Engadget Android Question: What You Missing a Android Market?

As each week (and that will only two) are back with our question Xataka Android, This time about the shortcomings of the Android Market. There has been much criticism in the past, but with the latest updates of Google thing has calmed somewhat. However want to know your opinion, what is missing to the Android Market?

Remember that to answer such a question should go to Engadget Android replies, do not use the comments of the blog. Next week we will publish the most voted answer, as we will do next with the question we had open.

Remember last week we did the following question: what should be the price of the Android tablets to be a success? and the most highly valued response It is that of Carlos Rivas, who although depart a bit from the question, has been the most successful. It says:

I think that we should unite our voices to tell Apple: thank you! (by removing the ipad2 that price)
All leave benefit.
Signed: A Fandroid.

We look forward to your answers to the question of this week!

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