Well – Tailored Casual Wear

The trend has been clear in recent seasons. While kostymmodet dedramatized becomes the vacant part of the closet more well-dressed. These five brand that embraced the style ideal and that is well worth keeping an eye on.

Italian Allegri with headquarters outside Florence has since 60-century focused on refining the regnytterplagg. Both in terms of function form. Companies are mostly family-owned and has in recent years made a big push to reach out to the international fashion scene, including through catwalkkollektionen 01.01.09 Allegri, designed by Neapolitan designer Fransesco Scognamiglio.

Italian Aspesi offers generally affordable, functional garments of sleek Italian design with everything from short ski jackets to stylish topcoats for urban environments. Online you will find Aspesi, among other things, at Thecorner.com.

The storied Italian manufacturese sewn topcoats since the late 40 ‘s. Both under its own brand and under license for many major fashion houses. Last year the brand has undergone a renewal with a sharpened fit and more modern form. In Sweden sold Herno on Gabucci in Stockholm.

  1. Lindeberg
    The watchword of the j. lindeberg design have been Techno Couture in which modern functional materials mixed with a well-tailored cut. Although the design language seriously makes itself visible first in the brand’s upcoming Spring collection reflected the design already in parts of the collection.

Loro Piana
Affordability is hardly synonymous with Loro Pianas extreme clothing line. With economic independence for all in need of a jacket for the ski slope, there is only one option according to nonprofitdictionary. Among other things, sold at Bergdorf Goodman.

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