Android Market Website Already Shows The List of Compatibility in Applications

The official store of Google for Android, or is, Android Market, carries a flurry of silent updates that little by little we are shown that begins to abandon their puberty.

The ecosystem of terminals with the platform Android grows constantly and obviously each manufacturer includes its technical specifications in each model of its ranges and so on with other manufacturers. In addition not all maintain the same Android version. For one reason or another, even for the limitations of some operators, that they alter the system, each terminal may be incompatible with according to which applications.

Google, aware of this problem, perhaps transmitted by the comments of us users, or the own developers, has decided to mediate in the affair and, from now on, in the description of each application you are going to install will warn us if this is compatible with our mobile or Android tablet. In the event that you have multiple devices will offer or not which pass the test. In this way we will avoid download, purchase and install applications for which our terminal not be able, either by technical specifications, the version of Android or limitation of the telephony operator. For my part I have been able to discover that the system is not very polished to validate this check with little-known models, but I guess that with both device and variants may not always be possible to match the first.