Panasonic Eluga Power in the First Test

Panasonic not long burning and immediately enters the second round: the Panasonic Eluga power is the second of the Japanese Smartphone and comes with a huge 5-inch HD display in slim case. the XL Smartphone connect has undergone a first test.

The key word is power: Unlike the smaller in all respects Panasonic Eluga has not only a larger display and a faster processor, but also a larger battery Eluga power, but at the same time retains the slim Form factor. With of a battery capacity of 1800 mAh Panasonic expects long periods and therefore long-lasting mobile surfing and video fun. The conditions are for anyway, well chosen: according to Panasonic, the power collector needs only 30 minutes to reach 50 percent of its charging capacity. Resolution is also plenty of room for Web pages, documents, and videos on the 5-inch LC display with 1280 x 720 pixels. The display has a good contrast, is angle-stable and liquid plays videos – at least as far as we could evaluate it on the stand in Barcelona. Everything is slimmer form factor Despite the large screen, Panasonic has succeeded in keeping the XL Smartphone slim. The display goes up and down as far as possible to the edges; the front consists almost only of the Screen. Of the slim form factor was very important to the Japanese, also is in the power – unlike at the smaller Eluga – a LC – and no AMOLED display. According to Panasonic, the narrow walkway at a could not realize AMOLED screen. With external dimensions of 136 x 70 mm Eluga power is Zoller for a 5 nice handy. At the same time it is not 10 mm flat and less than 130 grammes on the scale. In short: The Eluga power is pretty handy despite its size and easy to operate with one hand.

His back is slightly rubberized, rounded the housing on the sides. The shell is very mature but still not, it creaks here and there, also the upper and lower housing components still do not flush with the remaining housing. At least the latter should be no problem with the series model but. Inside, a 1.5 GHz pulses faster dual-core processor. He provides a brisk pace while surfing, scrolling and zooming. Already, the pre-production model has a good impression in this regard and all input from reliably detected the touch screen, and quickly implemented. The internal memory is quite small with 8 gigabytes, but unlike in the first Eluga is to extend through a memory card slot. And even if it’s not seem at first glance: the Eluga power is thanks to IP57 certificate exactly like the smaller Eluga against dust and water. Android 4 in its purest form Google’s mobile operating system is installed in the latest version 4.0 alias ice cream sandwich, and in its purest form. Panasonic has not ported yet its own user interface, which is installed at the smaller Eluga to Android 4. The advantage: Eluga power is can quickly upgrade to new version of Android. The downside: It differs via the integrated NFC chip sample just about the hardware of the growing Android Masse. To the close-range sensor is a clear trend at this year’s MWC and opens up new possibilities for users – not only cashless payments. So with supply Panasonic of expected one or two NFC tags that the user directly to the Smartphone itself can be programmed. About to automatically to open a Web page, to change the background, or to launch an app.


Panasonic Eluga power is fun in the first test, his large 5-inch screen at the same time its slim form factor makes the difference at about the 5-incher LG vu featured the MWC also. Technical superlative but also at the second Panasonic Smartphone remain apart from the chic 5-inch screen. HSPA, dual core, and 8 Megapixels are now standard in this class. Eluga power stands out anyway, with its form factor, even if 5-inch devices while increasing but not (yet) in mass. If you want much screen as small as possible outside dimensions will be fallen on the new Panasonic Eluga power. The device will be available when and at what price, is still open.


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