5 Must-Haves In This 2014 Male Footwear

Today I’m going to talk about the year it shoes, you know what? They definitely are the slippers, while style is giving turns over the past years, have become to be taken in a much more casual look than in former times. Neutral colors are one of the best options, but to make the best impression Gets a few showstoppers in contrasting colours and with striking embroidery as this Cricket & Pancho in black and gold, are definitely a must-haves of this 2014.

The Bostonians are not going anywhere and are still left in the closets of many of us, but now you need to give a twist and go for much more; This year a few Bostonians in vibrant colors of the season will be perfect with a casual look to enjoy your weekend in the city or outside it, tries to venture out with these suede shoes color aqua Cricket & Pancho.

Booties are a strong trend for 2014 and you definitely need to have one or two minimal pairs in your wardrobe. We present two options very on trend.

This Unmarked shoe is very trendy according to ShoesEspecially, using contracting colors to visually play with the model of traditional spoils, in honey-coloured and warm grey, gives a touch of sophistication to casual footwear and makes you look much more elegant to wear them with jeans, why have them to be within your purchase options this 2014.

These boots hiker blocksharkskin toe type, should definitely be in your wardrobe to complete you look perfect for casual Friday at work or for an afternoon of Saturday outside the city. They enhance your relaxed look and give the necessary touch to any denim clothing.

Finally, a good and traditional models with stiffness of solid colors should not miss, but is that at the time of choosing them select leathers who Excel, boring and generic models that don’t want to look like a clone of your co-workers. These oxford colour walnut with BRANTANO textured leather are one of the best options that you can find shoes to go to the office.