3 Suggested Species in Sport Fishing

Sport fishing is without a doubt one of the most jovial and exciting pleasures to practice. As such, sport fishing is defined as the one practiced with the sole purpose of fishing only for the emotion of competing, of trying to capture the largest piece, but then in this mode the fish is returned to the water; Ie it has no commercial character.

One of the species that we like to capture in this mode is the Shad, is the most fighting fish when facing the fishing rod, for what becomes an exciting catch and the adrenaline springs from our pores each Instead an animal “sticks” on the hook according to BestFishingEssentials.com. We can find them many times in brackish water, that is to say in the mixture of fresh and salty water (at the mouths of rivers) and the size can vary from a couple of pounds to easily more than 100lb. The shad is of the species that is prohibited to fish for personal consumption that is why it is practiced much the sport fishing with these units.

Other fish that I recommend for great fun when fishing for entertaining are Cushions, these species are mostly caught with spinning rods of medium or light action. Artificial baits (lures) are used as feathers and small rapalas.Almost always when capturing the first we have the possibility to catch many because they are in schools of more than 100 fish. They are also very combative like the Sabalos, but in the weight there is much difference as the cushions are on average between 1 and 2 lb.

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A final recommendation for sport fishing (and that it is clear that they are only species that we can capture from the shore without having a boat to enter the sea) is in relation to the Macabí. In other countries like Puerto Rico they say “Lice”, it is elongated and of silver color and they do not grow to big size but the truth is a WONDERFISH of fishing. When hooked on the hook even though they have little weight it seems that you bring a much larger fish because of the violent way in which this species.

I suggest that you try the fishing of these 3 species and enjoy fully the sport fishing. In the manual of the fisherman that I am elaborating I give exact descriptions of how we must capture, types of baits to use and effective tricks to not fail in the catches. Write your comments and any doubts and concerns that may arise.