5 Tips to Keep Bikinis, Swimwear and Swimsuits in Summer

Summer/tips -summer has recorded the highest temperatures of the last ten years. And, of course, bathing suits, bikinis and swimwear as, request special care during this period. Because the Sun, pool, salt water and sand, in constant contact with these parts can wear out the fabric and fade the colors. Another factor that contributes to decrease the quality of the clothes is the constant washing, it is often performed incorrectly. To help, the specialist in organisation of Home Organizer, Ingrid Lisbon, listed some simple and effective tips to take care of the most used during the summer.

Avoid stay long with the wet bikini in the body

Always remove the sand of bikinis, swimwear and swimsuits as soon as you reach the beach and remember that sometimes, the sand can be accumulated in the lining. Then, wash the parts after use and avoid getting wet with them for a long time in the body. In addition to harming the fabric, bring health risks. Avoid the contact of the tissue with creams, oils and cosmetics, self tanners, suntan lotions and sunscreens according to HEALTHVV.COM.

Wash the parts in running water and do not let them soak

Do not clean these parts in the dishwasher. After many washes, that may end up wearing the fabric. Rinse them in running water and try not to let the sauce parts, this can cause desbotem tissue more easily or to stain. “The ideal is to wash them with mild soap. Never use hot water in these parts and not put in the dryer because they may decrease. And it is important that the pieces stay quite dry before storing them ‘, recommends a personal organizer.

The twist, make very careful not to damage the fabric

After removing all the sand of bikini, swimsuits and swimwear, SOAP parts with liquid detergent and rinse well not to leave residue. Do not centrifuge parts: the ideal is to gently squeeze the fabric. The twist, make very careful not to damage the fabric. Only towels and shorts can be washed in the dishwasher. But it is important to shake the pieces or take the sand in running water before putting them in the washing machine.

Put in the shade to dry, not directly in the Sun

When dry, avoid exposing them directly to the Sun and choose a place with shadow to extend them. Time to wipe away the summer clothes that have been washed, the ideal is to put the catch around seams or straps so as not to leave marks on the fabric, except in the case of towels. And don’t pass these pieces with iron, not even the towels, because it can take the softness of them.

Tips on time to keep the parts

Time to save, bend your bikinis, swimwear and swimsuits without stretching the fabric not to deform them. Make a simple bending to occupy less space. It is important that they stay quite dry before storing them. And the ideal is to use baggies ‘ vip ‘ individual locks to hold the pieces together.

‘ If you have a spare drawer, can keep them there. But, if you do not have space, can separate a box and keep the pieces inside it, with a silica or Cedar balls to give a taste’, recommends Ingrid Lisbon.