Rag & Bone Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012 in New York Fashion Week

The House, founded in 2002 by David Neville y Marcus Wainwright, who by the way do not have formal training in design is concerned (or lack it makes them), it have very clear, fashion that they make is that would like to see on their own friends, and seen in the N.Y. Fashion Week, friends have and many.

Air very casual clothing inspired the the fundamental basics more utilitarian style worker, so it is no coincidence the name of the couple creatriva; Rag & Bone, that comes from an almost ancient tradition dating back to the late 70’s, based on recycling and in the Re-use materials, as well as in the Exchange.

Idea that we can extrapolate to the collection for the next season Autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 in which the patchwork and the mixture of tissues they are two of the stylistic keys to the proposal. By some one of the best apparently seen so far in the current week New York fashion.

Casual tailoring

Tailoring sets formed by several pieces presented two two repeating pattern, so for example a vest made game with pants, or in other cases with an American. The same double presented print, then anti – combine it with others, for instance the horizontal stripes combine with the Tweed bolting, or the smooth with pictures Prince of Wales.

Inspired costumes at the English countryside generous with American cut or three-button coats and trousers of leg notably Broadband. To fit boots or before, and in the neck always scarves knotted to the gentleman.

Kilts and tartans

The Kilt , that part so characteristically male, Although many insist to say otherwise (just need to revise the) history of the clothing made in Scotland), it is one of the key items in the collection, as it could not be otherwise is presented in the traditional tissues English tartans, that if made to pieces, mixing smooth frames with stamped.
The influence British It is more than remarkable not only in skirts, fabrics padded that reminds us of the legendary Barbours, eight point that seems to have been woven by endearing grandmothers in the countryside, many flannel and for accesorizar bowler.

Intense colors

Chromatic intensity in a very dual collection that is based on the contrast, thus very natural shades like cream, dark grey, black and Browns are accentuated with very intense tones that also bright. In this way the electric blue, yellow, the orange tile or the Red splash of color apparently straightforward style, whose secret lies in the mixture of fabrics and textures.

Combined with fur, Tweed with synthetic, cloths or point with cuddly toys. This same duality We can observe it in as combined elements original and tipicamante English, with other purely American as the coats of arms of baseball, that remind us of the ‘most popular boy of the Institute’ of films born in the U.SA.

With a rustic point

Taking the Trenka or the Aviator jacket as iconic garments are constructed looks of very rustic appearance, but at the same time updated to our days in garments rather than appealing as the shelter three quarters or the knitted sweater with Hood topped by hair. Pants shot high much to the workers in the field and low point with smart clip clara pants hem retro-inspired.

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