Discover How to Create Creative Arrangements

We know that the use of the correct adornments can transform any room or celebration, both in open-air events and in indoor areas. Among the various styles that you can use in these fraternizations we have decided to gather some tips on rustic table decoration, for being versatile, delicate and at the same time ideal for the most diverse celebrations.

The rustic table decoration has inspiration in a country look, and precisely why it prioritizes the use of parts manufactured with materials such as: wood and other natural fibers that assist in creating a fairly connected environment. The use of flowers and softer pieces to complement the decoration is also one of the trademarks of such events. Accompany the tips of the West wing, inspire us and transform increasingly the decoration of your home and your celebrations! Continue reading →

Five Ideas for Combining Eyeglasses and Makeup

Considered enemies of makeup, the degree glasses are gaining importance at the time of composing the look.We’ve put together five good ideas to solve the equation frame + make

Retro:The classic turtle goggles are perfect when composing an antique look. To accompany them, the suggestion is a trace of subverted eyeliner: unlike that used by Hollywood divas in the 60s, drawn in the corners, bet on a more circular shape, which does not have the kitten and dialogs with the format of the frame. Continue reading →

The Most Stylish Outfits

The out let most season of the year is approaching with great strides – Oktoberfest is coming!Stylish fashion professionals make at least now thought to their Oktoberfest wardrobe.

Discovered here, the great costumes Trends 2016 and convinced soon in a guaranteed stylish dirndl look! These trendy it-pieces you are sure envious looks. I wish you an enjoyable read and nachstylen!

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Artistic Nails Feet

How To Decorate Your Toenails

Currently many people have betted on the nails with decorative designs. There are hundreds of options, each more different than the other. But we’re used to seeing this whole creativity only exposed nails of the hands, and the feet? We can’t decorate the toenails? We can see some options of designs and decorations. Continue reading →

3 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Fish Podeerosas

I never tire of repeating that the art of angling is one of the healthier perform jointly with the family… activities, and not because it is my passion to mention it, no no no, but because in reality this sport air free, full of concentration, knowledge, study, perseverance and love of nature; I am completely confident that you will become a better person. With this article I’m going to appoint 3 powerful reasons why you should learn to fish.

Above all it is important to emphasize to you that don’t need to be exclusively male to become a fisherman; today women much attention them all related to fishing, which is why it becomes a family practice, a sport undoubtedly join the family. Continue reading →

Fashion Weekend Plus Size Sets

6th Edition Fashion Weekend Plus Size-Summer 2013

The fashion world is increasingly aware of the fact that all people, no matter your age, fitness level or standard of living, have the right to walk with current clothing, following the trends and, best of all, feeling great and being respected anywhereAfter all appearance is something very personal, each one knows what’s best for you. Continue reading →

Countries with Wide Orange Calls to a Penny Per Minute with The SIM World Card

Seems to be that Orange don’t want to miss at the clients that perform often calls abroad and after announcements of MVNOs like Lebara or LlamaYa the French operator lowers the price of international calls.

Starting time will be 20 countries that the SIM world customers can call Since a penny per minute: Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, France, Germany, Romania, Morocco, India, Pakistan, China, Portugal, Austria, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Russia and United States. Continue reading →

Swimwear Plus Size

Summer For All

The summer 2012 is already coming, with that comes the season to go to the beach or attend the pool. All women, regardless of your body can and should enjoy the heat and get a Tan. Nowadays, many women ‘ real ‘ have made great success in national and international catwalks, breaking the dictatorship that imposed for a long time. This story that all bodies must be obligatorily, sculptural, is a thing of the past. Happiness and health in the first place. What if you want to say is that each one is beautiful to your way. So, there’s no reason to be shy about going to the beach. To enjoy all the best that the season has to offer, you just need to know what is best suited for your beauty be highlighted. For this, follow the tips to swimwear below. Continue reading →

Earrings: 10 Solutions for Autumn

The earrings are very feminine and attractive, that is why this accessory has been in demand since ancient times. Often there are girls who do not find the perfect necklace, bracelet or hair ornament to match their business attire. Yes, such things happen, right? So today we will talk about the earrings for the Fall 2016 season, because this could be very helpful. Continue reading →

Pants Legging Jeans, Pictures and Models

The perfect Union of our already so loved jeans, with the practicality and the comfort of leggings, is that fashion has designed the newest piece and must-have of the season, the jeggings. They arrived with all and guarantee absolute reign in fashion, both from there, as here in the tropics. Fans of a good leggings and beem set pieces to the body, the Brazilian fell into the graces of the pants, which also allows a multitude of looks and combinations. Continue reading →

Fishing with the Bibi Fleet Fleet in Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico


Last July I was on vacation with my family in the beautiful port of Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico and had the opportunity to remember old times, when I left for the first you see a deep-sea fishing with my grandfather and my father that God is in his glory, date was the summer of 1974, the BIBI Fleet fleet service provider Our site on that occasion were 6 captured candles which were released 3 more a Black Marlin that my father fought for 4 hours but it was evening and the long return so short the piola.

My grandfather, a server was 6 years old and my father.

New account returned to Mazatlan the summer of 77 there was my second fishing trip with the BIBI fleet, the quiet morning we get a couple of golds more two kegs, saw a bollado blue marlin that didn’t chop more candle failed attack and returned to port.

Back to port after a good fishing.

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