Eye Makeup Tips and Products

Makeup For Eyes

The eye makeup is very important for the look of look. Always remember that light colors design eyes forward and the dark decrease and bring the depth.

To Close Eyes Choose light shades and pastels to illuminate the expression and a sparkling touch to region next to the nose and tear ducts, to drive them away.

For Eyes Away From Esfumace with a dark tone, use the brown or the moss-green, on the inside corner, to zoom in. Careful not to stay with a heavy makeup.

For Eyes Skipped Work the eyeball with dark shadow, and may be brown or rust, smouldering in the eyelid area.

For Sunken Eyes Raise your eyes with light colors, white, beige, sand and ivory, so will give an air of elegance. Apply in every eye, less in the area close to the eyebrows use shadows to midtones, pink, coral or salmon.

For Small Eyes The clear light shadow on the eyelids by shading the outer corner of the eyes with a tone a little darker and use mascara generously on the outside of the eyes, thus creating an effect of stretching, and let your eyes more open.

Make a finish on makeup, at the outer corner of the eyes esfumace with the help of a brush.

The shadow should be passed into the fold of the eyes, between the eyelashes and eyebrows.

Cover dark circles using a concealer lighter than your skin tone.

The dark shadows can give depth to puffy eyelids and big eyes or protruding.

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