How to Use: Looks for the Beach!

If you can not take this heat, the best way is to enjoy it … on the beach! A hug for the readers of this giant Brazilian coast! Today’s post will give you ideas on how to wear clothes for the beach.It’s summer that I take the dust off my bikinis and take the first plane to Rio de Janeiro.I even gave luck because it just started to rain in the capital today, but I managed to get a beach a few days ago. Continue reading →

Ecological Home Design

There is a place of calm amid the bustle of the Fuorisalone, where these days have found a home design objects and productions “responsible” for social and environmental well. Are the stars of “Goodesign-work well, better to dwell” (er, the slogan seems tailor-made for me and for people like me… working from home!), An event sponsored by Best up , the circuit for the promotion of housing sustainable, and Cascina Cuccagna, an old farmhouse of the seventeenth century in the heart of Milan in the past two years has been involved in a restoration and… participatory. Continue reading →

How to Use: Sports Shoes

Do you know the sneakers you use to go to the gym and walk? Well, it will also suit your day-to-day looks! Well, at least that’s what Vogue says. Among the trends that will rock next spring/summer in the Northern Hemisphere, sneakers, kicks or trainers will be present, as well as cropped length, pastel shades, neon colors and pencil skirts. Continue reading →

12 Week Ultrasound: the First Big Screening

What is in the 12th week of pregnancy? An ultrasound! The embryo is now about five centimeters long. You can learn which further examinations are, and what you see else in ultrasound.

Dear expectant moms, arrived now at the end of the third month of pregnancy. Sure would like to know what your baby looks like now and what all it can, or? Then it is good, that first big screening is available between the ninth and the twelfth week of pregnancy. And what does the Ultrasound in the 12th week of pregnancy? Here, the most important studies and data are summarized. Continue reading →

Nelson Cadena: the Centenary of St. Peter’s Watch

The baianos always dealt badly with timekeeping, from the ringing of the bell towers of churches, different and hence the unwillingness of the public when the Governor Antônio Muniz descerrou the commemorative plaque, in the evening of 15/11/1916, inaugurating the first watch public of the city. Delivered under the care of Hermildo engineer and mechanic Aleone Ducardo Warrior. Continue reading →

Geometric Lamp: New Trend of Decoration

Let your home decoration modern and charming with the geometrical fixtures.

You want to leave your home more beautiful and modern? Then bet on a geometric lamp. This enriches the layout of any room with your charming design. Read the story and check out details about the trend.

The luminaires are used in decoration as a way of illuminating strategic points in environments. They also contribute to the exploitation of space, while breed a style or put some decorative item. Continue reading →

Swimwear Cangas

Great bath output or perfect for giving that ride on the sand, the cangas, although the invasion of dresses, little monkeys, kaftans, trousers, tunics and other current parts used on the beach, also the sarongs continue firm and strong in fashion. And Yes, many devotees who don’t need no time to cover the corpitcho after that energizing sea bath. Continue reading →

Veil Or Headpiece?

By Maria Fernanda Bautista | Marry Me

We know that many cultures and traditions make that the most common is that brides veil to reach the altar… in some cultures of East regarded it as an element that the function hide almost completely on the face of the bride which is only revealed to the I spouse after the ceremony. According to the Roman tradition, the veil protecting the bride of evil spirits, the evil eye and envy. And over time began to be considered as a symbol of the gathering, innocence and virginity of women. Continue reading →

Back to School: Briefcase Or Backpack?

Every year, at the same time, a discussion comes up: which bag to buy for back to school? From elementary school to higher, no one escapes this! Even students of pre-entry examination and technical courses must make this decision every year.

Many doubts occur in time of choice: Which style is ideal for storing my books and notebooks? Which model is most recommended to avoid damaging the spine? Should I choose folders or backpacks? Is there any scholarship that fall well with various styles of clothing? See the answers to these and other questions now! Continue reading →

Fall Fashion Winter Clothes

For the feminine world the  fall winter fashion just like in other seasons, for 2013 is with many novelties to leave options for all tastes and styles. This fashion promises a lot of excitement, because the basic and cool colors like black, white, brown, beige gray and others now also give room for the lively and colorful like green, blue, yellow, orange, red, wine, rose, and other , in addition to the varied prints such as floral, Japanese geometric, and psychedelic will be present in prints and embroidery in many pieces. Continue reading →

Rain Tours: What to Do to Distract the Pet?

Posted by Dog citizen in June 17, 2016-

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The ride is one of the activities that the more like pets. The various Visual stimuli, olfactory and physicists make the time of ride a moment of fun. Smells different, the opportunity to find new furry friends and interact with children and other people causes the animal your wait eagerly for this activity. Continue reading →

5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Backpack

The backpack is a very democratic accessory, used by the most different types of people. From professionals to students, from adventurers to sportsmen, having at least one backpack at home is essential for when you need to, not having to rush out to buy one or improvise carrying your things in an improper bag or suitcase. Continue reading →

How to Choose an Ip Security Camera

Originally an expensive and complex product found mostly in department stores and banks, security cameras have found their way into many homes, offering property protection and peace of mind. Many home wireless security models no longer require wiring ability and substantial configuration and can be installed by a home user. Modern IP cameras are relatively simple and can be monitored using any computer or smart phone available. There are, however, several important factors that you should consider when buying this equipment to make sure it meets your needs. Continue reading →