Squalo: Lifestyle and Surf

Magaly R. Zepeda | Dressing Brands

The mood of summer vacation is 100% with Sun, sand and sea; of course, for the lucky ones who are on vacation. But if you like the beach chatter or you feel that in your past life were surfer (like me) then, Squalo is our brand, even if we stayed in the city.

For those who didn’t know him, Squalo is a Mexican brand! born with a root strongly rooted to the surfing and your lifestyle, it is worth mentioning, that their designs have always been my favorites and the quality of its products is pretty good (I say this based on my own experience) for many years but many years my sandals I bought them at Squalo are more warlike sandals that I have had, has never been broken and change them just because of normal wear and tear, but always for other Squalo, and say of their swimsuits, as well as being super cute they last and last tell them that I am 10 years old with my swimsuit and it is not bleached or chopped!

Squalo is aimed at all young people who like to have their own personality and idealize their freedom as a lifestyle, supports sports and for the environment. Their stores transmit the total surfer mood, whenever I enter they give me a tremendous desire to go to Sayulita (surfer beach) besides I swear, that the shops smell of beach!

Combining design, technology and performance, Squalo offers high quality garments in and out of the water; It also supports surfing and skateboarding events in Mexico. It has approximately 34 stores in Mexico and one nothing more and nothing less than, in Italy! (that I did not know)

Personally, I love the brand and what it transmits, the only thing that would improve it would certainly be an updated to its Web page that looks half retro and it would transfer all that surfer attitude fun and relaxed to its Fan Facebook Page of the form in what they do with their Twitter.

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