5 Road Bikers Skills That Every Mtbiker Should Have

The practice of the two most famous arrangements of cycling MTB and road cycling is quite beneficial for a cyclist. Many skills of a sport are extremely applicability in another.

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So, here transporthint arranged a list of 5 road cycling skills:

1-Floor Wheel

In road cycling, riding a wheel is more than just common, is part of the essence of the sport. In MTB, it’s not much, but in marathon or when you are playing with someone, often the situation of being at the wheel happens. And know the right distance, do not overlap the wheels laterally and other details, can be very important for MTBikers and bring an advantage.

5 Road Bikers Skills That Every Mtbiker Should Have

2-I Could Walk in a Group

Riding a wheel is one thing, walk in groups is another. But knowing things mentioned in the previous item, you also need to learn not to make sudden moves laterally, walking straight all the time, respect your space.

In MTB starts or evidence of Marathon, is extremely common that formed platoons and this ability is extremely important to prevent falls.

3-Know Take Turns

In road cycling, the vacuum has very great importance and the relay is also a constant practice. Take turns with other cyclists is a relatively complex technique, namely pass in front keeping pace, knowing the time to ease the pace for the other cyclist you pass and other factors.

A well done relay makes everyone less force, a sloppy relay makes everyone stronger. And again, in double or where platoons join, this ability helps a lot.

4-Keep Constant Step

The MTB is a mode that has a feature more fickle than the road. You have very hard climbs, but has downhill soon after. The MTB is a mode with more effort than interval the road cycling, where you usually push a steadily during more time.

In this way, you learn how to dose more your strength. Know the line where you are suffering, more realize stay that way longer.

In an excerpt from estradão in a MTB pedal, know quantitate is something important and you’ll learn how to do this in road cycling.

5-Proof Strategies

See it with a certain frequency in evidence, especially in the master categories. Cyclists who practice the two modes, generally think a little more during the race and they’re not going to just that idea of “lowering the head and pushing. The road requires strategies to win a test. Not always the strongest wins.

In MTB, it has less influence, but depending on the situation, can be decisive. So, understand proof strategy can be very useful.