A Subject Original Curtains

Ay! This crafts bring us crazy, there are so many things to do and so little time. The craft that we bring you today is very quick to make and very funny, as well as extremely easy. We have used the ice cream sticks because we have a lot at home and wanted to do something with them.
And what better than a subject curtains for our living room!, because in that two ice cream sticks, have become subject curtains. Do you want to see how we have done it?, because we are going to do this, we are going to see it. Shall we start?

Materials That We Need

1 sticks of wood

2. white acrylic paint.

3 napkins

1-We are going to take an ice cream stick and let’s immerse in water warm for 15 minutes, more or less.

2-When it’s been 15 minutes, remove the stick and bend it little by little until it enters to the neck of a not-too-small glass jar. And then leave it until it dries completely.

3-When this dry is completely curved and thus will make us a great subject curtains, but are not going to leave it at that, we are going to decorate it.

4-First paint it with acrylic white paint to make it a better finish.

When this dry, let’s make it a decoupage with some very colorful napkins that we had at home. To remember how to make decoupage technique, visit the entry cake holder.

5-Once this is done the decoupage and is dry, we’ll put some strips of mouse tail of the same color of the napkin used to do a loop holding the curtain.

With the help of the silicone gun, we’re going to glue each piece of mouse tail at one end of the bent stick and let it dry.

And we already have our subject ready to use curtains, look how you like our Flamingo.

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