Porsche Design P9981 in the Test

If this company a product takes, it is noble. But can convince the new smartphone by Porsche design and in use? The test of connect is the answer.

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The Porsche 911 is one of, if not the style icon amongst the sports car. It was obvious that Professor Ferdinand Porsche anno 1972 created an offshoot of the Streaker forge with Porsche design, which provides the discerning clientele with sunglasses, travel accessories, watches, pens and more – where the focus is obviously on an exclusive design and high-quality materials. It had developed at an early stage at the time even a cell phone in the program, with Sagem. Also the new smartphone is too complex a number to be ripped by an ancillary undertaking alone, RIM to the page was developed. The son with his full name is logical Porsche Design P’9981 smartphone from BlackBerry.

Proven business base

As a basis, the designers put on the BlackBerry bold 9900, which fully convinced also the editors of connect, evidenced in the leaderboard since then with ‘very good’ 425 points 2nd place among the Smartphones with a real QWERTY keyboard. In terms of processing puts just this BlackBerry standards for mobile phones, on this side of Vertu and TAG Heuer need fear no comparison – acclaimed iPhone 4S is possibly a touch better processed. Porsche design has chosen so a very sophisticated basis as the basis for the P’9981.

In the slightly wider format and flat construction, that is close to the original. But at the front, Porsche Design mobile phone relies on Matt champagne trimming metal look in combination with black lacquered glass. That seems noble, what still is underlined by the deeply sunken Porsche Design logo above the display.

The three-dimensional shape of the bold 9900 keys is available only stylized p ‘ 9981, the well lit only in dark environment label is executed in daylight very shows poor contrast. As a result, that the tap on the appliance of Porsche design is more tiring than on the in this regard exemplary big bold. Here is the functionality a little at the expense of the absolutely elegant-looking, modern designs. If you need further proof of the high standard of Porsche design, should look at station the elegant docking in the scope of delivery. They used to charge, but also to the synchronization of media and Outlook data. In addition, applications as well as features such as Wi-Fi specifically when inserted in the docking station can be started.

Also included are four charger with mains plugs for different countries. So the business user on the trip can take just the right PSU to London. Porsche Design definitely lives up to its claim as a luxury provider.

Facilities and handling

But luxury isn’t just the basics must be a matter of processing and supplied tools, first and foremost. And they do that here: that starts with the brilliant display, offers the 640 x 480 pixels excellent for the size – on the user interface designed by Porsche design is specially well. The standalone icons associated with the underlying function of die-hard BlackBerry users quickly. Thanks to powerful Snapdragon processor responds to the touch screen very fast gestures. In contrast to the common and particularly intuitive operating systems need also the BlackBerry-7 OS of the P’9981 settling-in period, but boasts many shortcuts for a highly effective operation.

Also in the software facilities, RIM and Porsche design ensures an at first coherent package. In addition to the above-average anyway business capabilities are apps for Twitter and Facebook ready, to the BlackBerry Messenger that were very popular in many countries, but also the alternatives of Windows Live and Google. The BlackBerry Messenger services ‘ 9981 P benefit that Porsche Design phones have their own Blackberry PIN numbers, the exclusive circle at request can remain so also among themselves.

To the exciting programs is the pre-installed Wikitude augmented reality browser, – on camera, compass, and GPS controlled – reveal information about particular objects of the environment. The BlackBerry travel app can be useful for frequent travelers that helps in flight and hotel booking and travel data updated.

To store 6 gigabytes available are, in addition, Porsche Design attaches a generous 16-gigabyte card for the micro-SD slot. Thus, the P’9981 has a solid foundation for a comprehensive music collection. Or for images that absorbs the 5-megapixel camera in superior quality.

The P’9981 also through the built-in NFC chip, which is soon offered a alternative of number of credit card as indicates about the certification by Visa is well prepared for the near future.

Endurance, acoustics and radio

In the laboratory the P’9981 should results naturally similar like the bold 9900. But endurance measurements showed significant and reproducible differences – especially in the quiescent current regardless of in which network the Porsche Design smartphone was involved. This resulted in point deduction in this critical discipline. less than four hours ‘ 9981 in the mix of uses but also with the P work through, phone calls to the D – and E-net may take between seven and eight and a half hours, UMTS there are three hours. Acoustic and radio properties are located on the high level that you would expect from a luxury device.

And a luxury Smartphone is the Porsche Design P’9981 1475 euros. It must not necessarily are, it can satisfy but immensely.


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