Difference Between Fluorescent and LED Tube

One of the most used lamp types around the world is the tubular. Since coming to the market in fluorescent model, revolutionized the way we light offices, shops, garages, and other spaces. For a long time there was a competitor that could compete with her, until the arrival of the LED. Continue reading →

Top 5: Female Bags to Use End-of-Year Parties

With the new year coming, you already know what will be the look of your big night the turn?The moment calls for a look very beautiful and different, so it is good to start thinking before in use in the last hours of the year. To assist in these choices, we’ve compiled here the best tips about  5 models of handbags for the new year’s Eve party. Continue reading →

BlackBerry Back to What Best Can Do: Smartphones with Physical Keyboard for The Enterprise

BlackBerry, John Chen, CEO is trying to turn the complicated situation that is going through the manufacturer, in a recent interview with Reuters unveiled one of the keys to its commitment for the next 18 months: “the approach will be very focused on the keyboard”.

Or what is the same: BlackBerry will again try to shine with mobile devices that the physical keyboard is one of the differential characteristics. A singular idea in a market that seems to have forgotten the success that had these solutions, especially in the enterprise market. Continue reading →

Iced Manicure by Cherish Angola

Why settle for the reconstruction of nails with gel, artistic decorations, nail enamels tatoo or unavailable?

Is there a way to displace all the friends that show off their proud nails always perfect … it’s called Iced Manicure and is an ultra-luxury treatment that embellishes the nails with 10 carats of diamonds.

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Dior “Nail Glow” Instant French Manicure Effect Whitening Nail Care

In the currently available “Chérie bow” by Dior Spring collection can be found in addition to pallets, lipsticks, abstractions and co. even two “glow”-products. To the one the “Lip Glow”, a gloss, the pink toned is (so like at this Nail Polish here), but only gently stresses the lips and it leaves a slight stain. I’ve linked you already in the last outfit post the great review from → Nani , it would like to mentioned but here, because I can sign their review in all points and pass this on its own, again. So check back with her! For me, the “Lip Glow” in any case is already one of the best products of the year – and that already end of January! Continue reading →

61-Year-Old Woman Models for Swimwear Campaign

When we speak of swimsuit models of bathroom, we imagine young women jumping half-naked in suggestive poses. Media has been responsible for hipersexualizar women and transform it into an object of consumption that sells more than war and football. But little by little, are more people who want to break down the myths of woman as a purely sexual object, and dare to demonstrate in striking ways that beauty is timeless and has nothing to do with the parameters set.
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Beauty: Jefferson Kulig

Jefferson Kulig presented their bets for summer 2013 at the latest edition of Swill Paulo Fashion Week. And, as always, leave your mark. He made the more minimalist fashion show this season and launched the technological fabrics to create various asymmetrical cutouts, leaving out the yourdesign characteristic. In the midst of cold tones, which put up sandals, Kulig merged pink strips, to give up. The beauty was under the commands of the tops Mario New, in her hair, and Cayo Lanza, in make. The duo is from Studio W.

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Tablets, and Smartphones Must Save Electronic Market

Equipment must represent 43% of manufacturers of electronic products. Market will have slight drop this year, according to the CEA

Presentation held two days before CES 2014 , the world’s biggest electronics fair, Steve Koenig, Director of market analysis area of the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association), showed technology market trends for this year.

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The New Brand of Bathing Suits Drawn to Watercolors

The first collection has only 10 models, which are handmade by seamstresses in Lisbon.

Teresa Gonçalves is 19 years old, studying Law at the Law Faculty of Lisbon, and is enjoying the course. But there is another parallel passion-deep down, you just need to have pencil and paper around for life to be perfect

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BlackBerry Is Willing to Put an End to Leaks: «The Responsible Will Be Punished»

John Chen, the Chief Executive of BlackBerry, has been very forceful in his company blog to ensure today that is not prepared to tolerate more leaks. Something «fat» should be in the oven this company when its Chief decides to give face so emphatically.

The funny thing is that this has happened just two days after that they began to bloom the rumors that predict how will be BlackBerry OS 10.3. Although, in reality, they are more to rumors. If you take a look at the post we published yesterday find that it is of a full-fledged filtration, that, moreover, it is illustrated with abundant screenshots. Continue reading →

Highlights of Day 3 Beauty

The third day of the largest fashion week in the southern hemisphere was punk. Some parades (the event takes place in Parque Villa Lobos), a lot of running around and anticipation. And it wasn’t for less, right? As everyone knows, yesterday did your last Gisele catwalk and your decision to retire of the walkways left people in a frenzy without size.

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Understand the Importance of Toys in the Formation

Every child likes to play and that’s not just fun. There is much more behind a game and a recreational activity than you think. Is through the toys that many jokes happen, so what is the importance of them for the training of children? Vary with respect to age group or function? We brought answers to these and other questions about the matter. Check out!

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The Fleeting Passage of Blackberry by MWC 2014

BlackBerry It is present at the Mobile World Congress, but their presence has passed fairly unnoticed. They have lost potential, and it shows in this fairs: they have not presented any new smartphone key in your catalog of products for the remainder of the year, although they have given information about a couple of new models. In a very timid way, everything is said. Continue reading →

Pdled Participates in Event of Condos

The Friday Secovi River, which happened on days 13 and 14 September, received the PDLED team at the stand of the Union of Electrical industry, gas, Sanitary and plumbing of the State of Rio de Janeiro (SINDISTAL), which the company is a partner. The event, which was held at the Centro de Convenções SulAmérica, was consolidated as a reference in the sector since your first edition, offering “services, products and solutions to the market for condominiums”, how do you explain the site. Continue reading →

Check out What are the Four Most Fish Found in Brazil

If you are one of those people who is always in search of bigger fish and more beautiful, read this post until the end and meet the main sports fish species that you will find at Brazil.

Don’t forget to go preparing your rod and reel, you won’t hold stay home for long without leaving to catch them!

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Wall Stickers That Mimic Objects Photos

The stickers are being increasingly used in decoration and can innovate the visual of the walls. They allow several compositions and fit into every room in the House. To a bandage on the vertical space with different figures, it is possible to work with creativity and good taste to ensure the best results.

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