press conference in the framework of technological IFA 2014 exhibition in Berlin. Famed Japanese manufacturer promised market launch of the new widget in October and deadlines were met.

Sony SmartWatch 3 is available now for $ 249.99. Play Developer in the Google. Such is the price at Amazon. In the field on the balance of the sites now stand inscription “Coming soon”, but perhaps that will change soon. The same situation exists, which cost 229 euros however.

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Must-have Autumn-winter: the Leather Pants

I am the chief rock of the winter season and are so well loved celebrities and fashion bloggers who like to wear Palazzo pants at events and secular parties. The leather pants are a must for the winter! There are models to wear skinny as if they were a second skin, broader ones to wear loose on the leg, the classic blacks leather pants but also the colorful proposals. If you like edgy look, you’ll have to just buy a pair this winter! You can wear them day in combination with sneakers and biker boots but also at odds with evening clothes definitely more feminine as tops, blouses and dancers. But we see in detail how to wear leather pants this winter!

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Leggings Army Style 2016

Leggings were once rural bodies of clothes in Russia and Eastern Europe. Winding and footcloths – close relatives leggings – were used in the army.

Sense of Footless Leggings

– Is long enough and wide strips of cloth used for wrapping legs, starting with the foot. The producers in Russia wore them to bast shoes, boots. In other countries, they wore leather shoes. Documents State Franks referred to the time of Charlemagne, this part of clothing. Windings can be seen on European miniatures of past. No most common leggings produced in Russia and many Eastern European countries: Bulgaria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, the Baltic countries.

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Tips for Christmas Decorating Your Home

Nearing the most fun time during the cold winter days and already harvested removing boxes of decorations to start creating mood in the house can take advantage of these tips for Christmas decorations before.

And when it comes to decoration, remember that there is a correct approach, in which you can trust in all cases and this is to add personal style. According to the dimensions of the space you have available, place the holiday decor so that it takes place and unimpressive.

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