Test: Speaker DynaVox Pulse III

Dynamics in its purest form – with a high efficiency coaxial transported the DynaVox impulse III (1400 euro per pair) a gigantic game pleasure. For the price, it remains on the carpet.

  1. Test: Speaker DynaVox pulse III
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Especially on the electronics side, the interaction between speakers and amplifiers leads to heated discussions. Very sophisticated transistor cars compete with fashionable switching amplifiers and aesthetic concepts of tubes. The tastes are different, but in the high-end segment, the glowing glass bulb have currently clearly the largest inlet. Continue reading →

Huawei Ascend D Quad in the First Test

Huawei promotes the Ascend D quad full-bodied as “fastest Smartphone in the world”. In fact, the Quad Smartphone with some technical superlatives can shine. The first test of connect shows what they are and how fast is your phone in practice.

First of all the Ascend D feels quad very good and the rubberized back looks elegant and is by no means cheap. Also the processing is a rock-solid impression. In this respect, so the Chinese manufacturer has done his homework. With the rounded sides, the Smartphone is also very conveniently located in the hand – this Huawei manages the feat to keep very compact housing despite huge screen. With 129 x 64 x 8,9 mm quad model is significantly less than the Galaxy nexus (136 x 68 x 8,9 mm), although the display is almost the same size. The reason that the screen at the Ascend ranges D quad almost to the edges of the case. Speaking of display: the display convinces all along the line. Contents are drawn very hot due to the high resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. To get a very intense for a LCD color display and a high viewing angle stability. The colors are also not distort if you look from the side on the display. Continue reading →

Test: Speaker Burmester B-10

The Nobel manufacturer Burmester is reputed to produce mainly large and heavy components. But now comes the compact box B 10 in the program, which doesn’t cost the Earth with 3400 euro per pair. And the Berliner sounds really good.

Slumber long time in labs and some ideas see the light of day only when they are discovered by chance. Something like the story must have unfolded Dieter Burmester, the founder and Chief of the Berlin Nobel factory, the new B-10.

For his private recording studio guitarist Burmester of its technicians had can make a surveillance monitor , which was allowed to take up little space and had to meet his strict ears. He could have also an external box, but it’s not the style of the House. The first nameless prototype was there probably for a long time without larger consequences, although are all involved agreed that the pattern boxes developed not yet to an end already strikingly confidently went to the thing. Continue reading →

HTC One X in the First Test

The one X is at the forefront of the HTC product offensive and therefore the manufacturer puts into everything, what just technically feasible. The first test of connect shows whether this is sufficient to settle much of the competition.

It begins with the display. The pleasing light and angle-stable 4.7-inch LCD offers the extreme resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, also the quad core processor 1.5 gigahertz is a highlight. HTC uses on the new generation of processors Tegra 3 NVIDIA – and that has lots of power, is felt in the operation of one X. The Android-4 system responds (with sense interface) nimble and skims to finger gestures, apps start almost instantly. You also have to say, that is the differences between dual core Smartphones such as the Galaxy nexus keep in the everyday use within narrow limits, or hardly any are 32 gigabytes of memory has built-in the X (30 gigabytes are available), which cannot be extended. That should do most users – if you look closely, you can outsource its data on the Internet. Free 25 GB online storage service dropbox for two years each owner of a one X HTC makes available. The dropbox option is by the way an integral part of the new HTC interface sense 4.0, therefore the buyer will benefit one one S and one V of them. Continue reading →

The New L-Series from LG in the First Test

You want to enter in the Smartphone world, take advantage of a large touch screen with a small budget? Then, LG might have the right model. Because in addition to high-tech models with LTE, quad core processor, or 3D, LG at the Mobile World Congress shows three Smartphones that are cheap in the best sense.

L-series called LG new series and even the smallest model, the L3, which is to be sold in March for around 130 euros, is not cheap. Metal and an embossed battery cover give the Smartphone not noble, but a quite significant appearance. The battery cover, for example, sit tight and secure, and revealed when one replaces him as really stable. Overall do expect too much for 130 euro. The display is rather small with 3.2 inch diagonal, the resolution (240 x 320 pixels) is nowadays something coarse. An 800-megahertz processor makes run Android gingerbread. According to the Smartphone some carriers respond to input and the surface together with the input fields is somewhat fragmented. In the first test we got along but that, only that the lighting of the sensor buttons for controlling the Android is quickly switched off, at least until you then really intus has its position bothers. Who has only a very narrow budget available and explicitly seeks a compact smartphone, can be quite happy with the L3. Continue reading →

Panasonic Eluga Power in the First Test

Panasonic not long burning and immediately enters the second round: the Panasonic Eluga power is the second of the Japanese Smartphone and comes with a huge 5-inch HD display in slim case. the XL Smartphone connect has undergone a first test.

The key word is power: Unlike the smaller in all respects Panasonic Eluga has not only a larger display and a faster processor, but also a larger battery Eluga power, but at the same time retains the slim Form factor. With of a battery capacity of 1800 mAh Panasonic expects long periods and therefore long-lasting mobile surfing and video fun. The conditions are for anyway, well chosen: according to Panasonic, the power collector needs only 30 minutes to reach 50 percent of its charging capacity. Resolution is also plenty of room for Web pages, documents, and videos on the 5-inch LC display with 1280 x 720 pixels. The display has a good contrast, is angle-stable and liquid plays videos – at least as far as we could evaluate it on the stand in Barcelona. Continue reading →

Test: Compact Speaker KEF R 100

In the small R, 100 Kef (800 Euro per pair) is the Nobel coax out of the Super box blade. The compact sounds so easy tip – deliciously alive and space exactly.

When the blade presented mid of last year KEF, the media interest was huge. The 25000-euros flagship (test in stereoplay 1/12) has been consistently trimmed on sound accuracy and sets standards for neutrality, ESS and joy of playing.

What many people don’t know: the heart of the blade, a coaxial system responsible for MIDs and highs (Kef always called uni-Q), is – slightly slimmed down – also in the R-series. There is even in the top model R 900 (test 11/11) not 4000 euro. The small R 100, which applies this test is traded at all to hit suspicious 800 euro. Continue reading →

Test: T + A Music Receiver

The music receiver (2690 euro) from the T + A E-series is a real all-rounder with high resolution appeal. He has servers, CD player, Internet radio, D/A converter, preamp and an FM tuner under the hood.

  1. Test: T + A music receiver
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The feat had the Hi-Fi world sit up: 2007, when network player still largely in the computer environment bustled, the developer of the Westphalian manufacture T + A enriched the final scene to a music player whose outstanding skills included the data streaming. Continue reading →

Huawei Ascend P1S in First Test

The slimming craze has no end: Huawei claims to have the “thinnest Smartphone in the world” in the portfolio – you must but also once beaten 6.68 millimeters. The first short test shows whether the Ascend P1S except his good character who also is there anything else on it.

The Huawei Ascend P1S already attracted early attention with its ultra thin design at CES in Las Vegas; last week at MWC in Barcelona we have us more closely looked at the “thinnest Smartphone in the world”.

And Yes, it is actually extremely thin. Whether it is 6.68 mm now, Huawei claims that we must measure with the series model with the caliper. But the fact is that it can keep this slim line in the best case only at the thinnest point. In the lower and upper range, the housing due to the installed technology bulge more then a few millimeters. Continue reading →

Nokia N9 in the Test

Thanks to awesome ease of use and full facilities, you can convince the N9. The weak stamina amazing but the result properly.

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The Nokia N9 is reminiscent of an old friend. No wonder, after all the same the first Smartphone with Meego, the common operating system of Intel and Nokia, and Windows-phone model Lumia 800 except for a few details. The hardly conspicuous external differences can be reduced to a different arrangement of dual photo light at the rear, the lack of touch keys and the front-facing camera in the lower section of the N9. This similarity you? certainly sharpened with a reason that? r be that Nokia will distribute the N9 not currently in Germany. The model is also available on our site. Continue reading →

Test: Triangle Magellan Cello 2

Triangle much differently than most boxes manufacturers, obviously but much really: the new Magellan sounds wonderful of course directly cello 2 (9000 euros per pair).

  1. Test: Triangle Magellan cello 2
  2. Data sheet

One can assume confidently the officer of triangle, that they themselves, with regard to enjoyment, know very well. Already, the founder of Renaud de Vergnette is a music connoisseur and designated gourmet. Also the new owner of Olivier de Hanover loves music above all and cultivated several wineries in France – in order to be able to afford this beautiful hobby -. His right hand, the very relaxed CEO Marc Le Bihan, Mr speaker, and wine is at the same time – there are unquestionably worse jobs… Continue reading →

Samsung Omnia W in the Test

Samsung provides the hardware, Microsoft operating system. Sounds promising? Is it also! The test of connect shows: the Samsung Omnia is an excellent network and information artists.

Fact is, that we moderns us constantly roam on various networks and lose track of it more and more: the private address book on your mobile phone, the friends list from Facebook, followers on Twitter and business contacts through Outlook or viewing. Our social contacts are scattered on various platforms and networks on the Internet. Would it centrally accessible to make easier and more enjoyable, contact information on your Smartphone? It would be clear! Continue reading →

Huawei Honor in the Practice Test

If anyone believes that China only cheap goods comes from us, the Huawei honor should look at. For around 300 euros, the Android 4 Smartphone offers excellent facilities.

Visually the honor in the army of touchscreen phones joins: the front is black, slightly rounded at the corners, lights in the middle of a 4-inch touchscreen of 480 x 854 pixels. Through the slightly curved and serrated back the weighing 135 grams is tired of and secure in the hand. In addition to the black, there is also a White Variant. Continue reading →

Porsche Design P9981 in the Test

If this company a product takes, it is noble. But can convince the new smartphone by Porsche design and in use? The test of connect is the answer.

  1. Porsche Design P9981 in the test
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The Porsche 911 is one of, if not the style icon amongst the sports car. It was obvious that Professor Ferdinand Porsche anno 1972 created an offshoot of the Streaker forge with Porsche design, which provides the discerning clientele with sunglasses, travel accessories, watches, pens and more – where the focus is obviously on an exclusive design and high-quality materials. It had developed at an early stage at the time even a cell phone in the program, with Sagem. Also the new smartphone is too complex a number to be ripped by an ancillary undertaking alone, RIM to the page was developed. The son with his full name is logical Porsche Design P’9981 smartphone from BlackBerry. Continue reading →

Garmin Europe App for the iPhone

Grace or curse the birth of late? The Garmin Europe app for the iPhone is to the family feud with NAVIGON. We have tested the mobile navigation.

  1. Garmin Europe app for the iPhone
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  3. Rating

For several years, the Americans are world leader in navigation. In the outdoor and sports area is virtually unrivalled, and since you, swallowed the German rival NAVIGON about a year ago also in this country well on course. So everything in butter?

Not quite: With Smartphones, it never really ran, the own nüvifone was a flop a few years ago, and Garmin has leave to others the lucrative market of navigation software for mobile phones and Smartphones. Continue reading →

Tube Amplifier: Ayon Triton II

In the Triton II, Ayon drove inconceivable expenses: up to an extra transformer for the tube filaments. stereoplay checks whether the also has paid off.

  1. Tube amplifier: Ayon Triton II
  2. Data sheet

Something happens! In issue 5/06 an Ayon tube as an insider tip from an Austrian niche had touted stereoplay. Now we enter ayonaudio in the search engine and need to see that there are 42 countries Ayon distributors. The company produces more and more at home – their Hong Kong-related work bench basically only cares about harnesses and casing panels. But her ambition knows no bounds. Continue reading →

Cambridge Sonata NP30 in the Test

Cambridge Sonata NP30 is a lively sounding network player. He still has a small weakness, as shown in the test.

That the English have a penchant for miniaturization, has remained at the latest since the introduction of the venerable Austin not hidden us Mini Cooper. Network players, the contraction seems them even easier to fall than on a car: NP30 an adult player’s In Cambridge. The look inside reveals simple understatement. Immediately, the streaming originating from Reciva striking module which Royal sits in its base and waiting for musical fare. Its output signals by nature something jitter loaded pulses Cambridge carefully to and then left the DAC by Wolfson right next door. Continue reading →

Pioneer N-50 in the Test

The pioneer N-50 is a solidly crafted network player that offers much comfort. Nevertheless, there is a shortcoming.

Pioneer seems forever to build the N-50. This first impression holds 7.3 kg live weight in the hands and appreciative note taking texture and processing this network player.

True to the motto “pads rather than make a mess” pioneer built a 192 kHz/32-bit D/A converter in the N50, which holds his talents not only for the music from the network, but has two digital inputs is sources other than external DAC available. For the direct connection of a PC/Mac offers ideally the N50 an asynchronous USB input – this jitter-free pleasure to work even up to word length of 192/32. Continue reading →

Onkyo TX NR 1009 AV Receiver in the Test

At the Onkyo TX NR 1009 (1500 euros) there are all conceivable decoder-intelligence – and also the urdynamische power, they can be enforced with the.

The candy easy to be overlooked for AV possessed: DTS Neo: X brings no. 1009 of the Onkyo TX an absolute novelty! What do you mean: who in addition wants to on other pages – and treble speakers to the classic stereo front speakers, must prepare the appropriate signal feed not only with Audyssey – and Dolby algorithms. The Onkyo offers another game alternative of U.S. competitor DTS for the front view. Continue reading →

Denon AVR 3312 AV Receiver in the Test

The Denon AVR 3312 (1100 euro) is an outstanding fine spirit, who like not only the HiFi-friend, but at the same time also surround and iPad foxes.

  1. Denon AVR 3312 AV receiver in the test
  2. Data sheet

In all Pre-sympathy – Denons AVR 3312 for 1100 euro illustrates the tragedy of modern Multicultural in particular: you should have everything, can do anything and be still very easy to use.

So Denon saved otherwise not only the aluminum for the front and the striking cover than more expensive 300 Euro predecessor AVR 3311 , but even the Gros of originally including-based Fitzeltipper. There were four Quick Select Buttons, another is marked with a globe icon, plus three channel presets. Continue reading →

HTC Explorer in the Test

The Explorer provides a user interface that is easy to use and compact dimensions. As our test shows, the small display considerably reduces the fun.

  1. HTC Explorer in the test
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  3. Rating

The Taiwanese manufacturer HTC offers a broad portfolio of smartphones. In the boarding area the HTC Explorer that took well to the test, Frolics is now next to the wildfire S also. Continue reading →

The Fun Box: Pro-Ject Stream Box DS

Visually the stream box DS (735 euros) is quite simple. Phonetically but she boasts contagious joy of playing.

Is the analog bastion of Pro-Ject a network player on the market? On closer inspection, this is not so surprising as it first seems. Finally, Heinz Lichtenegger in recent years has left a considerable fleet of electronics from the stack with the Box series. There were CD players like the CD box SE the stereoplay in issue 10/10 was a highlight. Not least because its drive from the renowned Viennese specialist StreamUnlimited came. Continue reading →

LG Optimus Hub in the Test

The Optimus hub is an easy to use all-rounder at a fair price. As our test shows, allows the UMTS reception however to be desired.

  1. LG Optimus hub in the test
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

LG continuously expands its Android model range with the name of Optimus and offers an exciting budget phone to stroke in the lower price segment with the Optimus.

Bright display, cool features

The simple appearance of the Optimus hub for 199 euros is pure understatement, because the LG has a lot to offer. About the 3.5-inch touch screen. He is sharp and with up to 625 cd/m2 also super bright content. The resolution is ordinary 320 x 480 pixels, so, even large Web sites can be overcome with relatively little Scrollarbeit. Continue reading →

Test: Network Amplifier Audionet DNA

The network-enabled integrated amplifier DNA (9600 euros) from Audionet has good genes: with him, promising company name now becomes the program.

After now 18 years come true at last, what the visionary name Audionet expresses since foundation of the Bochum-based high end manufacture: the bridge between high-quality music playback and network-based, almost unlimited variety of programs with instant access. The latest, 9600 Euro Audionet creation, which in stereoplay celebrates her world-exclusive debut of the House very pragmatic means “Digital Network Amplifier”, short DNA- makes this possible. Continue reading →