Calvin Klein Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012 in New York Fashion Week

Not to speak of Calvin Klein in the New York fashion week It is almost a sin, and for Americans it’s a signature that could be considered sacred, here in Europe we see things in a different way, and although it hurts to say it still to this day is the home of the underwear. Although we must recognize that the ultimate collection Autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 presented last week in the city of the skyscrapers he deserves all the respect.

A proposal that is based on the mix of the styles sporty y Smart, with a general picture of the show flowing again minimalism (so reiterate you in signature), but that this time is at least a little less simple, and since we already know that Italo Zuchelli or gives you shorten the garments and the geometric patterns (see this spring 2011) or gives it minimal. Thanks to the inclusion of woven textured y garments more architectural (a little more elaborate), we can say that next year according to CK will be less simple.

The collection is divided in four large blocks tonal, although the protagonist will remain the grey with all its nuances, and of course the Black (not only in CK, many other couturiers followed the same line). Colors of much more than trend as the Blue Klein, different reddish tones and the White They peep to give life to the basic wardrobe of American House.

Klein + Grey

Is the accent color star of the coming year, although Calvin Klein is slightly softened, the Blue Klein It gives light gray base stylings on hit. Simple two-color sets me mix the Sport style With parts more formal of the tailoring, Thus for example merges a feathered cut gabardine in technical fabric with some simple dress with pegs in charcoal color pants.

In terms of the width of the leg warmers are undecided or straight lines with a tendency to the skinny which does not become it, or wide and with much volume, but in both cases always generous long.

Tailoring with turtlenecks

Subtly carved impeccable cut jacket suits but that do not reach the slim in other years, with slightly shortened the long one or two buttons American. Monoclor sets thread of Cashmere or mottled cloth, or total looks in black & white to dispense with the tie in favour of the necks fireplace.

Matt Black

A Matt Black It could be dark grey suits of different types of Tweed With reliefs or mottled, and presented always with shirt and tie.

Combined wool pants with bulky jackets great neck, both made in the same material and outerwear of glossy finish, either in coats of feathers or in jackets long three quarters in leather. The accessory that is missing some essential gloves.

Reddish tones

Red, Orange, Bordeaux y Wine, four tones of the same range are combined, in outfits that repeated the pattern of the previous points, with the addition of the American double breasted Cross and the sueter-Globo first photo.

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