5 Tips To Buy Vintage

The vintage has become trend! Looking for small treasures from other eras is one of our favorite sports and therefore we have selected the best tips to buy the best pieces:

Regularity is the rule-vintage stores are always getting new pieces and, as each is unique according to Vintagenowtrending, you should stop at your favorite store regularly to ensure the best outfits!

Examine in detail and detail-vintage clothing has, most of the time, been used and nothing better than confirming the quality of what you are buying. Carefully inspect (preferably in light) all parts, from seams to possible holes.

Surprise Labels-Vintage stores are real treasure chests. Note the labels on the parts because, of course, they will find good marks.However, do not look at the size written on the label. In the past, the sizes were different and did not match the current ones.

Try ALWAYS-as we mentioned before, sizes are not always the ones on the labels, so you should always try before you buy!

Have fun! -The secret to buying vintage is the fun and the experience of looking for original pieces, do not forget that!