5 Facts Bellyache Pregnancy

1 – The orgasm can cause cramps during pregnancy
2 – Intense colic can be a false labor
3 – Colic with bleeding should be taken to the doctor
4 – Intense and constant colic is a premature labor
5 – After the birth, the mother may feel cramps
Cramps in pregnancy are perfectly normal and do not need to scare the expectant mother. With the baby in your body, the new press is the muscles of adomem and cramps come almost all the third semester. When the child begins to make arms and legs, it is when cramps arise. No need to be frightened and some following information may help better moms.

Colic in Pregnancy Tips

1 – Orgasm May Cause Cramping During Pregnancy 

For several reasons. One is that the woman is tense with fear of harm to the baby and ends up quite contracting the muscles of the pelvic region and ends up causing pain. There is also the fact of the veins of the area become overloaded with increased blood pressure in the excitement of the moment, causing pain.

But nothing to suspend the Babyinger.com. Doctors indicate sex in pregnancy both for therapeutic measures to help those who want to have a normal delivery. There is no reason to suspend. Just try to stay more relaxing not to contract and there is nothing to fear: the baby does not see anything anyway! Back rub after intercourse can help with the problem.

2 – Cramping Intense Can be a False Labor 

Colic Tips Pregnancy

The first-time mother easily confuse the most intense colic, usually accompanied by pain in the rectum, with the labor of colic. Both are intense, but believe me: you will know when you will be a mother. The cramping pain in the last month before the expected date of birth is intense, but not both. Some people watch, but there is nothing to fear: do not kill and the baby will be born.

To solve the problem, a tip is to take a warm shower to promote better dilation. This helps the blood to flow better in the region and relieve pain. The rest and stay calm should also make the pain go fast.

3 – Bellyache with Bleeding Must be Taken to Physician 

How to feel cramps in pregnancy is normal, some mothers ignore some signs of a possible miscarriage or need bed rest. One of them is bleeding accompanied with pain. If this happens, it is best to seek medical attention promptly. Everything can be caused by stress, an unnecessary effort of lifting or an exhaustive routine. But what about a doctor to check for ultrasound? It costs nothing.

To have a smooth pregnancy, follow the medical indications. If he asks for rest, do it. He knows what he does. Eat well and take care of the body according to the diets indicated by the obstetrician. Deficiency of important nutrients can cause bleeding and cramping as well.

4 – Cramping Intense and Constant is a Labor Premature 

Colic Pregnancy

If the pain is very intense, so it’s time to go to the hospital. Note if it goes away and comes back in a short period of time. Even if it is not the date, you may be in premature labor.

Medicine reports that a mother is able to have children since the end of the second half. Six months, the child may still be evolving, but already able to leave the body. Up to five months are rare cases of survival, but from 6 chances are very constant all work.

No need to fear having a premature baby today. Most hospitals have a great team and well-equipped home neo ICUs. Talk to your doctor about this possibility and be prepared with a suitcase from six months of pregnancy to go to a hospital. In constant pain, do not think too much: a physician.

5 – After Childbirth, a Mother can Feel Cramping 

After delivery, the uterus is returning to normal size and position, and cramps may arise. There are those who feel more pain when breastfeeding, but they can be contained. Just do massage in the region and in the back and try our best to stay calm. Some medications can help, but need to be given by the doctor because of lactation.

Colic Pregnancy

The post pregnancy cramps do not have a validity of how long it will last. They are generally only the first two months, when there uterine bleeding and cleaning while the body is readjusting to its starting position to normal.