5 Bags Tips for Summer 2017

New station, new accessories on the shelves! Follow in this post the models of bags for the summer 2017 more quoted to give to the faces in the streets. Despite the changes, this new period will be  very democratic. They will be  mini, maxi, round, square, irreverent, pastel tones,… It does not matter : find the one that suits your customers the most and succeed without fear of making a mistake!

Romantic colors(like peach, gold, green water and champagne) will be everywhere, to the joy of lovers! It is also worth mentioning the double black and white, timeless and irresistible in the accessories to accompany clothes in strong tones. The cinnamon comes as an option of neutral tone, to break with the vibrant colors that we usually see at that time.

For the textures, watch out for rustic, metallic plots, imitating marble and the eternal classic matelassê. You can learn more about textures in our post here! Floral prints also receive the green sign, keeping the air romantic and delicate, as well as the paisley and stripes with the colors of the season.

Were you excited? So enjoy to learn more about 5 purse models that are indispensable for Summer 2017:

Funny Bags

With smiles, full of different colors and textures, fun bags are more than allowed to occupy your shelf! Although they do not follow the trends to the letter, they give space to express(and much) the personality of those who are using, besides allowing the inner teenager of his client to invade bottons, patches and patches to customize! I’m sure it will eventually become her favorite bag, partner of all times.

Round Stickers

The rounded bags appeared many in the parades, in structured models, in small and medium sizes. Very fluffy in the look, your client should have attention to what you are programming to carry inside: Usually in these models it fits less things for not owning songs. So remember to warn her to program well before you leave and knock her favorite round!

Saddle Bag

The saddle bag(or saddle handbag ) has its name originated from the mounts, in reference to the horses’ cells. Although never forgotten, they are now growing on the catwalks with different textures and models, being used in the shoulder or in the transverse.

Maxi Clutch

Who says clutches need to be small? Model with right presence at parties and events over the use of delicacy, now invades the streets with exaggerated sizes. Pay attention to your prints and applications: as they no longer need to camouflage themselves because of the long dresses, now it draws attention to itself with all these increments!

Mini Bag Bag

This is another mega-bet of the summer 2017 bag models. They have been changing over the past few years, and for this season they will feature structured models, short, adjustable shoulder straps. I’m sure you’ll see backpack-style models for use on the back. Super allowed! Look for these versions and let your client shake the streets with hers!

These are the 5 tips for summer 2013 bags! Liked? Want to know more? Access our blog here or receive our online catalog at this link!