Alarm Camera Foscam

In short, the camera image sensor works to monitor continuously and when an object is detected the alarm in camera Foscam. Now to activate the alarm or detect a movement must be met conditions that we set up to perform the configuration.

Setting alarm in camera Foscam

To set in motion this function we must activate the following settings in our IP camera

  • Motion detection activation
  • Indicate a detection area
  • Select a schedule for recording

Once activated this setting and an object is detected different actions can be made. These actions after the alarm ten account may vary depending on the camera model and the installed firmware:

  • Issue alarm sound
  • Make sound alarm on PC
  • Send email
  • Take video recordings
  • Upload image to FTP server

Activating motion detection for camera Foscam alarm notice

To activate the motion detection function should activate it from the configuration, we have to access the camera settings and activate this box.

Indicate area of detection for the alarm in the camera Foscam

Once we have already activated the function for the alarm detects movement, if occurs must indicate on that part of the image we want to act this detection

We chose to cover using the red color grid the area we want to activate the motion detection

This image is an example only we want to detect if someone passes by the tile, not the garden

Select time to activate the alarm

We must indicate if we wish to detect configuration run all the time or on a specific schedule.

The agenda is split in the horizontal part with a schedule 00 hours to 23 hours, divided into 30-minute segments

The days of the week appear on the left for this way to be able to set the alarm in the days need

If we want to activate the detection throughout the period you can activate the left upper box “All” to select all the time.

Setting sensitivity detection alarm at Foscam

At this time only we need to indicate to the degree of sensitivity used for detection.

  • In the sensitivity box can use: greater sensitivity will be more warnings than one lower sensitivity.
  • Triggered Interval: the interval is in seconds between two movement detection.

It is important to note we have to configure these values, since otherwise the motion detection cannot be activated.

We have already completed this configuration:

  1. Activated detection function
  2. Select a zone where we want this active detection
  3. Selected schedule in which we want the alarm to activate
  4. We have selected the level of sensitivity and time between two detections

At this time we must configure in the Chamber than action performed after occur the object detection at the time and area have indicated

Make a sound alarm in the IP camera

If our IP camera includes a speaker inside you can broadcast an own alarm sound when a movement is detected. For this purpose we activate the box below

Make sound alarm on PC

For this function it is necessary to the computer through which we setup this on and connected to the camera. To activate this check box if the camera detects a moving our team will emit a sound through the speakers

Camera Foscam alert via email

We can configure the camera for detecting motion send us an email with the notice that an object has been detected for this activate the box below

If we need it, we can include an attached image. We activate the box Take Snapshot and down in the Time Interval we can indicate the time between each attached image

In this case we must include in the configuration email data from which will send emails and emails that we send you this information. From this link on the blog you have more information about how to configure these parameters with the email from gmail

Configure camera Foscam to make recordings in the event of alarm

Selecting the checkbox “Recording” configure the camera to make video recordings.

Selected the recording box, we must indicate if we wish to save on an FTP server. If our camera has slot for inserting a memory, whether you wish to record in this report.

Recording camera Foscam in internal memory or FTP server

With the following configuration we indicate to the camera the fate of recordings will be the SD memory internal camera

If we want to make recordings to FTP server. Select the FTP box. We have to configure our FTP server information, as soon as related to username, password and information from our FTP server.

Envio SMS or phone call in the event of alarm

IP cameras are connected to the Router and do not have access to the GSM network. Therefore can not call or send an SMS message if they detect an intruder.

If you need it you can install a system of alarms without quotas. The which alert you on your phone if it detects an intruder.

If you need more information about this configuration you can consult our guides on the web Foscam or leave us your questions on this blog.