The Treasures of H. Stern

The Luxury guess made a voyage to the bottom of the sea and rescued the Collection IRIS, a real treasure created by jeweler h. Stern. Are 46 pieces, in a collection able to make anyone dive headlong into the magic of the ocean! Ai ai ai… girls get ready because this post promises to rip sighs and leave us crazy, what woman doesn’t dream about having a treasure?

The IRIS Collection, of H. Stern, was inspired by the natural riches of the oceans, as well as the poetic beauty of IRIS, in Greek mythology. The myth says that IRIS is the Messenger of the gods, which moves with the lightness of wind and forth, in the depths of the oceans. Abstract beauty and richness of forms; the smoothness of movements; the subtle gradient of colors, textures and shine of the shells and marine animals are seen in amazing simplicity of forms. Delicate minimalism translated into sexy silhouettes.

Earrings, rings and pendants represent the natural beauty through different shades of gold that pass through the yellow, gold 18 k Rose Gold and noble, sometimes winning the brilliance of the gems.Are the riches of the Sea turned into jewelry… the coming and going of the tentacles of the Octopus;shells; molluscs; snails; Sea Urchin… the life of the oceans in more refined forms of jewelry!

For those who don’t know, the h. Stern is a brazilian jewelry, created in the early 50 by German Hans Stern. Today is among the five largest jewelry stores in the world, with sparkling names like Tiffany & co. Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels and Bulgari. Despite the modernity, the logistics in his workshops, even today, it is surprisingly handmade, with jewelry made one by one. This is not pure luxury? What we love the most is that in h. Stern is possible panning great treasures are worth the price you pay, especially if compared to other jewelers who come to charge even higher prices for pieces that sometimes don’t deserve it! So friends, it pays to search and put in the balance the item price/quality… After all, jewel is a treasure you have for life!

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