8 Brands of Brazilian Bikinis

With standards, or more discreet, with classic cuts or the most innovative, high-waisted or climb, there are several options of brazilian bikinis from which to choose.

8 Brands of Brazilian Bikinis

Forget the despair of walking through the social networks, being in love with multiple bikinis, beautiful, and not even the slightest idea of where you can find them.

There are eight brands of brazilian bikinis that you really have to know if you want to know where to do the next time you shop.


Some are already well-known names of clotheshorses, the other has not yet conquered a dimension so large. But they all have in common is the style, the originality and the power to show the female beauty.


Established in 1990, the Cia. Maritime bet in unique patterns, high quality fabrics and high technologies which ensure the durability of the parts.

Both combines basic models to the unique patterns in resulting pieces totally innovative, how to create pieces with cuts never seen before and immediately exciting. This time the brand has more than 1000 points of sale in Brazil and sells online to almost all parts of the world.


More than the facts-of-suite bathroom, the bikinis are the main focus of the brand. Straight lines and little extravagant are the face of the Pink Tea, that you choose essentially the top pieces traditional in the triangle, and by the parts of the low, low waist and with ties at the sides.


Founded in 2009, Caroline Kuchkarian bet on the models that are more classic (although there are also parts innovative!) with fun patterns and eye-catching to make a difference. This brand allows you to customize your bikini: you only need to choose the model and pattern that you want.


Inspired by brazilian beaches, Tunico and Jacquelina De Biase created the Salinas in 1982. With a relaxed style, light and fun (characteristic of the brazilians), the brand has been growing ever since. In addition to the various stores in Brazil, can be found in other countries (Uk included!) in large international networks, such as the El Corte Inglés department store.


Color, patterns, geometry and cuts original – Triya emerged in 2005 by the hands of Isabela Frugiuele, Carla Franco and Maria Isabel Fioravanti. Currently the brand has over 50 stores spread across Brazil and 14 other points of international sales. Portugal is not included, but the online store with shipping to lusaka land lets you purchase the pieces that you want.

6. Q. GUAI

Created in 2003, the Q. Guai goes far beyond the beachwear, and the proof of that is the ease with translates trends, innovation and style in the line of bikinis and wetsuits-suite bathroom. A few patterns and shades little bit risky-are offset with cuts unexpected, with waists climbs and necklines original.


Created in 2013 by two sisters, Marion and Heloisy Oliveira, the Hype bet on quality materials, in a design that is different and innovative, and exclusive. So even the production is made in small quantities in order to avoid that they are sold many models the same. I wanted a greater feeling of oneness?


With fun patterns, and many strong colors, the Geko Bikinis stands out is the same for offering the possibility to create your own bikini. This is because both can buy the full set, how to choose a top and a bottom different and make the combination to your liking.