Samsung Galaxy 4 Ace, The Information

Samsung He has presented this evening the renewal of its ranges lower with the introduction of four new models, being the new Galaxy Ace 4 one of the new Android devices announced by the Korean manufacturer.

The Samsung Galaxy 4 Ace is presented as a small evolution of Galaxy Ace 3 released a year ago since it only improves the processor while preserving the rest of specifications and very little modifying its external design. Continue reading →

Samsung Galaxy Mini S5 and Its 4.5 Inch Debut in Spain

A month ago Samsung He announced a new handset: Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini. Although he made his debut in Russia, it was matter of time that it would fall around here as well. So it has been, Samsung Spain tell US that the “mini” flagship of the Koreans is now available in our country.

At a price of 480 euros comes a device that shares some of the characteristics, not all, of his older brother: the Samsung Galaxy S5. A terminal, according to Samsung, the female audience-oriented. True or not, is an option for a small terminals more attractive and powerful market. Continue reading →

Droxio A47, Analysis

You must not go to China to seek competitive smartphones at economical prices. The Spanish 3GO (based in Granada) is an example betting on the terminals of the family Droxio. We have had the opportunity to try for a couple of weeks one of its models, the Droxio A47. Then you have our experience of use and their salient features.

Synthesizing can ensure that one of the terminals with one of the best relation is quality – price. So is that for little more than 150 euros We have an Android smartphone of 4.7-inch, Quad Core 1.2 Ghz and 1 GB of RAM. With the addition of incorporating dual SIM for professionals with two phone numbers. Continue reading →

Huawei Ascend P7, First Impressions

¿Can a smartphone cause you a very good impression and be at a predictable time? With the Huawei Ascend P7 our impression is Yes, although that is a purely continuous terminal with its predecessor – the P6 – and which met to strictly than anticipated by the leaks, on the other hand is the demonstration that Huawei has a remarkable and consistent proposal.

In the video we make a review by spotlight between what can be seen in this Ascend P7 in less than one day of use. If something presumed with special emphasis Huawei is having achieved a thinness – 6.5 mm – extreme, conjugated with its just 124 grams of weight are an experience in hand than any other high-end / midrange can match. Continue reading →

LG G3 Can Be Seen Now in The Golden Version Together with Their Possible Specifications

The drip of leaks about the new LG G3 It does not stop, every time they are older. Less than three weeks for that LG present in society this new device franchise may 27 seeps new pictures next to their possible technical specifications.

Since the end of the year passed the golden color it has become fashionable, most manufacturers are throwing in that color many of their devices, and LG looks like it will be less. GSMArena guys have exclusive leaked images of the Gold version of the LG G3. Continue reading →

LG Has Already Ready Its Panels QHD 5.5 Inch

All hoped for high-end smartphones in this 2014 a new leap of resolution up to QHD screen (2,560 x 1,440 pixels). However, the market has calmed down career numbers to give it a few months, and although This improvement will surely come soon, the truth is that currently there is no smartphone on the international market with the aforementioned resolution.

It seems that one of the first to jump on the bandwagon of wrong calls screens 2 K will be the expected LG G3, and is that the Korean firm has been commissioned to dispel doubts today presenting his panels, manufactured by LG Display, 5.5 inches with resolution QHD 1. 440p. Continue reading →

Samsung and Verizon Recognized a Problem with Some Galaxy S5 Camera

Whenever a new device is launched on the market things happen, especially if the production has been so massive as often initial print runs that Samsung is able to put on the market.

The new Samsung Galaxy S5 has not been an exception, and is that the recent terminal star of Koreans has not escaped serious problems in some plots, which seem to affect the camera and problems that are as serious as leaving it completely non-operating. Continue reading →

GFXBench Could Have Registered The First Data of The Moto X + 1

Since the news of the purchase of Motorola by Lenovo, American manufacturer has had quite abandoned as novelties for the noble range, beyond that we do know that it is in the oven the Moto x + 1.

However, leaks on the renewal of the Moto X have finally appear, and have had to get as it could not be otherwise due to an application of benchmarks, GFXBench, that you have registered the first data of the new terminal Motorola star.

For this performance test has passed a Motorola device called the XT912A, code that seems to refer to the new Moto x + 1, and according to the data of the application running under Android 4.4.3 KitKat. Continue reading →

Samsung Galaxy Beam 2, Detailed Information about The New Samsung Android

The first Samsung Galaxy Beam was presented at the Mobile World Congress 2012 accompanied by her room in the dark and all the paraphernalia needed to teach an experiment that, at a minimum, was then a curious thing, a mobile phone with integrated picoproyector.

Terminal went unnoticed by the market, because its uses are very limited and your hardware nor invited to try taking the picoproyector as an extra. However, Samsung did not want to abandon the project, and has just introduced in China to the Samsung Galaxy Beam 2. Continue reading →

Oppo R1S Receives a Chipset Qualcomm and LTE Connectivity

Not only top of the range you would live Oppo, and after the lavish presentation of its new Oppo Find 7, which already is about to reach the market in its less crude version, It is time now know the Oppo R1S, the renewal of the Oppo R1 which arrived in the last month of December.

In advance we can say that we do not know if Oppo will bring it to Europe, but seeing that the Chinese firm already sold officially in our markets, well it is echoing your presentations in case they arrive here finally. Continue reading →

Mediatek List for Attacking Qualcomm with MT6595: 4 G, Octa-Core and Support QHD Chip

According to a leak originated in China, the company MediaTek He is preparing a new economic chip that promises great performance and support of LTE networks and Quad HD displays.

The chip MT6595 to be mounted 8 cores in heterogeneous configuration frequently watch that can up to 2.5 GHz in the more advanced model, hinting at the latent power of the chip.

This chip will come in three versions according to the operating frequency, since they all share the internal configuration of Quad-core Cortex A17 and four Cortex A7. Continue reading →

Xiaomi July Will Present His Next 22 Day Mi4

Xiaomi continues to grow and is undeniable that the Chinese firm is doing very well, not in vain it has already sold more than 26 million units of terminals this year, and its users have surpassed the iOS in terms of time of use of your applications, first time that gets it a manufacturer with Android devices.

Counting all their releases by records, Xiaomi has however well keep secret which will be your next terminal star, and is that Xiaomi Mi4 is still unknown more than speculations. Continue reading →

Samsung Unveils Its New Exynos ModAP: Power, LTE and Better Processing of Images

For more than one year Samsung He has been combining the inclusion of own processors with those of other companies as Qualcomm in their smartphones and tablets. There are several reasons that explain this decision: lack of production capacity, were not competitive enough compared to the more powerful models… The truth is that I was curious to start to see different variations of the same terminal but with different processors. Continue reading →

LG G3 S, a Variant of The Ship Logo in Reduced Size and Dual SIM

If there is a device that, on paper, marked differences in this 2014 is undoubtedly the LG G3. This company takes time doing its job very well and the fruits are there although it remains to be seen if the results of sales accompany. All terminal star that boasts of large companies have at the time a reduced size and sometimes features version, but there is still no official news of the mini version of this device.

Evleaks usually us anticipate the facts and on this occasion brings us a photograph where we can appreciate the design of a terminal, the LG G3 S as we can read on your virtual screen. At the bottom there are four icons, calling attention the first starting from the right, which seems to indicate that it is of a Variant Dual SIM. Continue reading →

Sony Launches The Wireless Charging Kit for Xperia Z2

Finally Sony has presented to us the Kit to wirelessly recharge our Xperia Z2. It has taken too long to arrive, and it seems that they have taught it by mistake, because the links are now broken, although Android HDBlog partners have been very quick to stay with the images and the most important information of the two elements that make up the kit.

That Yes, we have little to show beyond the photo gallery, so the Japanese they have not published or estimated dates of arrival or prices two of the most anticipated accessories for your current top range terminal. Continue reading →

ZTE Nubia Z7, So Is The New Range of Terminals of ZTE

The Chinese firm ZTE continues the best of their catalog for Nubia range, leaving terminals which, unfortunately, still have not decided to launch out of his native country.

Today the new members of the family has been ZTE Nubia, and we are not talking in plural, because the Chinese have been taught pull three smartphones that will make up the new range ZTE Nubia Z7.

Obviously, there will be a ZTE Nubia Z7 that command their brothers from a privileged position and without envy nothing to the best devices on the market, trying to compensate for excesses and defects of her two brothers of range: ZTE Nubia Z7 Max and ZTE Nubia Z7 Mini. Continue reading →

Sony Xperia C3, Detailed Information about Sony’s New Android

Yesterday night I showed them it thanks to a tweet from Sony that it anticipated its presentation, and today the Japanese have complied with the official announcement of the Sony Xperia C3, the smartphone designed to of selfies.

Don’t expect revolutions beyond the concept, because we are facing a terminal range media in which nothing stands out above its front camera of 5 megapixel camera with 25 mm optical and angle of 80 degrees, accompanied by a front LED flash. Continue reading →

Project Ara Opens Its Testing Phase, Although It Lost Its Head of Design

The future is now, a too common phrase but that the sea of good comes to us to start this article about Project Ara, or what is the same, modular phones that Google is preparing for several months.

He was not present at the central Conference Google I/O 2014, although it had already confirmed prior to the event that Project Ara team would be present at the second day conferences, where you might see at last fully functional phones. Continue reading →

Huawei Honor 6, The Last Stop of Range of Huawei Bat Records in China

I have already spoken above Xataka Android next models every day most popular Chinese company Huawei.

We talk about your stop Huawei Honor 6 range that will mount a chip of 8 cores Kirin 920 offering performance at the height of the fastest smartphones on the market. Since it is announced at the end of June officially in china has received 3.5 million of reserves. The question is, would reach Spain?. Continue reading →

Bq Aquaris E5 HD, Video Analysis

The Spanish company, Bq did a great job with the last generation of smartphones Aquaris and displaying the rhythm to which moves the industry nobody misses you see that the company launched its new Aquaris E.

On this occasion we show the smartphone Bq Aquaris E5 HD that gives a twist to the original design of the Aquaris line and its predecessor Aquaris 5 HD and offers improvements that go beyond the flat aesthetic. Continue reading →

HP Slate 6 VoiceTab, Detailed Information about The New Phablets Android from HP

The company HP has just announced the arrival of its first phablet Android with 6 inch screen, content design, 160 grams and 8.8 millimeters thick. We talk about his new HP Slate 6 VoiceTab.

It’s a mobile terminal dualSIM with a set price and that it comes in colours white, black or pink working on Android 4.2, upgradeable to Kitkat. Continue reading →

Samsung Galaxy Mini S5, Has Thus Evolved Range Galaxy Mini S

Smartphones with designation of high-end and surname “mini” are here to stay, although we don’t yet have very clear what you want to play the different manufacturers with its “mini” terminals.

The next to join the cart will be the Samsung Galaxy mini S5, today presented with design and nomenclature of the noblest range of Samsung, but with a list of specifications too limited to speak of a high range of reduced size. Continue reading →

These Be The New Sony Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact?

With the Xperia Z2 already on the market, although recent and still being object of desire for many, it seems Sony don’t want to stop the machine or to rest a second.

We already know that the Japanese firm used to present two range stop devices each year, one at the Mobile World Congress dates and other face to its launch by end of year within the framework of the IFA fair in Berlin, which takes place in the month of September, and that This 2014 will host the presentation of the hypothetical Sony Xperia Z3. Continue reading →