A Rival NAV-PNS 50 in Test

Mid-range of Navis: cheaper, but as well? A rival with the NAV-PNS 50 again attacking the established competition. We have tested the new Navi.

  1. A rival NAV-PNS 50 in test
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Continues dying brands at the plug and play-Navis – once about 20 straight times little more than a half dozen are left. Beneficiaries of this saturation are the consumers, who can expect low prices and high quality. Continue reading →

Portege Z830-10E in the Practice Test

The notebook from Toshiba with extensive security features is suitable especially for use in corporate networks.

Toshiba Portege Z830-10E: First impression

The Portege Z830-10E provides an Intel Core i5-2557 M chip for computing power, which is clocked at 1.7 gigahertz for the Turbo-Boost mode maximum 2.7 gigahertz are specified.

The notebook comes from the same model family as the Z830-10 K and has the same components used in many respects: the anti-glare, 13.3-inch display in the steel-grey metallic colored magnesium case, illuminated and splash water protected keyboard and 4 GB memory, which can be also extended to 6 GB. On the full 128 gigabytes solid state-disc, Windows 7 is installed in the Professional Edition in the Z830-E. Continue reading →

Sony Xperia S in the Test

Sony without Ericsson: the first model after the end of the joint venture is S called Xperia, optical accents and promises “everything in HD”. We have tested the Smartphone.

The transparent bar ye shall know them: Sony has fur its new Xperia generation developed a very special design. Thus the Xperia S stands along with his little brothers and sisters wonderfully from the touch screen competition. Most striking is the transparent Strip which marks the separation between housing and part of the antenna. Also the striking, protected by mineral glass front and the slightly curved, matte black back have a high recognition value. Continue reading →

The New iPad in the Test

It heated the minds, it splits the stock: the new iPad is indeed not perfect, but definitely the best Tablet – the test connect which shows.

Neutral and rational can be Yes nearly no longer. “Fanboy” (or girl) or “Hater”, in between, there are hardly any more air. Because when it comes to Apple, apparently other laws apply. Apple, may not be what others.

Including the new iPad with LTE equipped, that will spark but only in the American networks. Riot? Scandal? Boycott? No more than fodder for the hater. Apple has more than three million iPads, the third generation a record sold in just three days -. The Tabletmarkt is an iPad market. That the LTE interface in Germany and Europe is not usable, is annoying, but not a K.O. criterion. This fact also shows that the American market when Apple obviously one has priority. Continue reading →

Prada Phone by LG 3.0 in the Test

The Prada phone by LG 3.0 wants is for technically how visually demanding customers recommend – with success, as our test shows.

The cooperation between the Korean LG Electronics expert and the exclusive fashion label Prada to fruition since its inception in 2006 now already for the third time. After a touchscreen and a keyboard phone there is also the first Smartphone LG 3.0 for 699 euros now with the Prada phone by. No wonder that we have immediately asked the designer piece for laboratory testing. Continue reading →

BlackBerry Bold 9790 in the Test

Since the predecessor 9780 a lot has happened at RIM. Can the BlackBerry bold implement 9790 progress in points? Our test is the answer.

Where the BlackBerry bold classifies 9790 in RIM’s product portfolio, experienced finger have explored very quickly. The housing is stable and on the front of the display in shiny, held at the keyboard in Matt plastic. Side, the whole is bordered by a chrome-plated frame, which widens above and on the back. The latter consists mainly of the battery cover, which is very pleasant with her thin silky-looking surface. But the significantly more expensive is that high-quality, and in this relationship highly acclaimed bold 9900 rises from the without contract to the 380 euro expensive 9790 bold yet, once significantly off. Continue reading →

BlackBerry Curve 9380 in the Test

The curve 9380 presents itself as a cheap alternative to the pure touchscreen device torch 9860. We have tested the Smartphone.

  1. BlackBerry Curve 9380 in the test
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

Who wanted to have a pure touchscreen Smartphone without sacrificing the efficient and safe infrastructure offered by RIM, has resorted to the torch 9860, the fully in the test could convince. With the curve 9380 Canadians bring out now an over 100 euros cheaper model is also equipped as the 9790 bold and the curve 9360 with built-in NFC for the next payment and identification services. Continue reading →

Motorola Xoom 2 Test

Slim, handy, good display: the Motorola Xoom is 2 the best Android Tablet and a real alternative for all iPad holdouts.

Of course, it must be not getting an iPad. iTunes and app-store compulsion, abstinence from Flash and vehement refraining from memory are comprehensible reasons against the Tablet pioneer from Cupertino. Who wants to drag movies, music, and documents easily with drag and drop on his mobile computer, install applications from various sources, look at every Web page, and use micro-SD cards, the moves with an Android Tablet on the right rail. Continue reading →

Motorola Pro + in the Test

The test of connect shows: the Pro + is one with his blazing business package and the good handling of the currently best keyboard smartphones.

Motorola is known for its smartphones with typewriter keyboard – we remind ourselves of the milestone. The most recent Tip professional of the Americans at the start is now the Pro + for 349 euros without a contract. Continue reading →

Simple Audio Roomplayer in the Test

Simple audio has an ambitious goal: simple, intuitive network player, fantastic sound – and which still remain affordable for all music lovers: Roomplayer 2, Roomplayer 1 in the test.

Network players can be appealing for music lovers for very different reasons. On the one hand, advance ripping decoupled from the operation of the CDs, the loss by definition – and error-free transport in the player and the Elimination of crucial sources of interference create (drive around) ideal conditions for an extremely high-quality playback of digital music. Continue reading →

Canton DM 90.2 in the Test

Canton has revised its large sound bar DM 90.2. Applications and sound grew enormously, the price (1350 euro) remained the same.

The great popularity of sound bars for housewives is self explanatory: enough to disappear under the TV one instead of six (or more) speakers – and small. Canton also served this genre, has left him but the dignity. Here in vain looking for plastic, and the DM 90.2 isn’t really small also. The body corresponds to a classic well processed and very stable) Canton loudspeaker cabinets; the live weight is 17.5 Kilo. Und such a case it is essentially yes also. Six chassis are fitted on the front page here: four subwoofers take the subwoofer part, the two coax driver (outside) the mid-Highrange. The whole is so skilfully controlled by an intelligent electronic system, that you can create the illusion of large multichannel spatial with the narrowly defined 2.1 stereo system. Continue reading →

Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus N in the Practice Test

Who says that a Tablet must be large? Samsung Galaxy tab 7.0 plus N sends a handy alternative in the race. We took the new Tablet scrutinized.

Something for everyone here. According to the motto has Samsung in addition to 10-inch of also tablets in the 7-inch format in the offer. The most recent copy is the UMTS model Galaxy tab 7.0 plus N is considered hard-line 569 euros without a contract. On the Web, there is the perfectly processed, available in white or grey data flounder but already for 400 euros, such as Amazon. Continue reading →

Rega FP6 in the Test

Rega sends the legendary P5 in the happy hunting grounds and presents a successor to nearly the same price with FP6. Technically sophisticated in many places, it may achieve sound fields which were previously denied its price class players.

Even if it does appear in this report – turntable must be not necessarily red. Was just a coincidence that the Rega FP6 achieved precisely in the same color as the Pro-Ject.

On closer inspection, it then also soon becomes clear that the Rega comes from a different price range. The 400 euro, which the Pro-Ject costs inclusive of excellent Ortofon system, would be due at the Rega alone for the in-house pickup exact. Continue reading →

LG Optimus LTE in the First Test

With the Optimus LTE, LG now also enters the LTE stage after HTC in this country. The first test for optimism.

Also in terms of LTE are powerful LG gas, as the Optimus LTE shows. According to its own figures, LG has sold already a million-piece of 4G-Smartphones in the United States, Canada and Korea. Now, it is promptly in Germany before the sales start and to provide a high data transfer in the surf – and streamfreudigen users thanks to LTE transmitter and receiver. While the housing of the Optimus LTE rather cautious, a sly old dog has the Android 2.3 model in terms of technology behind the display cover. There is namely a true-HD IPS display with a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels. As usual, with LG displays, the display of the Optimus LTE offers an above-average high brightness, what you could already see in the pre-production model. The connect laboratory test will only clarify how bright the display actually shines. Continue reading →

IPTV: Telekom Entertain and Vodafone TV Test

Who wants to shut down, must turn: the Internet-television-offers Telecom entertain and Vodafone TV in the test.

  1. IPTV: Telekom entertain and Vodafone TV test
  2. Telekom entertain in the test
  3. Vodafone TV test

Triple play – this keyword encountered again and again. In particular cable operators provided in this early by combined packages of television, Internet and telephone for high attention. But not outside are also the Classic Internet provider. So both the Telecom and Vodafone have connections including telephony, Internet and television in the portfolio. The latter goes by the abbreviation of IPTV (Internet Protocol television). Continue reading →

Motorola RAZR Maxx in the First Test

No Smartphone lasts through: with this promise send Motorola RAZR Maxx in the race. In numbers: 17 hours talk time to offer the Smartphone standby mode in the GSM network and 250 hours, a 3300 mAh large battery will make it possible.

The weak stamina of current smartphones is a real nuisance. Some devices need daily to the power outlet, hardly a candidate comes out more than two days on one charge. Motorola pushes this weak point with a huge battery to body. He should bring 3300 mAh capacity according to Motorola. Continue reading →

Phonosophie DAC 1 Test

DAC 1 call themselves currently quite many D/A converters – but only this one wears distinctive handwriting Phonosophie.

Anyone who knows the Phonosophie CEO Ingo Hansen, who knows that a lot needs to happen until the uncompromising prescribed the live arrest-sound fighter and stubborn analog advocate takes a D/A converter on the market. Clearly there are traditionally also CD player, but a separate D/A converter allows you hear even music from your computer in the Phonosophie program – this is almost like a cultural revolution. For that, Hansen was also a strong ally, is none other than the Essen company Fink audio consulting. So, 3900 euro Phonosophie DAC 1 represents a North West German joint venture: Ingo Hansen contributed his many years proven mechanics concept with sturdy aluminium casing and elastic bearing printed circuit boards, while cared about Karl-Heinz Fink and his men to the electronic inner workings. This even exclusively, so that was the Interior of the fully-animator free zone – which creates sufficient scope for subsequent, phonosophically strong Klangtunig. Continue reading →

Sony STR-DA 5700 ES in the Test

Sony AV receiver STR-DA 5700 ES is gorgeous with the online-offer “Digital Concert Hall” and reconstructed for the acoustics of the Berlin Philharmonic with an own DSP program. In addition, the new age of video streams begins with the 2400 euro cars.

An orange point lights up on the right side of the screen next to the lettering “Berlin Philharmonic Hall”, if the new DSP program of the Sony STR-DA 5700 IT is active. While the standard room simulations like “Jazz Club”, “Stadium” & co of HiFi purists as unnecessary bells and whistles are shunned, here alone the term is curious. Which is neither random nor a pure licensing environment chosen. No, the name is program: actually a DSP program the parameters the Sony engineers have acoustically measured from the Berlin Philharmonic. That original rooms serve as a template for surround simulations, is nothing new in principle, but Sony’s cooperation with the online-offer of the Berlin Philhamonics becomes a round thing. The STR-DA has namely a customized access to the “digital concert hall” 5700 ES, which flushes the concerts from the capital to the domestic living room. Along comes the picture even in HD quality in the highest of the three selectable levels of quality (H. 264, 1280 x 720), stereo sound as AAC 320 KB / s. Unfortunately the transferor Flash Player limits the sound currently (version 10.1) on two Channels. As this technically possible is, vowing the Philharmonic a transfer in multichannel sound. The two tracks go through the DSP programme in the receiver and left it more channel with the “acoustic stamp’ of the original venue provided. The result sounds surprisingly good. Convince the spatial distribution in position and depth, the reverb is well proportioned and gives an authentic impression of the room. Berlin Philharmonic Hall even though is proving difficult to deal with DSP programs, who still deserves a chance.  Continue reading →

Dell XPS 13 in the Practice Test

The chic Ultrabook is well-finished and extremely quiet in operation, in terms of connections, but somewhat weak on the chest.

The first Ultrabook von Dell marked a turning point: with the XPS 13, the manufacturer in favour of the new device class largely adopted by Netbooks. Dell is betting that the stylish flounders sooner or later replace the colorful Netbooks as a popular notebook-to-go version. The chances of this trend are sure in terms of portability and design. In the price something must move, however, when Ultrabooks should compete with the mainstream prices of Netbooks. After all, chip manufacturer and founder of the genus Intel, which recently invested$ 300 million into a Fund for technology companies for further improvements, calls that manufacturers offer at least one model under the brand name of $ 1000. Continue reading →

Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook in the Practice Test

With many interfaces and large-memory, the Samsung Ultrabook is a good choice for all, functionality is important.

The first Ultrabook compliant notebook by Samsung can reach with its plastic casing externally to the 900X1B made of aluminium. The i3 processor, however, lies outside the specifications defined by Intel for the device class. Whether the various color shades deserves to be called “fine silver” chosen by the manufacturer, everyone must decide for themselves. Inside it presents itself with a metallic sheen on – / off switch and the wafer-thin touch pad mount it something pilfered. Here, it is evident from its practical side: the LED screen at 13.3 inches in the normal range enclosed cd / m² and 1366 x 768 pixels with a brightness of 287 is anti-reflective, which makes the seating outdoors or in bright rooms. Continue reading →

Motorola Atrix 2 Test

Transformer Smartphone, part two: The new Atrix not comes with larger display and camera drilled on – but for the time being to us. We have nevertheless undergone it a first test.

This is of course a pity, no real obstacle for those interested but in times of worldwide online shops. There is the flexible Android for $ 450 on Amazon.com about. Compared to its predecessor, the Atrix 2 is equipped with a larger screen. 4.3 inch measures the display now and resolves Web pages, photos, cards and menu content with 540 x 960 pixels beautifully detailed. The processor, however, has not changed: here a Zweikerner which neatly on their toes with 1 GHz pulses and the Smartphone works continue. The working speed is though not record-breaking, but rock-solid. The internal memory is 8 GB and can be easily extended by micro-SD card to more 32 gigabyte. Continue reading →

PIO Sound Falcon in the Test

A renowned Developer group under the label PIO sets electrostatic series a sensational. stereoplay has the first model in the test.

Gaston of Bastiaens is a technical all-round talent as we today only rarely encounter it. The Belgians, who was responsible for the development and introduction of the CD player in his previous life at Philips in the rank of the Vice President, for many years now is working on perfecting the speakers – and it succumbed to the fascination of electrostatic constructs. His first professional products ran under the Dutch label final and were the only serious competition in the world market leader Martin Logan – in addition to the legendary Quad models – long time. But the economic success of final and Bastiaens withdrew, to ponder about it, how to make the electrostatic even better. The tinkerer found several approaches, which he wants to – put into its new PIO sound models and he found especially veritable contributors. Continue reading →

Project Essential Premium Phono/USB in the Test

The record is booming: current pop and rock albums are increasingly also again offered on vinyl. Listening pleasure it takes only cheap and good sounding player – like with built-in A/converter of d, to inspire even the digital polarized young for analog sound treasures. Whether the new entry-level model from Pro-Ject has what it takes?

Who before few years known, vinyl beschalle four walls of his home, often got attributes such as “Sound nerd” or “Vintage fanatics” head tossed. Because when it comes to the playback medium, music fans into two camps split. The majority supported digital media such as CDs and hassle-free way to play them – while other, considerably smaller part loves the warm analog sound of vinyl. Therefore the comeback, which celebrates the record for several years is even more surprising. New products appear not only as CD or download, but also again as LP. With the growing popularity of vinyl, the record player market is booming. Several manufacturers supply now excellent entry-level devices that you can afford as normal income earner. The next generation of vinyl friends seems so sure–even more if a player has an own A/D converter on board and allows therefore the entry into the digital world. Continue reading →

Falk Navigator Plus ROOF in the Test

Falk wants only 20 euros for his new ROOF-navigation on the iPhone. We have tested, how to beat Falk Navigator plus ROOF in practice.

  1. Falk Navigator plus ROOF in the test
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

The price is hot: 20 euros for a complete Navi app included on the device saved maps – new Falk Navigator plus ROOF undercuts so the closely related ALK CoPilot to five euros. Who wants to use a data connection on the road not constantly – as is mandatory for the Billignavis of Skobbler or Navfree – wrong here exactly. The European version is pleasingly priced 35 euros. Continue reading →