Air Hogs RC Defender Plane

Air Hogs are widely known for their radio-controlled (RC) friendly aircraft. Made from durable materials, these machines of quality toys are a great way to make you discover the world of high-flying RC without emptying your wallet after each accident. To relieve you of the stress of the error and to sharpen your driving skills, it is important to understand how to use your Air Hogs properly before Defender never take the sky.

Air Hogs RC Defender Plane

Here are the things you must know about Air Hogs remote control aircraft.

Air Hogs Defender transmitter6 “AA” batteries
display a load of Instructions

Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws at the back of the transmitter, and then drag the open battery compartment. Insert six “AA” batteries according to the diagram inside the battery box. Close the battery compartment and tighten the screw.

Slide the power switch of the aircraft to the “Off” position, then move the switch of the transmitter, which is located at position 10 hours compared to the Center joystick, for “charger on”.

Open the bottom panel to reveal the connector of the charger and insert the load wire into the charging port of the device, located on the bottom of the fuselage.

Press the “Load” button, then wait two minutes until the loading process is finished. The LED flashes red while that vehicle expenses.

Unplug the charger when charging is completed, wrap the wire of the charger, and close the flap. Move the toggle switch of the transmitter to “Control On”.

Turn on the power switch of the transmitter, then screw the antenna of the transmitter by inserting it from the top of the device. Extend the antenna, turn on the power of the vehicle.

Unroll the antenna of the device, then hold the device in your Palm, pinching the underside of the fuselage with the thumb and forefinger.
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Face against the wind, and then release the plane parallel to the ground. Use the main joystick to turn in any direction. Move the joystick up to point to the top or the bottom of the nose to nose to the ground. Move the joystick to the left or right to navigate the plane in that direction.

Land on a gentle grassy surface. Navigate the patch of landing on the plane, and then move the joystick down to fly the plane in the grass. Turn the button to toggle to the position “charger on” once the aircraft landed off the propellers.