About Twin Baby Pregnancy

‘Congratulations! You get equal to two babies!” At these words, the expectant Mommy must swallow safely only once. A twin pregnancy is twice as much work. Also double baby good luck!

About Twin Baby Pregnancy

Twins are something very special-even though a twin pregnancy, as well as the daily life with two infants, the Mama is clearly exhausting. The chance that you sometimes get twins, is rather low. 1000 births, only 35 twin births come in Germany.

The probability that you get not only a baby , but two or three, by the way, increases with age. Women over 35 often experience a twin pregnancy. Even if the expectant Mommy has already more children, increases the likelihood for twins, just as GILANI in the family.

Real or zweieiig?

A twin pregnancy is when two eggs are fertilized or a fertilized egg splits at the very early stage. In the latter case, one speaks of identical twins. You share a fruit cave, have identical genetic material, look very similar and are always of the same sex – two girls or two guys.

Fraternal twins may look similar, but they can be totally different. As they develop from two different eggs, you can have your luck and gets a couple: boy and girl.

When is a twin pregnancy be detected?

Every now and again one hears that at birth all of a sudden not one, but two children have come to the world. An undiscovered twin pregnancy is rather rare. The obstetricians and Gynecologists look throughout pregnancy – especially at the beginning – closely, if not several babies in the belly of the expectant MOM hide.

Typically, the twin pregnancy is detected early and is clearly visible on the ultrasound. You can see by the way the best, between the eighth and twelfth week of pregnancy, whether it’s identical twins. From the 16th week of pregnancy you can no longer find out.

The characteristics of a twin pregnancy

A twin pregnancy is very tiring for the body of the mother. You will take only about 37 therefore normally instead of the normal 40 weeks and is classified as a high-risk pregnancy . You must not worry but you you because this classification! That just means that the pregnancy will be watched a bit more thoroughly, you have to go to the doctor more often. Usually, no major problems occur.

Possible complications can be during the first three months increased pregnancy nausea , high blood pressure, bleeding or a gestosis (pregnancy poisoning). Since twins earlier in the world, the development is usually a little delayed during the first years. This means that they run a little later or speak the first word later. Up to the start of the school they have caught up but everything.

The specifics of the twin birth

From the 28th week of pregnancy, the expectant mother must once a week to the doctor. The birth is initiated in the 38th week of pregnancy at the latest – the risk for mother and children is too high then.

Often twins with caesarean section are positioned – specifically, to the world if they are very small, inconvenient or the mother is older. A natural birth is also possible, if there are no complications.

The everyday life with twins

Already an infant is a small challenge for a new mother. Two mean a lot of work and a quite a change. Accept any help that you can get. To inquire about you before the birth in pregnancy counselling organization tips, financial support as well as the appropriate advice on breast-feeding and a follow-up midwife.

, By the way: You can also twins breastfeeding. The milk is usually enough, and an experienced lactation consultant can show you, we the little ones the best ornaments to.

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