Beach Hats and Head Decoration

That’s it: the bikini of your dreams is carefully packed in the suitcase, between a tube of sunscreen, a dress and a beach towel. To complete your outfit on the sand or at the edge of the basin, it you just pick the hats and head summer trends jewelry 2014.

Most Fashion: the Headband

The headband is a kind of more or less end and/or decorated headband. There are all the colors and materials for different styles. At the beach, we love the headband for his small Bohemian and practical side at a time. Indeed, it allows to quickly achieve a sophisticated with dry hair, hair wet or covered withprotective oil : place the headband around the head and pull up your lengths inside the elastic wedging them. You can avoid so long hours of Untangling post-plage if you have long hair!

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The Our site Smartphone Leaderboard Spring 2013

The leaderboard presents itself this time by lots of newcomers differently than even in the winter. Neatly, especially at the top, there was movement.

  1. (new)HTC One

The newcomer has earned its top position: class design and ultra sharp FullHD display, coupled with innovative user interface with BlinkFeed news, BoomSound, and a class ultra pixel camera – no wishes stay open.

  1. (new)Samsung Galaxy S4

Already 10 million sold units in a month, the S4 is once again a mega success. To the top spot, it is despite rapid processor brilliant Super AMOLED-1. 080p display and giant battery, since it runs on the software gimmicks here and there still not about.

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How to Make a Special Bracelet

Distortion, distortion, my bracelet shatters a little when I work on the computer or me makeup in the morning. And each of the small Klimper pendant is a special memory for me. This is exactly why I love my Charm bracelet also.

In German, the popular bracelets with many small charms Bettelarm tapes hot. The bracelets were popular mainly in the 60s. No matter, where you made vacation, anywhere there was a little reminder in the form of a trailer for the charm bracelet.

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Mini Officially Unveiled Samsung Galaxy s4! Update 7.6.2013

The price of the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini is now official and some astonished smiles! The mini model will be, as a cheaper alternative for those who want to protect their purse strings a little rejected. The EIA will be specified by the manufacturer with €529. A price that surprised in the way click on the technical equipment of the Smartphone.
The new flagship of Samsung, The Galaxy S4, surprisingly quickly gets a little brother. The Galaxy S4 mini was introduced yesterday, already on May 30. The user can look forward AMOLED screen Smartphone on a 4.3-inch super, that resolves with 960 x 540 pixels.

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Latest Vintage Fashion Trends

Every year back in fashion apparel fell into obscurity for decades, and so everyone go crazy for pieces that never would have thought to ask for. Just long enough that a launch a trend, which now comes from Zara. But rather than go buy a vintage-inspired piece, why not point directly at vintage that inspired the new trend?

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HTC one Phablet – Smartphone-Tablet Mixture In Planning?

The HTC One is an Android Smartphone, which could be the template for many nice gadgets, because the materials and design of the Smartphones are easily managed and out expertly by other smartphones out. Now many people ask themselves: why there is actually no HTC One Tablet? Or even a HTC Phablet or Smartlet, so a combination of Smartphone and Tablet? The rumors on the net increase at least to the latter. Supposedly there, the HTC one Phablet. We take a look at what might await us.

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Zopo Smartphone ZP980 Test-Unboxing (Part Ii)

As already in part I announced we ordered the Zopo ZP980 in the Office us, even a precise patterning to undergo it. Now the Smartphone with us has arrived and first to go with the unboxing.

Packaging from the outside
First, the box in the eye, in which resides the ZP980 catches my. The upper cover can simply be removed. Of a seal or a slide no trace. I’m a little irrtiert and put both halves together again. I had not expected. Theoretically I can not be sure, if not already someone else has thrown a look inside the packaging. From the outside but everything seems as good as new. A picture of the Smartphone is printed on the front. A note stating that it is a Variant 16 GB, is also available. Logo from Zopo and the exact model name is printed on the right side. On the back I discover a sticker on which the main technical specifications of the device are specified.

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Sony is Growing With The Xperia M

Sony introduces the new Sony Xperia M another Android mid-range Smartphone. The new Smartphone offers lightning-fast connectivity as if by magic. It is magical, unique, flexible and enchants you with technical finesse and extensive facilities. We show all major properties at a glance.
What is M in the new Sony Xperia?
The Sony Xperia of m with its 4-inch impressed display primarily with a wireless transmission. With the ‘ one-touch ‘ feature in the form of NFC , nothing in the way is a wireless networking. A brief touch and even to transfer the data between two

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BlackBerry A10-RIM’s New Flagship Is Located

The manufacturer RIM is in a tight spot. His competitors enthuse customers with smartphones like the HTC One, the Samsung Galaxy S4 or the Apple iPhone 5. RIM, however, was able to present a best selling smartphone in recent years, which was located in the high area. That should change this year. Presumably, the BlackBerry A10 is 2013 come onto the market in the fourth quarter.

The technical features of the device are not yet known. But that assumes, that the Smartphone in the high-priced market should be competitive, the BlackBerry A10 should have quickly clocked quad core processor, a large, high resolution display and a smoothly running software. At the choice of the operating system, the manufacturer will most likely serve from in-house.

Discussion is mainly the physical keyboard, which once was a distinguishing feature of the Blackberry phones. However it is expected that operated at the A10 exclusively via the display and thus only a virtual keyboard is used.

Speculation is so far the BlackBerry A10 is very similar to the new flagship of Samsung, the Galaxy S4, in relation to the design. Sure is, the RIM must throw a shovel if the hoped-for breakthrough in the upper class models to finally work. Last, the producers brought the Blackberry Z10 on the market. The overpriced price, when compared to the rather meager equipment, could not convince the customers.

Apple iOS 7: The Art Of Simplicity

The next version of Apple’s operating system is characterized by a new, simple design and a better order. There are many more useful innovations, when even some of the competitors are watching from.

The Apple Developers Conference WWDC in San Francisco had been – expected voltage and ultimately it was not disappointed. In addition to a new MacBook Air and the desktop computer Mac Pro and iTunes radio was the new streaming service it also the new iOS to see 7, which caused much excitement among the spectators.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom: Mini With Good Knipse

The S4 has a 16-Megapixel camera with Xenon Flash and 10-fold zoom on board zoom. The remaining equipment mini than on the flagship more reminiscent of the S4.

A camera running Android from Samsung, this is a familiar vor…richtig, the Samsung Galaxy Camera was last year of one of the surprises par excellence on the IFA in Berlin. Now half was announced successor to the device, with the difference that one with the Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom can also call.

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Samsung Galaxy ACE 3 Officially Unveiled

The Samsung Galaxy ACE 3 was officially launched by Samsung on your homepage. A presentation of the Smartphone was originally expected on June 20 in London. Possibly, the manufacturer in the Zugzwang felt because most of the technical specifications of the unit to the public were already leaked. There are not many surprises so.

The Galaxy ACE 3 will be available in two different models. The LTE version features a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and an internal memory of 8 GB, which can be expanded via microSD card up to 64 GB. The battery is 1,800 mAh. You reach the mobile Internet via HSDPA or LTE.

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Zopo Smartphone ZP980 In The Test (Part i)

Each manufacturer would like to can come up trumps at the end of the year like with the highest sales figures. However, the Smartphone market is highly competitive and that although begin slowly more and more to resemble the devices and operating systems. Apple developed the revolutionary voice of Siri 2011, however Samsung moved to short time later with S voice. There is hardly something that not even has competition. Mostly, it is the Markenbekannt – or popularity, that the purchase decision for many customers.

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Convenient Phoning In The Car Sim Access Profile Makes It Possible

The fine penalty is high, if one is caught with the phone in your hand behind the wheel. It must be today no longer. There are enough hands-free devices, which are available on the market.However, even these expensive facilities of the past belong to. SIM access profile (SAP) is the free and easy alternative. All you need for this is both a mobile phone and a car, which supports SAP.Although the technology is already already uses, it has not prevailed surprisingly so far.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Active: Hard Shell And Four Cores

The outdoor version of the S4 offers a protection from dust and water, as well as an underwater camera mode. Otherwise, the equipment is similar to the sister model.

A Galaxy S4 comes rarely alone, Samsung has probably thought. Apart from the gemunkelten camera phone Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom the South Koreans have to the “budget” version Samsung Galaxy S4 minipresented the outdoor Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4 Active .

This untesrcheidet first externally: so the active was giving a more robust (plastic) body get, which is protected against dust and dirt, and water according to IP67 certification. For 30 minutes the Smartphone on dive can go, at a depth of up to one meter. Even the headphone jack is waterproof according to Samsung. As the tester in a first Hands-On video (see end of article)

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Samsung Galaxy NX: Galaxy Cam Followers With Interchangeable Lenses?

The potential successor to the Galaxy cam is first leaks according to a far more advanced camera than its predecessor and has Micro 4/3 technology on board probably. The mix with Android seems to me but now is somewhat questionable.

Micro 4/3 is a great camera technology. The Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G1 was the first of these “mirrorless system cameras”, in addition to the Panasonic-G/GH/GF and last GX models NEX series has made including the Olympus pen, and the Sony for attention. Is the special feature of the snap that they offer good to excellent image quality at a low weight and still allow the use of interchangeable lenses and many other expansion options like an external Flash, microphone, optical viewfinder, etc.

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Sony Xperia Z Ultra: Slimmer High-End Giant Announced

The Xperia Z ultra boasts current equipment and an elegant exterior, to do this, the display can be use pencils with the. Only the size is somewhat exaggerated.

With the Sony Xperia Z Sony already has a proper Smartphone-blockbuster on offer this year, to the tabletSony Xperia Tablet Z is aimed at all those who are interested in a chic and powerful Android tablet. What was previously lacking in the product range of the Japanese, was a Smartlet, the the Samsung Galaxy touch 2 (or soon note 3) competition some could.

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Huawei Ascend P6: Slimming King With Good Technique

The Ascend P6 offers a chic look and the thinnest Smartphone housing on the market. The technical equipment is remarkable, just the memory fails definitely (too) small.

6.18 mm – in words six point eighteen millimeter – the latest flagship of Huawei, the Huawei Ascend P6, which will be in the next month in the shops is so thin. With this depth, the device according to the manufacturer is the currently the slimmest Smartphone on the market. But apart from records, the case has to offer also a high-quality material, because instead of plastic the Chinese at the P6 put on metal.

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Motorola Moto X: First Photos And The Latest Speculation

Available memory to the page. The 4.3 – or 4.7 inch HD display is designed to provide the user a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels. As the operating system, the in-house operating system from Google, namely Androidcomes with high probability, used. The camera is a 10-megapixel and a 2-megapixel camera. The higher resolution is located on the back and is useful to record videos also.

In an advertising campaign, which was launched on the 4th of July in the United States, Motorola promises the user with “designed by you. Assembled in the USA”an individual Smartphone, you can make. Rumor has it that the customer who buys the phone directly from the manufacturer, can can choose the colour of the back and insert an engraving. Remarkable is also the new logo of the manufacturer, that are now more colorful. Also, the small addition “a Google company” under the “M” also stands one in the eye.

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Nokia: Failed Microsoft Takeover

Microsoft was the acquisition of the former mobile phone market leader. Ultimately, it has been to love money.

Microsoft and Nokia, which fits together currently somehow, not only because they make common cause with Smartphones. Both are also currently on a descending branch.

Nokia has lost a good while the dominant position in the mobile market and looks simply no country with its Smartphone business. It also saddles to on Windows phone has not changed. Despite itself good equipment with top cameras such as the Nokia Lumia 920, users would rather opt for Android devices (especially for those from Samsung) or an iPhone

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Archos 53 Platinum: Large Display, Small Price And Stock Android

The ARCHOS 53 offers a solid middle-class equipment at an affordable price. Android is installed in its purest form, in the internal memory, the device has dropped but decisively.

The French manufacturer of Archos, which is actually more known for hard drives and MP3 players, was most recently a few cheap tablets such as the G10xs with docking keyboard. Now you want the ARCHOS 53 Platinum a little play in the Smartphone market.


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LG Optimus G Pro: Monster Smartlet Comes to Germany

The G Pro offers high-end technology and plenty of space on the screen.However, the case is a step backwards compared to the Optimus G, Android is not up to date and a stylus is not used.

At LG we don’t know currently probably whether to laugh or cry. Profit in the last quarter by the collapse fell Einerseitz on the TV market by 9% to 479 billion won, or about 325 million euro compared to the previous year. On the other hand, it generated 36% more profit than in the first quarter of 2013 and could at least weaken so the negative trend. “Blame” the better figures is mainly the Smartphone business, which is booming currently right at LG. So twice as many Smartphones on the man could be brought in Q2/2013 as still in Q2/2012, the number now amounted to 12.1 million units, which represents a new record for the South Koreans.

Devastatingly beautiful display

These are the top Smartphones from LG LG Google nexus 4 and the LG Optimus G. With a few months delay another top model at our coasts up now, the LG Optimus G Pro. The Smartphone, which already had its premiere in February and is available in South Korea and the United States for some time, in a sense is the big brother of the Optimus G: during the latter over a 4.7 “-HD screen has, comes the new model with a 5.5”-FullHD display (401 ppi). The IPS screen receives an excellent witness from TechnoBuffalo in the test, the tester finds it “staggeringly beautiful to look at”. Only the reflections in the field were criticized.

Not just the display, also the power is hunky-dory, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor, which pulses with 1.7 GHz per core is used and supported by a 2 GB large memory. The Adreno 320 graphics does the rest for a brisk operation and gaming experience. The internal memory is 16 GB and can be expanded to up to 64 GB.

Plastic Brummer

When the operating system is running Android in the version 4.1.2 jelly bean, what was presented in view of the fact that the successor 4.2 already is called Android in November 2012, eight months ago, somewhat mau is. The user interface from LG at least offers some gimmicks like QSlide for multitasking or QuickMemo for notes. But who thinks that when a 5.5 “-Smartlet a stylus to a Samsung Galaxy touch 2 or is the LG Optimus vu on board, which must be disappointed.” Too bad, here LG has clearly spent, because when there is already so much place, this can also be used for an operation pen input.

In terms of choice of material one must blame South Koreans. The Optimus comes G or nexus 4 in a noble, glass-sheathed body, the G Pro is set in to plastic. Even if again inserted the “Crystal Reflection” effect, plastic is however a considerable step backwards. With a 9.4 mm the Smartlet is, after all, still reasonably slim, 172 grams are acceptable when the size also.

LTE on board

Cameras, a 13-megapixel back camera with full HD video in addition to a 2.1 MP front camera like on the Optimus G are integrated. This will be the first tests as from TechnoBuffalo and CNET for good, but not uniquely found a Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One would provide here better. Yet the lush 3,140 mAh battery, which similarly Tuckered makes the tests according to due to the large, high-resolution screen and powerful processor at the end of the day such as minor power donors in other devices but worth mentioning.

No full purchase recommendation

The Optimus G Pro appears first in black, and later in white at the price of 599 euro (RRP). Plastic enclosure, the missing stylus and the already outdated Android version are likely to deter while the one or other demanding users. Who but sees his Smartphone as entertainment device, with which you can well gamble, surf and watch movies, doing little wrong with the device. You should know exactly what you want from his unit.

HTC One Mini Vs. Samsung Galaxy s4 Mini- Comparison

“Mini” versions of more expensive high-end smartphones are currently in vogue. Especially chic and Alltagstaugliche Android Smartphones this new genus are the HTC one mini and it Samsung Galaxy S4 mini. The two Android cars are the little brothers, the currently most smartest and fastest Android Smartphone ever: Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC one. But how do the two in comparison? Let HTC one mini and Samsung Galaxy S4 compete mini in our comparison.

The two mini-smartphones are their big brothers in hardly anything and can fight in terms of ease of use without any restrictions with the high-end class. This is a high processing quality, on the other hand the however lower display resolution. At a lower display diagonal, you get no restrictions on image quality, but better graphics performance. After all, are for example the HTC one mini half of the pixels for graphics-intensive applications to calculate how the HTC one with full-HD display.

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LG Optimus L4 II: Entry-level Smartphone with Android 4.1

The 3.8 “-Smartphone LG L4 II has a simple equipment, but to offer the one or the other software gimmick.”

In particular, the LG Optimus L7 II emerges from LGs of this year’s “L-style” series that comes with a chic exterior and lush battery. There were still the beginners L5 II with 4-inch WVGA screen (800 x 480 pixels) and 5-megapixel camera and L3 II 3.2 QVGA display (320 x 240p) with 3-MP camera.

The new LG Optimus L4 II placed between the latter two with a 3.8-inch IPS display that pretty low solve pixel with 480 x 320. The meager 152 ppi pixel density, individual pixels should be visible. The processor is a 1 GHz single-core CPU, which is supported by a 512-megabyte memory.

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