Alarm Clock with Thermometer

If when you wake up every morning you like to be informed of the temperature and humidity making, today we bring you an alarm clock that also displays weather information for a total bargain price.

We are talking about the clock with thermometer Excelvan in white color, which is updated via radio frequency, and you can get now through eBay for only 14.99 euros, new, with warranty and free shipping from Spain.

He is a digital clock with great LCD display backlit, giving you information required on the current date and time, the temperature and humidity of the room, and the general comfort level taking into account these above conditions.

Won’t have to worry about that this watch it is behind only, or change the time in autumn or spring, which automatically adjusts with the information provided by the DCF77 signal, a radio station that sends the exact time from atomic clocks.

But this is not all, since in addition to displaying the time and temperature information also can use it as an alarm clock, by configuring the hour that you want to sound in the morning.

This multifunction Watch has an elegant and minimalist design in white color, measures 10 cm wide and 7.7 cm high and 3.3 cm thick, and you can put it on a table or hung on the wall, so it is perfect for use in any room of the House, or at work.

If you are looking for a modern and practical alarm clock at the best price, don’t miss this offer from WallClockStation and take now home clock with thermometer Excelvan for a chollonudo price of only € 14.99 with free shipping.