Adidas Terrex Scope Gtx

The most famous German forge for sports shoes has now also been providing a growing segment of outdoor shoes for some time. Reason enough to take a closer look at the Adidas Terrex Scope GTX, one of the latest advocates from the Adidas family. The Terrex Scope GTX is a pure-breed Approach shoe with Gore-Tex membrane.

The first impression of the Adidas Terrex Scope GTX is consistently positive based on shoefrantics. The processing leaves no wishes unfulfilled and you notice that here really someone has thought. A brief research has shown that a team of six people worked on this shoe for 18 months. There is absolutely no reason to smile at this shoe. Especially the outstanding sole and the thought-out design make it in fact to the best Approach shoe, which I have worn so far.

Stealth Rubber Sole

One of the most important features of the Adidas Terrex Scope is the so-called stealth rubber outsole. The material for this sole comes originally from the climbing area and offers a particularly good friction, which is otherwise only known from climbing shoes. No wonder!The Stealth C4 rubber mix was originally developed by the US company Five Ten, which has some climbing shoes in the assortment itself. Since Five Ten was taken over by Adidas in 2011, it is understandable that the new know-how is also used.

So much for marketing, but what does the new rubber really bring? I have to say that I am really surprised by the result. I have not yet worn an approach shoe or trailrunner that sticks to the rock as well as the Terrex Scope GTX from Adidas. You actually have the feeling of being on the road with a climbing shoe. I am really curious about the development here. A trailrunner with the material I would go without hesitation.

Extended Comfort Footwear Membrane

I’m actually not a big fan of membranes. In the Terrex Scope, however, the Extended Comfort Footwear membrane from Gore-Tex is still very useful. Especially in humid environments, the membrane keeps its promises. If you prefer to do without the diaphragm, with the Terrex Solo perhaps a suitable model. Apart from that, I am convinced that the product range will certainly be extended in the coming years.

The Tongue

Actually, I usually do not write about the tongue of a shoe. Adidas has also come up with something special. On the one hand, the tongue is, as with many GTX shoes, connected to the shaft, so that no water can seep into the shoe at the side of the tongue. The special feature, however, lies in the conclusion of the tongue. This consists of a preformed EVA foam, which on the one hand increases the comfort and on the other hand also stands as a last barrier before a water break.

The Field Of Application

Since the Adidas Terrex Scope GTX is an approach shoe, the range of application is clearly defined. He feels at home when he is coming in and out of the Alps. Of course you can carry the Terrex Scope also in the local forest or a middle mountain range, but it will not be able to unfold its full potential there. In rocky terrain or on fixed rope routes one goes with the Terrex Scope however to the full. Here you can clearly see the advantage over trail runners, who have their nose on the trails.

Due to its robust construction, you do not need to fear that it will break the shoe or hurt your foot too quickly.Thanks to the good friction, even easier climbing parties are no problem.


Sole: Stealth-Rubber

Outer material: Nylon mesh & synthetic leather

Extended Comfort Footwear membrane by Gore-Tex

OrthoLite insole

Tongue with preformed EVA finish

High toe cap