Ferracini 12:00 Am Helps Men to Prepare for the SPFW

The Edition number 43 of the SPFW is coming around, with the presentation of key trends for next season. The parades begin the day on March 13 and 17 day of the same month and, like fashion becomes an important agenda in these weeks, nothing better than to invest in that are in high season.

The New line of Bold Ferracini 12:00 am stands out for innovative sports construction joggings. With sportswear, or the sports fashion, in high urban style, the collection has won the men who are attentive to what happens again in the style of the streets. Due to the absolute comfort, trend fell in the male universe and promises to follow steady and strong for a long time in visual.

Although present bets of autumn and winter 2017, the São Paulo Fashion Week also gives visibility to that rolls in streetstyle who go to the event. The expressiveness of the particular style becomes the hype of the moment and makes people feel more open to risk a style stripped and that complements the personality of who wears.

The growing exploitation of references of sports fashion led him to create the line 12:00 am Ferracini New Bold. Joggings, models who have already made a huge success in the years 90, came back with a vengeance and the brand was keen to innovate in the design and material of your shoes. Rico in detail and with a visual, the tennis and abotinadas options, too, are the description of all the most modern.

The sole and colored flatform adds charm to the products and looks. The uppers, with retro references, merge textures, fabrics, leathers, overlaps and paintings of harmonic way and easy to engage with the variety of styles. The PU insole and leather lining lets men be comfortable and feel good about what they wear, after all, fashion is also lifestyle.

It’s cool to match the New line models Bold with jogging pants, a t-shirt and denim jacket or bomber. If you’re in with both feet on Athleisure, worth composed the production with jeans and shirt with mini stamps. The swag shirt or long shirts, t-shirts with more elongated, allow building a casual and urban style!

Currently, the trend is to unite the sportswear with pieces that are part of everyday life, more casual and even with a more formal touch. The New Bold line brings up the versatility have changed their concepts and many styles have been democratized. And functional fashion, one of the guiding DNAs Ferracini 12:00 am, is what runs the current fashion universe.

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