Engadget Android Question: Android Is Only for Geeks or Anyone Can Use It?

Once again we are back with our question Xataka Android, This time about if Android is only for Geeks. Many people think that is the case, that Android is an operating system for people who knows a lot about mobile and computers and that for a user without much knowledge is not valid. Do you think so? Is Android only for Geeks or anyone can use it?

Remember that to answer such a question should go to Engadget Android replies, do not use the comments of the blog. Next week we will publish the most voted answer, as we will do next with the question we had open.

Remember last week we did the following question: how to avoid malware on Android? And the most voted answer has been that of davisdmg:

Although there are various forms of malware propagation, I suppose that the subject refers to the android market.

The market has a very good thing for the developers, and is that it allows you to upload your application without passing through any filter. This is good because we don’t have to wait 2 or 3 weeks that it takes apple to approve your software or deny it. The problem is that you can upload your “malware” without any kind of barrier.
I think that google should put a “mini-barrera” when it comes to publish software in the market. Mini I mean to examine code for malware, I do not mean to follow standards and others. Well I as a developer I take the speed with which my applications are published in the market.

With respect to alternative markets… There should be banned, but if they are the largest source of virus.

We look forward to your answers to the question of this week!

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