Genbeta Dev, New Blog for Developers (Also of Android)

Today we are at Weblogs SL, editor of Xataka Android release. On this occasion we launched Genbeta Dev, a publication created by and for developers. We want to offer every day articles with the relevance of the sector, focusing on the main novelties of all platforms and languages (including Android). But, above all, we want to explain what each new implications for developers, with an analysis of each one of us. Continue reading →

Acne Men, Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012 in The Paris Fashion Week

To who his uncles or grandparents not have given once a seedy and tacky t-shirt with the name of any city you have visited? I think all any time we’ve had to hide in our closets these tourist t-shirts made for guiris eagerly purchase (I myself have one of Tenerife with two parrots that gives me enough laugh). Continue reading →

Rag & Bone Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012 in New York Fashion Week

The House, founded in 2002 by David Neville y Marcus Wainwright, who by the way do not have formal training in design is concerned (or lack it makes them), it have very clear, fashion that they make is that would like to see on their own friends, and seen in the N.Y. Fashion Week, friends have and many. Continue reading →

Calvin Klein Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012 in New York Fashion Week

Not to speak of Calvin Klein in the New York fashion week It is almost a sin, and for Americans it’s a signature that could be considered sacred, here in Europe we see things in a different way, and although it hurts to say it still to this day is the home of the underwear. Although we must recognize that the ultimate collection Autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 presented last week in the city of the skyscrapers he deserves all the respect. Continue reading →

Primark, Collection Spring-Summer 2011 with Some Opportunities

We continue with one of the most controversial collections where them their season Spring/summer 2011. Either by the quality of finish, by their cheap imitations (that is all about to the end and at the end) or good for the bad reputation that haunts the firm, Primark It has both admirers and detractors in all fields. While it is true that it is not a signature that we can blindly trust to fill our wardrobe, accessories at affordable prices Fund or the possibility of making us with some basic such as t-shirts and jerseys of peak stripes or the borsalinos for this new season and at a price more than reasonable, is sometimes tempting. Continue reading →