Engadget Android Question: How to Avoid Malware on Android?

As each week (and that will only two) are back with our question Xataka Android, This time about the malware on Android. We have had weeks torchy on this issue, with extraordinary actions by Google, so we want to know what you think the readers on this topic. How to avoid malware on Android? We want to know so much individual Google’s solutions.

Remember that to answer such a question should go to Engadget Android replies, do not use the comments of the blog. Next week we will publish the most voted answer, as we will do next with the question we had open.

Remember last week we did the following question: what is missing to Android Market? and the most highly valued response It is the Rubén Corral. It says:

In my opinion what is missing is the following:-a decent search. It seems lie that being Google results when searching for a program both of mother will be.
-Largest division into subcategories: in the category “communication” comes both programs to make tethering, as browsers like messenger customers.
-“Top 10” lists more downloaded, most rated, most refused and if possible the evolution of voting statistics.
-To note more clearly dangerous permissions with permissions “strange”. For example, if a program in the category “multimedia” you can send SMSs should let me forcefully of the possible danger.
-More payment methods.
I think with that it would be almost perfect 🙂

¡Esperamos your answers the question of this week!

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