Tips for Putting Together the Children’s Room

One of the environments that require more attention in time to develop a layout are the children’s dormitories. In addition to every requirement of the parents to be a unique place for your children, the little ones already know well what they want.

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For babies still reigns the delicacy and sweetness of pastels in wallpapers, paints and fabrics. The white furniture in dormitories for children also remain high and kill the lightness of the room.

Already for the big boys, the decor has that from the tastes and interests of the children. Think of multifunctional countertops to the girls more vain is a good formula, now studies table, well dresser.The boys sports, for example, can earn themed rooms with your preferred mode, while the more connected in video games and cartoons deserve their spaces or favorite titles.

The hammocks are great for those who have little space requested or that even for those who have it to spare, but loves to receive friends for little staff meetings and values wider spaces to play. The bicamas also are wild. Shelving for books and toys as well as allowing innovation in design, promote the organization. Can be in various styles, from the most common with shelves until that combine multiple niches shapes, sizes and colors.

The great protagonist of all this is the wallpaper that gives life to the environments in conjunction with pads, tissues composing special case scenarios. The wooden panels are also great allies for children’s bedrooms, appearing on wheel decor means, wainscoting and ceilings. The patches are good requested for practicality and economy.

And in the end what matters most is to provide the largest possible space so that children can develop your creativity, with a decor that combine the likes of them with convenience for parents on a daily basis, to meet the needs of every age.

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