Allergy on Baby’s Skin

The skin of a baby is usually very soft and soft. So when something comes up that does not fit into this definition, it is because there is something wrong.

Allergy on Baby's Skin


Two of the most common causes for the appearance of changes in a baby’s skin are irritations and allergies.

But what is the difference between the two? This is not an easy answer, and can only be given by a doctor.

Below you can know what an allergy is, what the difference is between allergy and irritation, and what it can do if allergy occurs on your baby’s skin.

What is an allergy?

An allergy is a reaction of the immune system against a substance that comes into contact with the body.

This substance is called allergen, and when it comes into contact with the body, whether through ingestion, inhalation, or even simple skin contact, will cause a reaction of the immune system.

This reaction leads to the production of various chemical compounds in the blood, which will cause the known symptoms of allergies: throat irritation, nasal congestion, red and watery eyes, itchy nose, diarrhea, among others.

Another common symptom in allergies is the appearance of red patches on the body, accompanied by itching, also called urticaria.

In case of allergy to the baby’s skin, this latter symptom is often confused with skin irritation. Then know the difference between an irritation and an allergy.

What is the difference between an irritation and an allergy?

For a layman in the matter, the difference does not exist. In both cases, the skin becomes irritated, red and itchy.

However, the great difference is the cause of this problem. A doctor who knows the baby’s medical history will be able to tell if the allergy to the baby’s skin is really an allergic reaction or a simple irritation.

For example, a baby who has parents with some kind of allergies, whether skin, food or respiratory allergies, is more likely to have an allergy.

In addition, babies with asthma and bronchitis usually have some form of allergy to the skin.

Allergy Treatment on Baby’s Skin

An allergy is a chronic problem that will exist during the baby’s life. However, the fact that it has no cure does not mean that it can not be controlled.

Treating allergy to the baby’s skin is as simple as avoiding all products and substances that trigger the allergic reaction.

For example, if your baby does allergy to the skin with some hygiene product, simply use another, more appropriate for your child.

Eventually, some of your own medication may be used, but in most cases, you just need to avoid the source of the allergy.