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Test: Triangle Magellan Cello 2

Triangle much differently than most boxes manufacturers, obviously but much really: the new Magellan sounds wonderful of course directly cello 2 (9000 euros per pair). Test: Triangle Magellan cello 2 Data sheet One can assume confidently the officer of triangle, that they themselves, with regard to enjoyment, know very well. Already, the founder of Renaud […]


Samsung Omnia W in the Test

Samsung provides the hardware, Microsoft operating system. Sounds promising? Is it also! The test of connect shows: the Samsung Omnia is an excellent network and information artists. Fact is, that we moderns us constantly roam on various networks and lose track of it more and more: the private address book on your mobile phone, the […]

Electrical & Electronic Products

Huawei Honor in the Practice Test

If anyone believes that China only cheap goods comes from us, the Huawei honor should look at. For around 300 euros, the Android 4 Smartphone offers excellent facilities. Visually the honor in the army of touchscreen phones joins: the front is black, slightly rounded at the corners, lights in the middle of a 4-inch touchscreen […]


Porsche Design P9981 in the Test

If this company a product takes, it is noble. But can convince the new smartphone by Porsche design and in use? The test of connect is the answer. Porsche Design P9981 in the test Data sheet Rating The Porsche 911 is one of, if not the style icon amongst the sports car. It was obvious […]


Garmin Europe App for the iPhone

Grace or curse the birth of late? The Garmin Europe app for the iPhone is to the family feud with NAVIGON. We have tested the mobile navigation. Garmin Europe app for the iPhone Data sheet Rating For several years, the Americans are world leader in navigation. In the outdoor and sports area is virtually unrivalled, […]

Electrical & Electronic Products

Tube Amplifier: Ayon Triton II

In the Triton II, Ayon drove inconceivable expenses: up to an extra transformer for the tube filaments. stereoplay checks whether the also has paid off. Tube amplifier: Ayon Triton II Data sheet Something happens! In issue 5/06 an Ayon tube as an insider tip from an Austrian niche had touted stereoplay. Now we enter ayonaudio […]

Electrical & Electronic Products

Cambridge Sonata NP30 in the Test

Cambridge Sonata NP30 is a lively sounding network player. He still has a small weakness, as shown in the test. That the English have a penchant for miniaturization, has remained at the latest since the introduction of the venerable Austin not hidden us Mini Cooper. Network players, the contraction seems them even easier to fall […]

Electrical & Electronic Products

Pioneer N-50 in the Test

The pioneer N-50 is a solidly crafted network player that offers much comfort. Nevertheless, there is a shortcoming. Pioneer seems forever to build the N-50. This first impression holds 7.3 kg live weight in the hands and appreciative note taking texture and processing this network player. True to the motto “pads rather than make a […]