HTC One X in the First Test

The one X is at the forefront of the HTC product offensive and therefore the manufacturer puts into everything, what just technically feasible. The first test of connect shows whether this is sufficient to settle much of the competition.

It begins with the display. The pleasing light and angle-stable 4.7-inch LCD offers the extreme resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, also the quad core processor 1.5 gigahertz is a highlight. HTC uses on the new generation of processors Tegra 3 NVIDIA – and that has lots of power, is felt in the operation of one X. The Android-4 system responds (with sense interface) nimble and skims to finger gestures, apps start almost instantly. You also have to say, that is the differences between dual core Smartphones such as the Galaxy nexus keep in the everyday use within narrow limits, or hardly any are 32 gigabytes of memory has built-in the X (30 gigabytes are available), which cannot be extended. That should do most users – if you look closely, you can outsource its data on the Internet. Free 25 GB online storage service dropbox for two years each owner of a one X HTC makes available. The dropbox option is by the way an integral part of the new HTC interface sense 4.0, therefore the buyer will benefit one one S and one V of them.

The sound optimization beats by Dr. Dre is the one series first complete for all types of audio available, not just while listening to music, but also when watching YouTube videos or playing. HTC but especially the camera software has revised sense 4.0. There is now an own suite for image processing on your Smartphone and in the camera preview can be found the icons for photos and video recordings direct side by side, so that you need not more cumbersome switch back and forth between two modes. It is even possible to take pictures in a video recording. For this you must touch only the shutter button during the recording of HD video – already a photo is shot, while the video recording will continue unchanged. The optimisation of the camera does not end but with these software enhancements, HTC has replaced the hardware. The f/2.0 lens at the HTC one X (and HTC one S) is “the best in its class” according to the manufacturer. She should let 44 percent more light than the f/2.4 lens, one used most other high-end smartphones. HTC has also the tripping time significantly reduced: it only takes 0.7 seconds, until the device in a recording is ready and the auto focus just required 0,2 seconds, almost unlimited shoot series of images by simply leave your finger on the Release button. The Smartphone stores actually very quickly ready so on request, the camera was our first test up to 20 images in two Seconds. In. The full test will show whether the quality of the images is as good as promised by HTC.

The battery with 1800 mAh has a larger capacity than the sister model of one S (1650 mAh) – and yet the X 126 grams is barely heavier. This is due to the solid unibody polycarbonate, which is offered at the 599-euro HTC’s flagship in the trend colour white. It can be opened anywhere, only on the side of the head you will find a narrow slot for the microSIM card.

The smooth and almost seamless shell leaves a similarly convincing impression as in the Nokia Lumia 800. However, the one X 139 x 69 mm nexus is significantly more powerful than the Galaxy Android top model and is therefore primarily the phone no longer particularly good in the hand. Compact smartphones will be like Lumia 800 or iPhone 4 in conversation much more convenient.

Bottom line: XXL in every way The one X can be hardly air according to above. HTC delivers a compelling package of technology and finished it with a sleek case. To get outstanding camera functions and an improved user interface with lots of extras. Only the enormous size of the new flagship will deter some potential buyers.

HTC one X fact sheet Price: 599 euro, from Apricot: 134 x 69 x 9 mm; 126 grams: Quad-core processor; NFC; Camera with many recording features; high-quality 4.7 inch HD720 LCD-display with sturdy, rounded, laminated Gorilla glass cover; 30 gigabytes of memory; HD voice and noise-CancellationContra: tightly integrated battery; without MicroSD card slot; unwieldy on the phone.


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