An Original Penguin’s Return

New York, 50’s. One of Munsingwears seller catches sight of a flock of penguins in a storefront of a conservator.He goes in and buy one of those stuffed birds. The bird is now the mascot and logo to one of the biggest sportswear.

Munsingwear was originally a company who spent days making lingerie and provide the military with clothes. But after the story of the Penguin and the launch of the first golf shirt-‘ 55 “, the company became a cornerstone and pioneer in sportklädesbranschen.

The interest in the brand waned in the 80 ‘s, and did not much fuss by themselves until 2001 when Chris Kolbe, along with Perry Ellis, decided to relaunch the brand. took a snack with Kolbe, Original Penguins current Director:

What was your vision when you chose to resume mark 2001?
-The vision was to build on a lost feeling, and create a sports collection rooted in classic American style, to meet a new lifestyle and attitude in men and women.

In the beginning was the Penguin is very much associated with golf, which customers you will find in your stores today?
-Given the Penguins heritage, you’ll see a large mix of customers. But the joint is in a similar appreciation for lifestyle that Penguin represents-casualplagg which is unique. Just as the golf lifestyle in the 50 ‘s.

You have a flagship store in New York and Miami, how many Penguinbutiker can we expect the next five years? How big can you get?
-In October, we opened our fifth Penguinbutik in the United States. We now have stores in New York, Miami, Dallas, Newport Beach, and now Los Angeles. The response from the market has been incredible, so we see a great opportunity to continue to expand both here in the United States, but also in Europe, at the right time.

What feeling do you want Original Penguin should stand for?

Can you describe the design process, from concept to production?
-Each season takes the design team inspiration from a lot of different sources-movies, music, books, icons, both moderelaterade and non moderelaterade, anything that allows them to tell our story of the season. Teams [for the men’s and women’s collections] work very near each other in each phase. Everything from selecting fabrics and color palette, to the final decisions about details and fit. The garments are made in countries around the world where they offer the best expertise for our market.

What is the autumn/winter collection out?
-Autumn 06: a mixture of tartanmönstrade pants, slim fit denim, finely striped knits, along with a classic replica of a femtiotals-cardigan.
The new silhouette consists of cotton/cashmere mixes, classic Harringtonsilhuetter, vests with silkesförsedda stitching and casual jackets. Here at JacketPanel you can get more different models of the women’s fashion.

If I could only buy one piece from the collection which should I buy then?
-A classic winter favorite: cotton/cashmere-sweater

What is your vision for the future of the Original Penguins?
“We hope to expand our market opportunities for Original Penguin.Primarily through the new business opportunities that will allow us to expand into areas that are looking for something new and unique.

You can find the Original Penguin on Grandpa in Stockholm, or online atTres Bien Shop.

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