Review: Monitor Audio GX 300

Earlier, the monitor audio models with golden dome shone. The GX 300 (from 3880 euro per pair), flagship of the gold line, convinced in almost all areas.

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If Mo Ibrahim is the current boom probably would have dreamt? The charismatic boxing farmer and founder of monitor audio picked up the brand before 40 years and enjoyed great success in Germany. He allowed himself even a long legal dispute with B & W to the utterly bizarre question who should use now golden metal dome as a trade mark… Iqbal did not lose the fight, but 1997 still threw the towel; He sold the company, because he the future of monitor audio looked too dark. Continue reading →

PlayStation Vita in the Test

Sony’s portable Dumper machine PlayStation Vita stands together with the first games in the shops. Can she meet the high expectations? And what are the games? Our test gives you the answers.

The official release date for the PlayStation Vita, fans had February 22, 2012, already long red marks in the calendar. Now it’s time, the object of desire is in hand. A good feeling: Weight and dimensions are well matched. Known by its predecessor, PlayStation Portable, like the control crosses and the PlayStation buttons, as well as the two buttons controls top right and left, are reflected also on the Vita. Otherwise, everything is new: the central element is the 5-inch capacitive OLED multi-touch screen. Left and right two thumbsticks, which especially shooter and 3rd-person adventures more precise control can sit. Continue reading →

Compact Box PSB Imagine Mini

Great listening fun despite scarce mass is the motto of the imagine mini (800 Euro per pair) by PSB. The pretty box sounds really emotional.

While digital cameras long ago fit into your shirt pocket, hi-fi speakers have become hardly less in the last 20 years. Although lots offered in the mass market by Microanlagen, but it worth should be not fooled. Boxes, small as espresso cups, now times not really adult sound.

Recovery beckons when electronic filters and Subwoofers come into play. But many advertising claims for stressed small products paint a too positive picture. Too often clanks and blares it from tiny Tönerchen, mostly already the dominant frequency range sounds soft, hollow, and virtual. Embezzled bass even not rarely complete the tiny. Continue reading →

German Physiks PQS 100 Plus

German Physiks PQS 100 plus (9000 euros) processed the full tonal range – an ultramodern bending wave transducer and sounds wonderfully easy and loose.

The converter, which produces German Physiks in the Hessian main Valley in meticulous hand work, are clearly something special. Vibration behavior of conical-shaped membranes varies with the pitch, what enables the systems to a gigantic range. Continue reading →

Review: Harbeth P 3 Esr Se

The P dominates high levels, nor too deep bass 3 ESR of Harbeth (1750 euro per pair). And yet the dwarf sounds quite excellent.

Who are two P 3 POR SE of Harbeth is in the living room, should form and color maintain a conservative taste. The pleasant small compact boxes are strictly rectangular cut and basically wood veneer. Paint colors are this type not in the offer.

A penchant for understatement is liked to say to urbritischen manufacturers, and if proof was required for this – here you go, here he is. The mechanical construction looks as if he came from a bygone era. Baffle and back are screwed with the unusually thin-walled body of squared timber; all sound reasons, as the manufacturer stressed. Continue reading →

Toshiba Portege Z830-10 K in the Test

With Microsoft Windows Professional, high-speed UMTS and Gigabit LAN adapter, the Ultrabook Portege Z830 aimed-10 K to professional users.

Already seen when opening the intricacies of sophisticated processing: A hand is enough to lift the anti-glare, 13.3-inch HD display, while the body in the magnesium housing is quietly stays on the surface.

Although the key travel through the flat construction is low, the keyboard is easy to operate. Our test device was however deficient: SPACEBAR not addressed repeatedly, so quite a few words lined in the flow of writing up. The backlit keyboard is permanently on and turn off or alternatively for inactivity per timer disable up to the next button. Continue reading →